Love: Our True Nature Through the Divine Spark


The Fuji Declaration’s most pivotal question is “What is our true nature?”  The answer:  we are loving, compassionate, wise, and joyful when we come alive through the divine spark in our spirit.  For each one of us to know transcendent peace, there must be a personal transformation that brings about a new consciousness within us; a new way of thinking, a new way of being.  From this new consciousness, our outward actions will naturally align with our true nature.

We were created to love and be loved.  The great spiritual traditions and religions of this world all recognize that love is our highest purpose.  True love, love that is beyond our self, love that is unconditional, love that emanates from the divine spark within us is the energy that propels humanity forward.  It is from this inexhaustible supply that we must look to fuel our evolution into a peaceful world.

If our true nature is to be loving, it would seem that love would be an easy thing to realize.   Unfortunately, our ability to love tends to get lost in current society which is guided by a material consciousness.  When we do not fully embrace the divine spark within us, our ability to love, to openly love one another, fades.  We become attached to material concepts of rich and poor, right and wrong, justice and injustice, respect and disrespect, mercy and cruelty, and our perception of reality becomes distorted by a prejudiced consciousness.  We fall astray from our true nature and we begin to look at the world through fear and our own personal constructs.  We then seek to connect and ally with only those who align with our personal paradigms and create enemies out of those who do not.

Our ability to connect is possibly our most treasured characteristic.  Our desire to interact and interconnect with others is a deep seeded natural tendency.  This is why we have so many social networks.  We crave connection. In this age of material consciousness, however, we seek to establish connections through the easiest of avenues:  commonality.  We look for others that have material paradigms and constructs that are common to our own.  We can break this cycle and use our ability to connect to create positive change.  Once we return to our true nature, living as openly loving beings through the divine spark within us, our perceptions and paradigms change radically.  From there, we can truly connect with one another through love.

Once we embrace the divine spark in our hearts, we no longer seek superficial connection based on material paradigms.  Our connections become based on true love for those around us.  Our human moral constructs, right/wrong, justice/injustice, fall away and we are left with a new one rooted in love for everyone, not just a select few.  Through love, we welcome diversity and truly recognize that we are all one.  We become alive with love, return to our true nature,  and peace naturally emerges.

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By: Clint Wesly Williams

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