The Fuji Declaration in Action Igniting the Divine Spark

The Fuji Declaration intends to accelerate conscious evolution by spreading the embrace of “diversity with oneness” to ignite the Divine Spark within humanity. As a community, we will explore how this transformation of consciousness can impact various spheres of our global society.

The Fuji Declaration Research Teams

Illuminating Practical Paths to a New Civilization

Research into practical steps for achieving the goals within The Fuji Declaration is conducted by a team of researchers in various spheres of human activity such as economy, politics, business and media. The aim of this work is to illuminate critical needs and opportunities in today’s world for advancing new paradigms.

Research Team Organizer

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Initiator of The Fuji Declaration and President of the Club of Budapest, has organized a team of researchers to submit formal findings on practical steps for achieving the goals of the Fuji Declaration.
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Research Sphere Leaders

Research Spheres

Endorser-Contributed Articles

Living The Fuji Declaration

The New Education and Authentic Learning

Education is a calling…a vocation of passion for individuals who care about our next generation and our collective future.


A New Understanding of Mortality and Death

Why, we might ask, is there such a fear around death? What has made death the great taboo topic, in spite of the fact that we all die?


Toward a New Civilization

Our ways of engaging mind, body and soul require more of each of us as we prepare for the emerging future.


The Path is Made by Walking

If more people began to recognize the inner divinity in more people, what then would our global world be like?


Divine Spark as an Important Metaphor

My work as a biochemist, a geneticist and a cellular biologist was focused on studying the mechanics and chemistry of life.


Reflections on The Fuji Declaration

Community leaders share their thoughts

Join the Global Conversation

We want to hear from you!

11 Comments Add a comment
  1. marta patrizia

    Solo quando cambieremo e prenderemo coscienza di chi siamo veramente il mondo sarà migliore. In ciascuno di noi vive la fiamma universale dobbiamo finalmente farla rivivere e tutto cambierà.Sono gli individui che creano la società perciò è giunto il momento di assumerci questo compito e lavorando in collaborazione creare la nuova armonia

  2. Shivani

    Peace is humanity and humanity is love. To water the seeds of Humanity and Love means to support and nurture the growth of Peace in our world.

  3. Leonardo

    Esto es todo lo que he pensado en estos ultimos momentos y ver que hoy es una realidad me hace tan feliz… gracias!!!!

  4. Saeed Khan

    We all must believe in oneness & togetherness of human civilization in order to make our planet a very beautiful & harmonious world free from all violence, hate, extremism & intolerance.

  5. Michael John

    When I was reading the website, it felt like my soul was drinking water for the first time in decades.
    Some of us thirst so desperately for peace and freedom – the hate fear anger that drowns this world, most of the time, is too much to bear, and it overwhelms me completely. How is it that 7 billion people cannot stand up and turn their backs on the 1% that seek to maintain our slavery?
    How is it that the pain and suffering of 7 billion people is not enough? This Fuji Declaration should have been created centuries ago, so I welcome it with open, loving arms. My greetings, sincerest thanks, and deepest wishes of Love to all of us. xxxxxxx

  6. Adriana Beatriz

    Esta Declaración responde a un anhelo profundo de mi alma. Gracias a todos!!

    • Fumi Johns Stewart

      Thank you dear friend Adriana from our Spanish Speaking Community. We are encouraged to know that we are of One Heart and One Mind in our mission to ignite the Divine Spark Movement!

  7. Elena Becu

    This Declaration is what we have all been waiting for.
    It warms my heart to see so many people joining on the same path. Thank you

  8. Ann

    I was so happy to find the Spread the Word page on your website. I have downloaded the Fuji Declaration print out and will be keeping this close to me at all times. I am also going to print more for my children.

  9. Jules Lamore

    I will take the principles of the Fuji Declaration and adhere them to my life on a daily basis and share what I have learned with my community. May Peace Prevail On Earth!

  10. Fumi Johns Stewart

    This is a movement whose time has come! Let us inspire our friends and family to sign The Fuji Declaration.

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