Congratulatory Messages on our 3rd Anniversary


Ervin Laszlo, co-initiator of the Fuji Declaration

Ervin Laszlo, co-initiator of the Fuji Declaration

The years since the announcement of the Fuji Declaration in 2015 have been perhaps the most critical in humanity’s eventful history. They brought us closer to the critical “Chaos Point” from which there is no return – only moving forward: to breakdown or to breakthrough. During these three years the threat of breakdown has become more evident and real, and for that very reason also the need for and the possibility of breakthrough has achieved greater realism.

Crisis is both danger and opportunity, and the choice between them has now become imminent for the global community. At this critical point we do not need massive movements to decide which way to go: the system of humankind has become unstable and open to change. A small but crucial “fluctuation” can shift its evolution.  The Fuji Declaration can be, and I believe will be, that crucial fluctuation. It can and will ignite the divine spark in the heart of a critical mass, the spark that will spread and grow, and become the vision and the objective that captures the imagination and wins the heart of responsible people everywhere.

Today, three years later, we can say with confidence: “let us fluctuate together: toward a harmonious, humane and sustainable world, the brightest expression of the true potential of the human spirit.” We have arrived at the point of decision, and now we can, and we must, become the path humanity needs to enter to evolve, to flourish, and even to survive on this precious living planet.

Gary Zukav
Co-founder, Seat of the Soul Institute

A new human consciousness is being born in us.  It is changing our perceptions, understandings, values, and way of evolving.  Our perception is expanding beyond the five sense.  This is multi sensory perception.  Our new understanding of power is the alignment of the personality with the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.  This is authentic power.  Our new relationships are partnerships among equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.  These are spiritual partnerships.  We experience everything with new comprehension.  This is the higher order of logics and understandings of the heart.  We have a new potential.  This is the Universal Human.
A Universal Human is an adult citizen of the Universe whose allegiance is to Life first and all else second – a Universal Human first, and Japanese, Somali, or American second:  Buddhists, Christian, Hindu, or Muslim second; yellow, black, white, or brown second;  mother or father second;  males or female second – a Universal Human first and everything else second.
The Symphony of Peace Prayers celebrates our new human consciousness.  It is a great World Event and an important part of our education as Universal Humans.
We are all Universal Humans in training.

Honorary Signatories with their Fuji Declaration anniversary Peace Pole

Dot Maver
Founder, River Phoenix Center for Peace Building

We stand with you in the Fire of Love, dedicated to creating a Culture of Peace in which all needs are met for all. It will be a joy to join you from our Center as you gather at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan on May 20th, in the Spirit of Peace.



Anna Bacchia (center) with collaborators, the Architect Roman Calzaferri, and the Lawyer Mrs. Giovanna Fiore.

Anna Bacchia
Founder, Center for ININ Holographic Evolving

I am honored to be a Founding Signatory of such worldwide grand Project for Peace as the Fuji Declaration is.

The Peace Pole is the most meaningful gift which I could have received. Please receive the expression of my warmest Gratitude for such a grand gift of yours.

We have invited the whole One Earth Choir to share the third Anniversary of the Fuji Declaration.





By: The Fuji Declaration

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