The Great Value of the Fuji Declaration


Our current society is at a transcendental crossroads. On one hand, the use of natural resources is very efficient, but on the other, that same use is endangering the continuity of life on our planet. On one hand, new technology and systems of intensive production permit us to obtain an elevation in the quality of life for all humanity, but on the other, new conflicts are threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction, mainly atomic, and with it the potential destruction of our civilization and life on Earth. On one hand, human rights have gained the power of international law, and democracy is the most accepted form of government, but on the other, individuals are in danger of losing their dignity completely by being transformed into “cogs in a machine”. On one hand, science penetrates into the “secrets” of life and the universe, but on the other, the pseudo sciences, fraud and fundamentalist and irrational thought have acquired economic and political power, and promote fanaticism, racism, discrimination of minorities, and intolerance. This tragic situation demands an urgent care at every social level. The Fuji Declaration, due to its enormous worldwide dimension and capability, has a decisive contribution towards such an interethnic and interreligious Peace Dialogue and Mutual Trust under a moral, ethical, and educative culture

By: Ernesto Kahan

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