Upcoming Inauguration Event: Celebrating The Fuji Declaration May 17 2015


The launch of The Fuji Declaration will be celebrated with three uplifting programs in Tokyo, Denmark and Mt. Fuji leading up to the formal inauguration ceremony on May 17th. The events will promote and celebrate the inauguration of The Fuji Declaration for a Divine Spark Activation.

The inaugural events will begin on May 15th at the invitational Tokyo Symposium: Commemorating the launch of The Fuji Declaration hosted by The Goi Peace Foundation at the United Nations University in Tokyo followed by an East West Celebration at sunrise on May 17th. The formal inauguration ceremony will take place at the Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015 between 10:15 am and 1:15 pm at the Fuji Sanctuary.

A call for a Divine Spark Activation will radiate from Mt Fuji out to the world supported by the collective field of global consciousness urging humanity to embrace a more harmonious, compassionate and sustainable era for all. The international community is invited to join the Global Link Network in the spirit of celebration and to watch the live webcast of the inaugural events.

A Live Webcast
East-West Celebration
Global meditation for peace and unity
May 17 4:40am Fuji — May 16th 9:40pm Denmark

As the sun rises over Mt. Fuji in the east, the sun sets in Denmark in the west. Hundreds of people will gather at the foot of Mt. Fuji for the East West Celebration while in Denmark, a gala is being hosted at Kronborg Castle famed for Shakespeare’s Hamlet where the launch of the Transition World initiative is being celebrated www.transitionworld.org. Both Mt. Fuji and Denmark will merge in the spirit of oneness as two transformational global initiatives for a peaceful world will be celebrated in unison.

The East West Celebration will begin with an exchange of greetings followed by opening remarks by Mr. & Mrs. Saionji, initiators of The Fuji Declaration. A global meditation and blessing ceremony will highlight the program beginning with a video message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Friends and supporters are invited to watch the 10 minute program live on the internet to enhance the field of consciousness for a Divine Spark Activation.

Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015
Celebrating the inauguration of The Fuji Declaration

A formal inauguration ceremony for The Fuji Declaration will be presented at the Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015 hosted by The Byakko Shinko Kai. The event will take place between 10:15am and 1:15 pm at the Fuji Sanctuary on May 17th. The three initiators of The Fuji Declaration, Mr & Mrs. Saionji along with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, will preside over the inaugural program celebrated by music, entertainment, interfaith prayers and the World Peace Prayer Ceremony calling for peace to prevail in every world nation.

International guests and supporters of The Fuji Declaration will join thousands of participants at the Mt. Fuji Sanctuary to anchor the core principles of The Fuji Declaration – a Oneness of Diversity within the human family and the Awakening of the Divine Spark within every human heart.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers is a global celebration of humanity’s diversity and oneness, bringing together people of all faiths, traditions and backgrounds in our common wish and prayer for peace and harmony. The 11th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers this year is proud to host the inauguration ceremony for The Fuji Declaration.

Collaboration with the Global Consciousness Project
The Global Consciousness Project led by Dr. Roger Nelson measures fluctuations linked to interconnected human consciousness by collecting data from a global network of physical random number generators located in over 50 host sites around the world. On May 17th, data will be collected and measured as the global community focuses their consciousness, meditation and prayers for a Divine Spark Activation. read more at: http://global-mind.org/introduction.html

Live Global Webcast
Join the Global Link Network

The East West Celebration and Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015 will be broadcast live on the internet providing an opportunity for the international community to link the globe for a Divine Spark Activation. Registration is free of charge and will commence after May 1st.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

Celebrating the Fuji Declaration
Schedule of Events

May 15th: all day – Tokyo Symposium: Commemorating the launch of The Fuji Declaration
May 17th: 4:40-4:50 am – East-West Celebration and Webcast, Fuji Sanctuary
May 17th: 10:15 am-1:15 pm – Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015: Celebrating the inauguration of The Fuji Declaration, Fuji Sanctuary

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