Moving Forward with the Fuji Declaration Movement


A Happy New Year to all our signatories and supporters!

In 2016, we faced countless unexpected social as well as political events and it is difficult to predict upcoming world events in the months to follow.  In such uncertain times, we have wonderful news to share with supporters of the Fuji Declaration.

Last December, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese leader to make a public visit to Pearl Harbor since the end of World War II.  He vowed never to repeat the horrors of war again and together with President Obama paid tribute to the victims demonstrating the power of reconciliation.

Obama-Abe-Pearl-HarborPrime Minister Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor followed President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima earlier in the year.  Both events are significant reminders that the history of horrific wars should not be repeated.

Another remarkable moment occurred when President Obama spoke the following words during his speech at Pearl Harbor:

“The sacrifice made here, the anguish of war, reminds us to seek ‘the divine spark’ that is common to all humanity.”

President Obama referred to ‘the divine spark,’ which are the exact words and principles advocated by The Fuji Declaration.

We feel great respect toward President Obama who expressed these words during such a significant historic event giving us tremendous courage and confidence to keep promoting the Fuji Declaration movement again this year toward the attainment of world peace.

President Obama Speech text (English)
Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Pearl Harbor

President Obama speech video (English
President Obama Delivers Remarks With Prime Minister Abe

By: Hiroo Saionji and Masami Saionji

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