Conscious Business Innerprise Ignites the Divine Spark for a Flourishing World


The enormity of problems caused by the voracious consumption of Earth’s scarce resources, damage we are doing to the planet, and the lopsided, unequitable distribution of wealth inspired Humanity’s Team and three other NGO’s to come together in 2014 to create a Conscious Business Alliance. In forming the Alliance, Humanity’s Team and the Goi Peace Foundation were joined by The Club of Budapest (Europe) and The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent for Public Benefit (Case Western Reserve University). Our first task was to create a Conscious Business Declaration that describes the role conscious business can play in creating a flourishing world. The Alliance focuses on conscious business because business is at the center of current life-threatening challenges but also because it is essential to any effective recovery and restoration initiative.

Just what is required to transform an unconscious business to a conscious state? In 2015 Humanity’s Team formed the Conscious Business Innerprise (CBI), a unit that focuses on accelerating the transformation to consciousness. The term “Innerprise” reflects our deeply held conviction that inner transformation is critical to transformation. This is much in alignment with the mission of the Fuji Declaration which aims to ignite the divine spark within for a thriving world.

“IN”—The Essence of Conscious Business

There is an emerging recognition that conscious business must include both inner transformation and outer transformation dimensions. B Lab and many other progressive organizations focus just on outer transformation—people, planet, and profit, for example. They share that business must focus on the welfare of people and planet, not just profit. In Humanity’s Team, we agree but, as Chris Laszlo of the Fowler Center points out, inner transformation is also critically important if we are to bring flourishing to business. Inner transformation focuses on practices like mindfulness, but it goes beyond to a deeper place where we commune with Source. There are many equally valid and compelling channels people individually hold in communing with Source, ranging from spiritual beliefs and practices rooted in a belief in the Divine to a deep resonance with the principles of quantum physics, which unambiguously establish that life is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent. Everything is part of a single reality. We are all emanations of One thing.

In 2011, during Global Oneness Day on October 24th, we began referring to a 4 P model: people, planet, presence, and profit. Presence brings in wholeness, unity, and awakened consciousness. It looks out at the world and sees a deeply spiritual or interconnected ecology. As we know, when we become conscious, everything changes. Many then see the likeness and image of God in ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Others experience a resonate connection with Source in less spiritual terms, perhaps as an unambiguous, uplifting energy that threads through all things, connecting all life forms.

Activating Conscious Business

For Humanity’s Team, drafting the Declaration was essential but insufficient in accelerating conscious business on the Planet. We hold that activating the Declaration through various initiatives is critically important to bringing about change. We formed our CBI unit in order to drive the change that is needed. While CBI is undergoing change within Humanity’s Team as this piece is written, our slate of activation programs has included training, consulting and certification services. To be candid, we’ve struggled with monetizing our activation measures to nurture the work we are doing and, as a non-profit organization, this is essential to providing the programming we offer. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuing the work we have initiated, as conscious business is a fundamentally important part of supporting transformation in a world where all living things and the divine spark flourish.

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By: Steve Farrell

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