True Peace Through the Divine Spark


Quite often in the political sphere, we hear the phrase “it’s a fragile peace” used when describing an accord.  We even use the word peace on a regular basis to hope for a temporary state of quiet.  This is rather unfortunate and has over time diluted the idea of what true peace is.  It almost requires us to now define a new word to describe the state that can be achieved through the divine spark or, better yet, to redefine what is meant by “peace”.

True peace will never be fragile.  What we have called peace throughout history has most often simply been a temporary cessation of hostilities which has been labeled a peace agreement.  This is honorable as we have most likely hoped that it would turn into true peace.  But, our underlying material consciousness and finite understanding of what peace is has ensured that it would not last.  We cannot have peace through our current global consciousness and true peace will never need an agreement.

Peace is more than just an end to human conflict and hostilities.  It is more than just tranquility and calm.  Those are simply aspects of true peace.  When we finally embrace the divine spark and live by it, we become whole.  We become one with the entirety of the universe and our lives take on a new meaning.  It is then that true peace encompasses us.  It does not mean that life will not be competitive or we will not have struggles.  Life is by definition competitive and sometimes difficult.  But when we live through and with the divine spark, we compete for everyone and everything, not just ourselves.  Each action, then, becomes conflict free as we now have a new understanding of our purpose.  The wholeness of the divine spark then takes on its full meaning.  We come to know it means that we are whole as individuals and in that wholeness we become whole with everyone else.

The Fuji Declaration is first about awakening the divine spark within each one of us.   As  we fully embrace the divine spark, we will begin to transform as individuals and we will begin to literally experience true peace.  Once we experience it, we will have no desire to go back to our previous state of consciousness.  Peace will no longer be belief or hope.  Peace will be what we live and realize.  It will be like knowing the sun will rise and set.  We won’t have to be zealous about or struggle for it.  We will be peace.  And at that point, peace will not be fragile.  Nothing of this material world will be able to break it.

When we turn to the divine spark inside us we are awakened and enlightened.  We attain a new consciousness that allows us to live differently.  We come to understand that, as The Fuji Declaration states, “Living peace and enabling peace to prevail on Earth is the ultimate purpose for all of us.”  Peace is most likely an inadequate word to describe it.  Even true peace probably doesn’t do it justice.  We will certainly experience what we describe as peace and, at the same time, something much greater:   we will live a life of transcendent peace.

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By: Clint Wesly Williams

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