Fuji Declaration celebrates 4th anniversary at Fuji Sanctuary – 2019


The Fuji Declaration was launched in May of 2015 during a grand ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary. Since then it has become a tradition to celebrate the yearly anniversaries at the Symphony of Peace Prayers event which is held annually at Fuji Sanctuary.

The 4th anniversary was celebrated on May 19th this year.  Thousands of participants from every corner of Japan gathered at the open air Sanctuary which is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji while viewers from every world continent watched the live internet broadcast.

It is befitting that the 4th anniversary was celebrated again at the foot of Mt. Fuji namesake of The Fuji Declaration.

The declaration promotes the principle of one humanity honoring our cultural and traditional diversities while  engaging in activities which calls forth the divine spark within all of us.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers program started with words of welcome from Masami Saionji co-initiator of The Fuji Declaration and chairperson of host organization The Byakko Shinko Kai. Following the welcome, representatives of six faith traditions of the world offered peace prayers in their tradition awakening the divine spark within all of us.

Hiroo Saionji, co-initiator of The Fuji Declaration also made a presentation in celebration of the 4th anniversary.  He spoke about the history of the Declaration, it’s progress in the past 4 years with anticipation for future growth.  He thanked all the signatories and supporting organizations who have supported the Fuji Declaration since its onset.

As a grand finale, the flags of the world were carried  down the field in the spirit of global oneness as aspirations for peace was sent forth to every world nation. A symphony of ten thousand voices calling for peace radiated forth from Fuji Sanctuary out to the world.

To conclude the program, Yuka Saionji Matsuura, Deputy Chairperson of the host organization offered her heartfelt closing remarks.  A sense of awe and pure joy permeated Fuji Sanctuary as participants left with full hearts brimming with hope, loving spirits and divine sparks.

We invite you to watch the recorded Symphony of Peace Prayers

2019 Symphony of Peace Prayers English vol 1:   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/121970739
2019 Symphony of Peace Prayers English vol 2:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/121978958

Congratulatory messages were received from honorary signatories and supporters alike.  We are happy to share some of them below.

Sending loving thoughts and gratitude for today’s ceremony.  You are nurturing the planetary womb from which true peace can emerge.  – Alan Briskin; Author, Artist, Researcher

I send my greatest love and appreciation to all. It is imperative we recognize the Divine Spark in each of us that is so boldly described in the Fuji Declaration as the pathway to understanding we are definitely one humanity. May the Fuji Declaration be this torch of truth that blazes our way forward to harmony and peace. –  Nina Meyerhof;  President, Children of the Earth

The inspiration of The Fuji Declaration continues to touch hearts and minds around the world, thank you! – Dot Maver (Dorothy Maver); Founding President, National Peace Academy

I am wishing a day of Light and Prosperity for the Peace meditation. Towards the whole Earth. Thank you for everything you do. A special wish to M. Masami infinite gratitude to her Divine Spark.  We will be donating the wesak full moon meditation to the Peace project for the humanity. – Om shanti – May Peace Prevail on Earth. Bibi Guru Inder  k. e Hariji, Yoga Darma, Italy

TOGETHER TO ALL OF YOU, we ask for peace on earth and we renew our commitment to live and work so that it becomes a reality in the heart of every human being, so that it is the bond that unites people with each other and with nature May Peace Prevail on Earth!!Dr. Carlos D. Palma,  Lema, Ambassador of Peace, General Coordinator of Living Peace International

Sending you our good wishes as we help to activate the Divine Spark in the Hearts of all Humanity. May Peace Prevail On Earth. – Barbara Wolf and Margaret Anderson, Global Meditation Network

On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors, and Volunteers of The Love Foundation Inc., we offer our continued heartfelt commitment to ensure the Fuji Declaration becomes a reality for the children of our future. Love, light and peaceHarold W. Becker, President and Founder, The Love Foundation, Inc.

By: Jules Lamore

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