9th Anniversary program – video -“Exploring the Divine Spark”


Starting on this 9th anniversary and continuing over the next year, we will engage in a program to look back on the past decade to deepen the “Divine Spark” which is at the core of The Fuji Declaration. We have contemplated the two questions in the “Exploring the Divine Spark” program.

= Message from Co-founders =
– Mr. Hiroo Saionji
President of the Goi Peace Foundation

= Messages of Guests =
– Ms. Sande Hart
Founder of The Global Women’s Village

– Mr. Gary Zukav
Co-Founder Seat of the Soul Institute

– Dr. Barbara Fields
Co-founder and Director of The Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence

= Facilitator =
– Maki Kawamura
Executive Director, The Goi Peace Foundation

By: The Fuji Declaration

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