The Fuji Declaration: Rekindling the Divine Spark in Human Consciousness


From moment to moment, the world is changing. The question is, in what direction are these changes taking us? Are they opening doorways to a wondrous future, or are they driving us toward ruin and devastation?

During the 20th century, this world experienced a rapid development in material culture and civilization. However, due to the priority given to materialistic values and economic expansion, humanity has been following an extremely dangerous path.

Until now, most human beings have been striving to lay their hands upon limited material resources, resources that are in short supply. Rather than drawing out the infinite resources within us, most of us have set our sights on materialistic aims—physical comforts that will make our lives more agreeable. Money, land, houses, cars, delicious things to eat; position, fame, control over others—for a great many people, these are seen as the ultimate reason for living.

Because of our belief in limitation, we have created a way of life where everything is lacking: a lack of food, a lack of money, a lack of health, a lack of love. All over the world, we can see the results of this way of living: widespread poverty, illness, greed, catastrophes, and environmental destruction. And day day, these problems are growing more and more severe.

Why is there so much suffering, discrimination, mistrust and discontent? I believe it stems from our belief in limitation. In struggling to attain limited benefits, we adopted the rule of ‘survival of the fittest’ and let ourselves be controlled by it. Divisions arose between the winners and the losers, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor. Those who could grasp the largest share of goods and possessions could enjoy abundance, while others were left empty-handed.

Our abuse of great nature has brought us to where the earth is in danger of losing its existence. What are we to do? At this late date, how can we change direction?

Some people feel that we can change the world by remedying each problem one by one. Yet unless we make a fundamental change in the mindset that gave rise to them, the same conditions will surely emerge again.

How can we change our underlying attitudes? How can we re-enliven the love in our own hearts? Our only choice, I feel, is to return to our starting point.

First, I feel, we need to stop and reflect upon what it is that each human heart holds dear. We often hear people call for their rights, and demand freedom and equality. Yet of what value are freedom and equality unless we can use them wisely? We must know that, sooner or later, we will have to take responsibility for all that we have said and done.

To live responsibly, first and foremost, each of us needs to know the dignity of our own precious life. This, I feel, is our starting point. When we can sense the dignity of our own life, inevitably, we will hold a feeling of awe in toward the lives of others. Today, most of us have forgotten awe, respect, and love. For most, the guiding thought is As long as I am all right, nothing else matters.

The hostility, discrimination, chaos and greed that overrun this world are all rooted in the same source—a loss of reverence for the lives of others. Here and now, each human being needs to make a new start and begin to care about the future of all humanity. Each human being needs to take just one step forward. It need not be a big step—just something that we are capable of. From the moment we take that first step, our lives will start to change. Step by step, doubt will be supplanted by trust, grudges will turn to forgiveness, discrimination will transform into respect, and hostility into conciliation.

We are no longer living in an era where it is sufficient to simply feel at peace with our own self. From now on, each and every individual has to join together in affirming the dignity of life. What I propose is a global-scale charter that transcends all differences in ethnicity, creed, religion, and way of thinking, and embraces all human hearts.

The peace that we human beings seek is built upon the dignity of our own life and reverence for the lives of others. I urgently hope that now, each one of us will grasp the opportunity to curtail selfishness and greed, and revive our lost spirit of humanitarian love, by upholding this affirmation of human dignity—this declaration for constructing peace and tranquility on Earth.

Is this not the best time for us to start building a way of life that will have a positive influence on the lives of the next generation? Shall we not pass along to them a world filled with bright hopes for the future? Whether we do this or not depends on the choices that we make at this present moment.

The Fuji Declaration is an affirmation of the dignity of our own lives and the awe that we feel in face of the lives of others. It is an expression of love and respect for the whole of humanity. It is an opportunity for each of us to become a “change-maker”—one who rekindles the divine spark in each human heart. In rekindling this divine spark, we can change negative thoughts, words, and actions into light-filled ones. Our bright words will then become the cornerstone for a wonderful new civilization on Earth.

Now is the time when we can make it happen. Now, we can decide not to pass along any more negative inheritances to future generations. Let our legacy include no more negative thinking, no more hostilities, no more wars, no more anger and greed, no more discrimination and conflict; no more poverty and starvation, no more illness. Let our legacy be one of unlimited human potential, dignity, respect, and love.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

By: Masami Saionji

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