Messages from Honorary Signatories For The Fuji Declaration 7th Anniversary


The Fuji Declaration initiative was launched in 2015 together with over 60 partner organizations and 200 honorary signatories from around the world, including pioneering scientists, artists, authors, educators and peace advocates.
Read their inspiring messages for the 7th anniversary.

Anna Bacchia
Founder of the Consciousness Institute in Lugano, Switzerland

As the enlightening pure spirit of the Fuji Declaration evidences and inspires, the present historical context on Earth calls for a radical awakening of human consciousness and insight.
A true evolutive shift for humanity today cannot start without a fundamental recognition and awareness of the vital essence which we are.

The current logical and causal-functional thinking, as well as the artificial intelligence developments, usually tend to de-fine and analyze life, and to create trends, social models and standards for our society, while substantially they deliver material goals. But they are seriously disconnected from the innate stream and compass of human resonance with life, and gravely separated from the natural flow of life which is embodied within the heartbeat of mankind since always.
Measure does not deliver wisdom. Quality does not emerge from quantity.

We are not observers, managers, or mapmakers of life, we are life itself. Our breathing is none other than the breathing of life. Today the creation of peace, of a living peace, is called to emerge as a natural consequence of a deep human sensitive insight and awareness, and of the inner input towards the life which we are: instruments of the perennial evolutive creation of the symphony of life.
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Harold W. Becker
President and Founder, The Love Foundation, Inc.

It is an honor and joy to continue sharing the global collaborative vision that the Fuji Declaration so vividly and compassionately invites us to embody every day. A magnificent seed was planted seven years ago and countless lives are nurturing it with their enduring love, peace, courage, and kindness. Unconditional love is the guiding force that is forever present in each of our hearts and together we are making a profound difference in our world.

This is a monumental and beautiful time upon our precious planet and with initiatives like the Fuji Declaration, we know peace and love prevail. As within our hearts, so becomes our humanity.

Gregg Braden
Five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator

The Fuji Declaration: Our Passport To The Best World Possible

We’re all on a journey, and it’s leading us to a place no one has ever been. Together we’re traveling the fast lane of a superhighway that’s crossing the traditional boundaries of the beliefs, religions, technology and habits of the past. In doing so, we’re redefining the limits of what we once thought was possible in our lives.

We are not observers, managers, or mapmakers of life, we are life itself. Our breathing is none other than the breathing of life. Today the creation of peace, of a living peace, is called to emerge as a natural consequence of a deep human sensitive insight and awareness, and of the inner input towards the life which we are: instruments of the perennial evolutive creation of the symphony of life.

Our Destination
I can’t say for sure what the destination of our journey will look like. After the dust settles and we acknowledge that nature is based upon cooperation and not competition as we’ve been led to believe; when new and sustainable economies replace those that are fractured and failing today; when we embrace the technology that provides every bit of the energy we need without the devastating side effects of fossil fuels, I can only imagine what our lives and the world will be like. And when I do, I see a better place for us all.

I see a world where we’ve raised the standard of living for everyone, rather than lowering it for many in order to support only a few. I see a world where considering the differences in the color of our skin and the religion we practice are obsolete, and using war to solve our problems no longer makes sense. I see a world where our love of cooperation is greater than the fear that drives us apart.
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Bibi Guru Inder Dharma and Hariji Dharma
Founders of YOGADHARMA, Rome and YOGADHARMA Community

I honour the place inside you where the entire Universe dwells
I honour the Light
I honour the Love
I honour the Peace that is inside you
When you are in that place, and we are in that place we are ONE.

Victory to the SOPP 2022 project accomplishment.

With Infinite Gratitude

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Stephen Dinan
CEO, The Shift Network

While news cycles can paint a grim picture of humanity’s evolution, I take heart in the fact that tens of millions around the world are waking up every year to living in a sacred way, with reverence for the planet, respect for fellow human being, and commitment to being the change.

Riane Eisler
Author, President of the Center for Partnership Systems

To change traditions of violence and domination, we must start in the family, with ending abuse and violence against women and children. Peace education must include education for nonviolence in parent-child and gender relations if it is to be effective, recognizing that children’s earliest experiences and observations impact the structure of our brains, and hence how we feel, think, and act – including how we vote. Through the lens of the Partnership/Domination social scale, we see the need for a systemic approach so peace is no longer just an interval between wars. To change this, we need a fundamental change in consciousness that addresses the underlying dynamics of violence and domination. We need cultures of peace: Partnership cultures.

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity’s Team

Humanity’s Team and I are honored to help, to an even greater extent, to promote the beauty and necessity of the Fuji Declaration until there is no longer a need.

I fully understand the fundamental demand of continuing to strive and the more important goal to thrive, if we are to increase and agree to live responsibly on our precious, and for now, struggling planet.

We, also, have no other desire than to dedicate our lives to promote the sanctity of all life and aid in people’s understanding that We Are All One.

In love and peace

Charles P. Gibbs
Episcopal priest, Founding Executive Director Emeritus, United Religions Initiative
Senior Partner and Poet-in-Residence, Catalyst for Peace

I believe nothing is ever impossible — and yet, as I approach my 71st year, when I contemplate the future, my imagination is often trapped between promise and menace — a space articulated in the prophetic words that open the Fuji Declaration.

A new phase in the evolution of human civilization is on the horizon. With deepening states of crisis bringing unrest to all parts of the world, there is a growing need for change in our ways of thinking and acting. We now have the choice of either spiraling into deepening peril, or breaking through to a world of dignity and wellbeing for all.

Into that conflicted yet improbably hopeful space, I offer this poem.
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Philip Kotler
S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management

I support the Fuji Declaration. World peace needs to be embraced by all the world’s nations. Those who break peace and violate another country’s sovereignty need to be treated as criminals. The United Nations must live up to its purpose: to produce a peaceful and stable world.

Joaquin Leguia
Founder and Executive Director, Association for Children and the Environment (ANIA)

As Einstein said, we cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that we create them. It is from the Western urban worldview, which is anthropocentric, androcentric and adult centric, that we have developed the vision of how we want to live. An omission and error in this vision is that it considers nature as an object and our well-being independent of it. This has led us to the environmental and values ​​crisis that we are experiencing today.

Of all the things we have to do to remedy this situation, the only thing that we cannot stop doing is that the new generations grow up with active empathy for life: the ability to prioritize the common good through daily actions that generate well-being in us, in other people and in our planet.
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Don Mackenzie
Former Minister, The United Church of Christ

Grace to you and peace! And many blessings. And, thank you for your steadfastness in the pursuit of peace for the earth.

Last year my wife, Judy and I attended a black church here in Minneapolis with our friend Valerie. The pastor Curtis Farrar, gave the sermon and told the story of when he first came to Minneapolis 41 years ago. It was cold and he had no money. He was walking along and slipped and fell and for a moment it felt to him as if he was going to die there. But then he had a thought, a voice that said, “You have to keep going.” He then turned to the congregation and said, “You have to keep going!” We turned to our friend Valerie and said “we heard that!”

You have kept going in spite of so much suffering and violence and sorrow. Thanks be to God for your persistence, once again, in the pursuit of peace!

And again, many blessings!

Howard Martin
Executive Vice President, HeartMath Inc

I am a citizen of planet Earth, just like you…doing the very best I can to make meaning out of life and to make a contribution to the betterment of others and the world itself.

I have compassionate understanding about all the challenges that people are going through, but I see so many new and exciting, hopeful possibilities of a new world emerging right in the midst of this old one.

We’re at a time period right now where the accelerated change is dynamic and real. The question becomes, what do we do with that? How do we manifest this opportunity and turn it into something that’s tangible and real for ourselves and then take that reality and make it real for everyone else as best we can? That is the big question. To do that requires something that we all have inside that we’ve always had inside that just needs a little dusting off brought to the forefront.

And that is heart.
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Roger Nelson
Director, Global Consciousness Project

We can manifest the future of our choice if we become more aware of the power that rests in our unconscious connections. We need to help ourselves, and I think we can do that. When we bring our unconscious interconnections up into awareness, we will be able to change the world. Cooperation and collaboration are a birthright that is more powerful than we know, and the evidence suggests it is ready to claim now.

Helena Norberg-Hodge
Pioneer of the new economy movement

I support your inspiring efforts – all your prayers and activities for a more peaceful and harmonious world – from the bottom of my heart.

We urgently need the global collaboration you have been encouraging for many years.

Our work in promoting localisation is based on the conviction that the breakdown of local, intergenerational communities has been fundamental in creating fear, competition and even conflict. For us, rebuilding the fabric of human-scale communities is necessary in order to provide a sense of interdependence, a deep connection to others and to nature. This, in turn, provides an experience of the oneness of life and the security that is needed to encourage collaboration and peace.

This is why we encourage international collaboration to rebuild local economies and cultures as a way of reclaiming our humanity.

Sending much love and gratitude for all that you do.

Karan Singh
Indian politician, philanthropist, poet

The Fuji Declaration is a document of great importance for the entire planet. It deals with our quest for inner enlightenment and also our responsibility to society and the planet we inherit which today is under great stress due to human avarice and insensitivity over the last two centuries. I recall that along with my good friend Ervin Laszlo, Masami Saionji and other committed people we were able to launch the Declaration which was widely circulated around the world.

The challenge of such declarations is whether we are able in fact to live up to the great ideal that they express. Regretfully we cannot claim to have done so, because strife in the name of religion still continues to drench the world with innocent blood. The Declaration speaks of move towards a new civilization, and outlines the requirements for this. I sincerely hope that the 7th Anniversary of this Declaration will give a fresh impetus to humanity urging it, even at this late hour, to change tac and appreciate the Divine Spark that every human being encapsulates.
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Bill Strickland
Founder and Executive Chairman, Manchester Bidwell Corporation

I would like to add my voice in support of the Fuji Declaration. I have an unwavering belief in the inherent value and potential of every individual person, no matter who they are. We must all express in the most forceful way that peace must be the driving force for the human race, and we must insist that all races and ethnicities be included.

Bob Stilger
Illuminator, NewStories

We stand in a precious moment. It is natural now for our attention to be drawn towards all that is collapsing. We are in that moment of punctuated equilibrium, as systems scientists call it. Our pre-existing ways of seeing and understanding — the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and our world — simply do not help us make meaning from these times. Our tendency to look back at what was, in order to understand what is, don’t provide much comfort.

Many feel they are dangling from a tree branch, extended out over the edge of a great chasm. They will not let go until they understand they are dropping into something real. Dropping into a place where they might thrive.

This time of punctuated equilibrium is as much a beginning as it is an ending. We don’t see the beginning, because we have yet to create it. It requires hard work to create the new. We must do it together.
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Michael Tobias
Ecologist, author, filmmaker
President, Dancing Star Foundation

May all people embrace the heart, embrace life. It is the only way. Save every organism you can. Every human, every plant, all vertebrates and invertebrates. Our species is a mere 350,000 years old. We are the newest large species on earth but our heartless, reckless, intrusive and destructive behavior is rapidly destroying the biosphere. If we do not STOP the killing, oppression and atrocities towards ourselves and all other species, then we will go extinct. Our epitaph will read, The Shortest Lived Species in the Annals of Biology.

Diane Williams
Founder and President, The Source of Synergy Foundation

On the seventh anniversary of the Fuji Declaration, the spirit, essence and intention of this declaration is more important than ever.

It is a global imperative that we as Divine Sparks fully connect to the Source of our being and know deep in our hearts that our true nature is the Divine Force that permeates the Cosmos.

Embracing our true expression of divinity involves embodying unconditional love. Love is the greatest force in the Cosmos. Only when we fully embody being Love will we fully embody Oneness and awaken an enlightened consciousness in all global citizens so that only goodness and light will flourish.

Let us hold the greatest vision of what we can be and do together by remembering the vital animating force within us – our Divine Spark that can and will light any darkness and usher in beauty, justice, peace and unconditional love for all living beings.

Chintamani Yogi
Founding Principal, Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal (HVP)
Founding Chairperson, Shanti Sewa Ashram (SSA)

Yes, it’s only spirituality which can transform our life and save our planet…
Yes, we would be very happy to walk together on the path of Fuji Declaration…

Gary Zukav
Author, Co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute

As a new human consciousness – epic and unprecedented – enters hundreds of millions of individuals, the realization, the experience of the “Divine Spark” is becoming central to human experience itself. Within a few generations, it will be the self-evident, obvious-to-all, defining characteristic of the emerging humanity.

Recognizing the Divine Spark in yourself is not enough. Acknowledging the Divine Spark in yourself is not enough. We must choose to align ourselves with the Divine Spark to bring it into our lives and our world. I with my Divine Spark and you with your Divine Spark. The only thing standing between us and the world of harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life that we long for are matters of choice. Our choices.

The Divine Spark now presents itself to many as the morning star to a new morning. Soon the Divine Spark will present itself to all as the sun to a day unlike any before it. We are fellow travelers on a new road to a new destination. Our new potential is greater than we could have imagined, and so also is our new ability to create it.

A New Dawn is here, and we are here to greet it.

Dianna Burkhalter
Homeopathy and Life Coaching Specialist

You think because you understand ‘one’ you must also understand ‘two’ because one and one make two. But you must also understand ‘and’.” — Rumi, 13th century mystic

There is something about the whole of a thing which is not found in any of the ‘ones’ that make up that whole. This something – the x factor, essence, divine spark, life force – exists among the parts, without being a part. It’s indescribable, yet we can know its nature in the way we know ‘and’.

AND connects. As in ‘you and I’, together are ‘we’. Each and all of us together form humanity. AND is our connective tissue. It moves between us and within us, like the air we breathe exists both within and among us.
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Charles Kim
President, The Peace School

What can one person do? A lot. We can start with something very fundamental. Each one of us can generate bright, beautiful energy of peace and healing with every breath we take. It is easy to do with Peace Breathing: inhale thinking world, exhale thinking peace.

The steady peaceful energy you generate compares to a continuously flowing stream of fresh and pure water. Just as one stream naturally joins another, you naturally harmonize with people you meet when you Peace Breathe. This is because you are flowing with the movement of the Universe. As larger streams continue to flow, they find their way into rivers. This is like societies interacting harmoniously with other societies when people within them generate peaceful energy. In time, all rivers come together and merge when they reach the ocean.
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Linda Bender
Doctor of veterinary medicine, author, animal advocate
Co-founder, From the Heart

It brings me great joy to offer a message of support for the seventh anniversary of the launching of the Fuji Declaration. The extraordinary work of the Saionji Family, and all those involved in The Goi Peace Foundation merit praise far beyond what words can express. I am consistently inspired by their tireless work, dedication and belief in the goodness of humanity.

The message of the Fuji Declaration resonates deeply in my heart because it mirrors the wisdom I have learned from my close bond with animals and the natural world, and through my work as an animal advocate, and veterinarian. Animals taught me that we are all born into this world wired to connect with all life. They remind us that all beings who walk, stand, swim, crawl, or fly are radiant, mysterious, and unique expressions of our Source, of God. All life is precious and each and every day we are alive is an opportunity to spread love, kindness and sharing. Teaching this wisdom has been my life long goal.

Each and every person and all beings are divine sparks of God as Masami so eloquently reminds us. It is now more critical than ever to remain steadfast in this belief, and to continue the work we came into this life to do. This will shine a light in the darkness that surrounds us in the world. It is our duty to be the ones who bring light, love, and hope to those in need.

None of us can change the world alone, but when we work together, and embrace the wisdom of the heart, we will create a better world for all life.

James Offuh
President-Founder, United For Peace Against Conflicts International

It is absolutely a great hope for the future with the Fuji Declaration as a footprint in thriving for a sustainable planet built on mutual love, accommodation, justice, equity, equality, compassion, empathy and conscious listening.

My humble organization I am privileged to be the founding president is built on the principles of the Fuji Declaration.

Our mission is to equip young people with the communication and leadership skills necessary to address the root cause of hatred, discrimination, and violent conflict. We create a safe space for young people to meet face to face with those they have been taught to fear. Together, they develop personal connections based on empathy and respect and the confidence to transform divisive attitudes in their communities.

Our vision is a more just and inclusive world, where engaged global citizens are fueled by the desire and the skills to come to deeply understand different perspectives, rather than to simply perpetuate their own.

We cannot achieve peace on the Earth in the absence of awakening inner divinity in humanity! So the Fuji Declaration is a masterpiece in efforts to raise future peace, community builders and insure lasting Peace on Earth!

Jagadguru Swami Isa
Founder of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust and the Global Energy Parliament

War is not outside, but inside. When the inner war comes to an end, the outer war will also come to an end. Change needs to start at the individual level.

The world needs a global reform in education to make this important shift: an education that enables us to connect knowledge of the world outside with knowledge of the world inside. Realizing the interconnectedness of all things and one’s responsibility to keep the inner and outer energy in balance, the learner will become a beacon of peace, love, and happiness.

Purity flowing as emotion is love. Unbroken thought is peace. Non-vibrating consciousness is true happiness.

The Fuji Declaration goes a long way in setting the tone for a new social orientation and the necessary thought system that will bring about a human civilization based on peace, love and happiness. May its light shine on and on!

James Channan
Catholic priest, Director of Peace Center, Lahore, Pakistan

It gives me immense pleasure that we are celebrating the 7th year of the Fuji Declaration. I congratulate Mrs. Masami Saionji, Mr. Hiroo Saionji and Dr. Ervin Laszlo for taking up the initiative to prepare and launch this universal document! I have read this document several times and every time I read it, I am inspired by it and I feel from the bottom of my heart that it is divinely inspired. It enlightens us with a Divine Spark to make our world peaceful, harmonious, and invites us to realize that we are all one human family – no matter what color, religion, culture, language, geographical setting we live in or the economic status we have. We must accept and work to be united and take care of each other. This declaration invites the world to end all wars, discriminations, injustice, divisions and hatred. It invites us to make our Mother Earth and planet peaceful. As we read in the Fuji Declaration, “living peace and enabling peace to prevail on Earth is the ultimate purpose for all of us. We can and must embrace it in every sphere of our existence.”
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Franco Sottocornola
Xaverian Missionary, Founder of Shinmeizan Center for Prayer and Interreligious Dialogue

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the Fuji Declaration, I wish, first of all, to thank you again for having given the world this courageous and inspiring message of hope and purpose. The world needs it today even more than it did seven years ago! Peace among the nations, peaceful interaction with nature, peace in society and in each human family, is born from, and nurtured by, a spiritual awareness of our personal responsibility.

Education to moral responsibility starts from the family, and must be supported and pursued by the school, but it is a fundamental task of religion. To this end, dialogue and cooperation among the religions is a vital step for the achievement of the noble goals the Fuji Declaration has set before us and the world.

Nina Meyerhof
President and Founder, Children of the Earth
Co-founder, One Humanity Institute

It is totally obvious that we are finally at the crossroads of time and now all peoples of the world need to select whether to walk the path of light or to walk into a total systems breakdown. The choices become so clear. The war in Ukraine stands for the emergence of the New Guard while opposing the Old Guard systems. Hope and dreams can build the new desired foundations. The peoples of the world watch this war and united in their understanding as it teaches us our experience of our interconnectedness. Life’s issues from poverty to climate change to war to racism are all not able to be resolved as long as we see and live in continual separation which only further builds hierarchy that will collapse. Time is of the essence for us to experience our Divine Spark and unite on the innermost level to survive with resilience for a better world and better life for all. We are learning we are One Humanity.

Eliane Ubalijoro
Professor of Practice For Public-Private Sector Partnerships, McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development

Being with over eight thousand of people seven years ago at the base of Mount Fuji on a beautiful clear day and reciting May Peace Prevail on Earth in each official language of each country on the planet was an experience I will never forget. It reminded me that no matter what we are going through, no matter how alone, in pain, lose we feel, somewhere someone we may not even know is praying for us. May we live this interconnectedness more fully for all of humanity and Mother Earth. As we move towards 2030, we have no time to waste towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The urgency of aligning our actions with the highest level of consciousness is the prayer Mother Earth is asking us to live every day. May we all be touched by this divine spark, may we water it and nurture it and share its seeds with others so we may build regenerative economies and be the ancestors future generations need us to be.


By: The Fuji Declaration

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