Values behind the Fuji Declaration

Mr Saionji is President of the Goi Peace Foundation founded in Tokyo, Japan with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He is also President of The World Peace Prayer Society a non profit organization with headquarters in New York. He is known for launching the initiative for Creating a New Civilization and his “4-S Concept” integrating the four pillars of sustainability, systems, spirituality and science.

Mr. Saionji who is one of the three initiators of The Fuji Declaration talks about the two most important values and state of consciousness revealed in the declaration. The first is the notion that every member of humanity is good by nature and is an expression of the sacred spirit, the divine spark, within. The second being the consciousness of Oneness. Mr. Saionji continues to explains how research studies under the supervision of Dr. Laszlo will be part of the Fuji Declaration activities supporting the divine spark and oneness concept at work within the various spheres of society.
By: Hiroo Saionji

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