The Highest Identification for One World Family


There is immense diversity in every aspect of this creation and all this diversity has sprung from One Spirit. The different varieties in plants, trees and animals make our world more beautiful but the differences in human beings have caused many wars. All the violence and fanaticism in the world today is due to a lack of broad-minded education. We have to educate people to rise above differences and see the unity behind this diversity.

At the root of every conflict between communities is a narrow sense of identity. Every individual is much more than the sum of limited identifications like gender, race, caste, religion and nationality. When someone identifies themselves as belonging to a sect or a religion alone, they become fanatic and become the cause of conflict with others. The highest identification we can have is that we are part of Divinity. Then comes the identity that we are members of one global human family. In this creation, the whole of the human race is united.

As long as there is any corner of the world where people think, “My religion is better than yours”, the world cannot be a peaceful place. What is needed is a multi-cultural education so that children don’t grow up harboring a prejudice against any community or religion.

There are actually very few people who are extremists in the world. However, most people who are peace loving are passive and silent. What is needed now is the dynamism of the peaceful people. We have to join and take the message of love and belongingness all over the globe and the Fuji Declaration is a step in the right direction. We, at The Art of Living Foundation, have been working towards the ideal of One World Family and fully support this initiative to establish lasting peace on the planet.

By: Sri Sri Shankar

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