The Process of Conscious Co-creation


As we focus on the principles of the Fuji Declaration we are reminded that we are powerful beyond our knowing. We are not the victims of circumstance; we are the co-creators of the circumstances in our lives.

Our faculties of thought and feeling are creative. That means that whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying or doing we are co-creating, empowering, and magnetizing into our lives.

We need to pay attention and to continually ask ourselves, “What am I empowering with my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions now? Am I empowering prosperity, abundance, vibrant health, loving relationships, fulfilling jobs, happiness, spiritual growth, world peace, global harmony, tolerance, planetary healing, reverence for all life, and the vision of Heaven on Earth, or am I empowering hatred, war, dysfunctional relationships, poverty, disease, governmental conspiracies, corporate corruption, economic collapse, violence, crime, inhumane behavior toward other people, and every other painful situation manifesting on Earth?”

In order to begin consciously creating what we want to manifest in our lives and on the planet, we must first evaluate what we like, what is working for the highest good of all concerned, and what needs to be changed in order to enhance our life and the lives of all of the people abiding on Earth. Then, using our creative faculties of thought and feeling, we need to write a detailed vision describing exactly what we want to create and the type of lives we want to live.

Our visions must always reflect the highest good for ourselves and everyone involved. We must never be willing to attain our goals at the expense of another person or another living thing. We can easily fulfill that requirement by always striving for the most positive visions possible and then stating, “I ask my God Self to be sure that my visions manifest in alignment with the highest good of all concerned.” Our God Selves will then have permission to intervene and safeguard our visions to fulfill our request.

Writing down our visions begins the process of creating new matrixes and archetypes for our Earthly experiences. The very first step of changing any human experience or condition is to create a blueprint or a matrix and archetype that will shatter and replace the matrix and archetype of the old dysfunctional situation or behavior pattern.

As we focus the power of our attention on our visions and magnetize the Light of God into them daily and hourly with positive affirmations and visualizations, the unformed primal Light from the core of Creation will flow into the new matrixes and archetypes, greatly empowering them. The moment our visions reach critical mass, they will manifest tangibly in our lives.

We can prevent our old patterns of limitation from sabotaging our visions by transmuting them with the frequency of Light known as the Violet Flame. This is accomplished by simply invoking the Violet Flame from the Heart of God and asking our God Self to transmute all of our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings from all time frames and dimensions, both known and unknown, that would in any way prevent or interfere with the manifestation of our visions.

The Violet Flame is the perfect balance of the masculine polarity of God, which pulsates with a sapphire blue radiance and resonates with the God Qualities of Divine Will, Authority, Power, and Protection, and the feminine polarity of God, which pulsates with a crystalline pink radiance and resonates with the God Qualities of Transfiguring Divine Love, Adoration, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.

Together the pink and blue polarities of our Father-Mother God form the Violet Flame which manifests not only the masculine and feminine qualities of our God Parents, but also the Divine Qualities of Transmutation, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Victory as well. This Sacred Fire is the most effective tool we can use to transmute the negative energy we have expressed throughout our lives that might interfere with our efforts to cocreate the principles being empowered through the Fuji Declaration.


By: Patricia Cota-Robles

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