Second Soul of WoMen Conference in Scotland – 2018


The Soul of WoMen 2018 Conference took place on June 23rd at the Allanton World Peace Sanctuary in Dumfries, Scotland.  It was the second of its kind hosted at the Sanctuary since the 2016 launch of the SOW initiative as an activity of the Fuji Declaration.

The Conference attracted participants from a wide range of fields and interests who gathered to explore the creation of a more balanced world locally and globally wherein qualities within us all are working in harmony.
The Conference was opened by Rika Saionji Yoshikawa, daughter of Hiroo and Masami Saionji who are initiators of the Fuji Declaration.  Rika encouraged us to recognize and ignite both the masculine and the feminine qualities we all possess within us to cultivate and contribute to a more equal and balanced society.  Other guest speakers included author and activist, Alastair McIntosh, and clinical psychologist Leslie Howells.
Winners of the recent Fuji Declaration 3rd Anniversary Peace Pole Award, Geraldine and Alex  from Scotland surprised us with their attendance.  They both inspired us with plans on how and where they wish to plant their Peace Pole and their connection with the Fuji Declaration.
In addition to the guest speakers, round table discussions and skill sharing workshops were presented throughout the day exploring such topics as equality, health, the environment, community engagement, civic pride and individual action with an emphasis on sharing positive solutions.
The day ended on a high note as feedback was shared and participants left with valuable tools to inspire and empower a more gender balanced life, community and world.
By: The Fuji Declaration

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