Celebrating the Second Anniversary of the Fuji Declaration


May 14th, 2017
Fuji Sanctuary, Japan

The Fuji Declaration inaugurated in 2015 will be celebrating its second anniversary on May 14, 2017.  The celebration event will highlight founding principles of the Fuji Declaration and its offshoot initiative, Soul of Women, to foster a critical mass for social transformation. The anniversary celebration will take place at Fuji Sanctuary, Japan, during the “Symphony of Peace Prayers” program in the presence of international guests and supporters from throughout Japan.

The Fuji Declaration encourages us to ignite the Divine Spark in every heart to inspire humanity toward a more harmonious, compassionate and sustainable life for all.  The offshoot initiative, Soul of WoMen, enhances the Fuji Declaration by encouraging us to recognize and embrace the inner spark of the feminine wisdom and values which lies deep within all of us.  This year’s celebration will further explore the roles of both men and women in promoting harmony between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.

Symphony of Peace Prayers is an annual event at the Fuji Sanctuary bringing the hearts of the global community together in a cultural, interfaith and consciousness expanding program to raise awareness of the spirit of peace, compassion and cooperation which is so needed in the world today.  The anniversary celebration of the Fuji Declaration and its founding values will be one of the highlights of the day’s program.

Register and Support the Event

You are invited to register for this free event and to add your name to the roster of supporters and the global participation map.

Attend the Event
Join thousands who will gather at the foot of Mt. Fuji to witness the second anniversary celebrations.

Organize a Local Event
Individuals and organizations will be organizing local synchronized events around the world.

Join a Local Event
Individuals and organizations will be joining local synchronized events around the world.

Watch the Live Internet Broadcast

The event will be webcast live on our homepage on May 14th between the hours of 10:15am and 2:00pm local Japan time. View the live Broadcast at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/symphony-of-peace-prayers-english

Add your Signature to the Fuji Declaration
Join in spirit with thousands of supporters who have endorsed the principles of The Fuji Declaration by adding your signature. https://fujideclaration.org/the-fuji-declaration/

Say YES to Soul of WoMen
The SOW initiative invites you to say YES to respecting the wisdom of the divine masculine and divine feminine values with us all for a more balanced world. https://fujideclaration.org/soulofwomen/

By: The Fuji Declaration

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