The Fuji Declaration 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Fuji Declaration

Fuji Declaration

Los Angeles, USA (PDT) – Saturday, May 19th beginning at 6:00pm
New York, USA (EDT) – Saturday, May 19th beginning at 9:00pm

UTC/GMT – Sunday, May 20th beginning at 1:00am

United Kingdom – Sunday, May 20th beginning at 2:00am

Japan Time - Sunday, May 20th beginning at 10am

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A new chapter in the story of humanity is within reach

The mission of the Fuji Declaration is to ignite the full potential of the human spirit in service to humanity and the web of life. By co-evolving with one another and with nature through a network of constructive and coherent relationships, we further the emergence of a more peaceful and sustainable world.

The Fuji Declaration encourages us to collectively write a new chapter about the conscious evolution of the global family.

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Introducing the Fuji Declaration, Igniting the Divine Spark for a Thriving World. The Fuji Declaration aims for Oneness in Diversity.

A Historic International Alliance

In solidarity for a more peaceful and sustainable future

The Fuji Declaration is endorsed by a growing international community of change leaders from many different backgrounds including heads-of-state, Nobel laureates, scientists, artists, authors, teachers, and world peace advocates from all over the world.

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From Soulful Intention to Practical Action

At its foundation, The Fuji Declaration is a set of principles that connects globally-minded individuals and organizations from around the world in a commonality of purpose beyond borders. But more than this, it is also a platform for collaborative learning, action and research.

Transnational Alliance

The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to globally-minded change makers from all the world's traditions and cultures to join together in heart and mind to bring forth a peaceful and thriving world for future generations.

We invite individuals and organizations who share the core principles of The Fuji Declaration to join us by signing the declaration.


Transdisciplinary Research

The Fuji Declaration collects in-depth research and perspectives in multiple spheres of human society - such as economics business, politics and media - and invites the public to engage in the learning and sharing of practical action steps and strategies with our global community.

Building on this research and public engagement, together we can cultivate a culture of peace.

Join Us.

Affirm your commitment to a flourishing world.

Imagine a world where human relations and institutions share a global responsibility to lasting peace on Earth, and to living and acting in ways that enhance the quality of life for all.

If you yearn for a world that reflects the highest potentials of the human spirit, then please – join us.

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