Interview with Alan Briskin Interview series: Energetic Cycle of Oneness” and “Diversity through Tolerance” Part 3


In the Fuji Declaration 8th Anniversary Program, we asked the guest speakers to delve into two important elements of the Fuji Declaration vision: Oneness and Diversity.

The common questions for the Fuji Declaration Interview Series

Q1 When we try to look with sacred, divine eyes, what examples and events of circulation(Oneness) and tolerance(Diversity) can we see, even in this seemingly divided and fragmented world?

Q2 What do you think we can do to expand the world of circulation and tolerance?

Interview with Alan Briskin for The Fuji Declaration Interview series

Alan Briskin Profile
Organizational Consultant. One of the early signatories of the Fuji Declaration.
Author of “The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace” and “Power of Collective Wisdom” Living in USA.

The highlights

• We reveal the divine spark by searching our own hearts, the frailties, contradictions, and vulnerabilities that make us human.
• No number of spiritual practices, pilgrimages, or study can replace finding the unity of our own soul.

• The essential thing is to begin with oneself, to unify body and spirit.
• Heart searching does not stop with the self nor should it become an endless cycle of self- doubt or self-criticism.
• We can cultivate the unity of soul, even if imperfect.

• From an inner unity of soul, we can enter the world community and be in service to others.
• Inner difficulties help us clarify who we are and where we are going.

• Soul is body and spirit together. The soul is not united unless all bodily energies are united.
• Conflict situations begin in our own soul and mending them, as best we can, is preparation for being with others in meaningful ways.

By: TFD Japan Team

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