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This is Soul of WoMen

Love, compassion, nurturing, cooperation, intuition, unity, and peacemaking…

What is most needed in our world today is to revive and activate the undermined feminine values, and to redefine and harmonize the true masculine archetype. Only when we are able to restore balance between the masculine and feminine energies, between the forces of love and power, can we fully ignite the divine spark in the spirit of humanity and open the door to a new era.

Our hope is to inspire and empower every woman and man to bring out their authentic self and share their unique gifts to co-create a new future. In oneness, we can foster a more peaceful and flourishing world for all life—a world that honors deep feminine principles in harmony with the masculine.Read more

How it began

Masami Saionji invited a group of powerful women visionaries and leaders in Japan to discuss the roles, responsibilities and wisdom women possess in creating a more harmonious and balanced world. Eighteen women came together to share in a mutual desire to explore ways to unfold, empower and harness the highest feminine qualities and principles in both women and men. The Soul of WoMen was born out of the fervent passion and belief that it is time to bring balance back from the love of power to the power of love.

The seeds have now been planted in Japan and it is time to expand this vision out to the world by forming a global network of like minded individuals and organizations. We are not alone in this quest and wish to connect with men and women everywhere who feel moved to say YES to the emerging spirit of divine femininity which pervades in all of us.


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Activate the feminine wisdom and consciousness in our
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Messages of Support

Read messages of support for the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign from members of our community worldwide.

Messages of Support
The Future of Soul of WoMen

The Global Network established through this campaign will be nurtured as a platform for future collaboration and cooperation to further our common vision of a world in harmony and balance. Contact us with your ideas and stay tuned.


The inverted W and M in our logo symbolizes the call for equality and balance between the feminine and masculine forces, the yin and the yang in humanity, nature and all living things. “Women” and “Men” are found interwoven within one word showing how together in harmony the feminine and the masculine create a complete and whole human Soul.

Soul of WoMen supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”


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