Activating the Fuji Declaration


The Fuji Declaration was inaugurated on May 17, 2015 at the Fuji Sanctuary with a timely message of Unity and Diversity in recognition of the inner Divine Spark.

The Core Principles of The Fuji Declaration are as vital today as they were five years ago especially in the midst of the existing planetary environment and the global pandemic.

Join us in Collective Reflection as we listen to and read the words of the initiators of  The Fuji Declaration and affirm again the Core Core Principles as we embrace this auspicious 5th anniversary milestone.

Living the Core Principles of The Fuji Declaration


The founding Core Principles of The Fuji Declaration are as potent today as they were in 2014 – and even more so.

On this 5th anniversary, we invite you to take a moment to open our hearts to the Core Principles of The Fuji Declaration and reflect on how we may give expression to these Principles within our daily lives and to resonate them out to humanity so that we may together ignite the Divine Spark for a thriving world in the spirit of Oneness and Diversity.

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A Message from Hiroo and Masami Saionji

Dear signatories and supporters of The Fuji Declaration,
It was 5 years ago at a time when humanity stood at a crossroad, that we initiated The Fuji Declaration with Dr. Ervin Laszlo and my wife as initiators. We were supported by 60 organizations and more than 200 signatories from the world over at the launch of the declaration. As a result of your encouragements we have been able to expand our vision and we are deeply grateful for your kind and extended support to the Fuji Declaration initiative.
As we celebrate the 5th anniversary, humanity is facing an unprecedented pandemic. Rather than seeing the global hardship simply as just suffering, we could view this as a message from the Universe as well urging us to awaken.
I am convinced that the answer to this message is for us to embrace the “Revival of the Divine Spark and the Consciousness of Oneness” that are core values of The Fuji Declaration.
Now that we are in a critical situation, we believe that humankind has an unprecedented opportunity to live the spirit of The Fuji Declaration.
We look forward to your continued cooperation to further spread The Fuji Declaration.

Hiroo and Masami Saionji

A Message from Dr. Ervin Laszlo

A global pandemic is an opportunity for global change
— for rapid and effective change to a better world.

Even if some people are depressed and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic we are experiencing is temporary; it will pass into history as all the previous pandemics did. But the change it could bring may be lasting. It can be a change for the better, or a change for the worst. Making it a change for the better is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

We are in the midst of a “bifurcation”—the process scientists call a sudden forking in the evolutionary trajectory of complex dynamic systems. We are living the global systems-shift we have discussed and anticipated for years. We have learned a few things about such a shift. It is one-way, it cannot be reversed. But it is not predetermined—it allows choice. In a bifurcation, we can choose the way we go. This means that for the first time in history, we can consciously and purposefully choose our destiny. This could be a bright destiny; the dawn of a new era of sanity and flourishing. Whether it will be that is up to us, and only to us.

Bifurcation creates crisis, and crisis, we know, is both danger and opportunity. Either way, it is a prelude to change. The challenge is to choose the change that leads to a sane and flourishing world. This is a real but non-recurring opportunity. Failing to seize it means not just returning to where we have been—which is not possible in any case—but confronting the prospect of our collective demise. Because if we fail to change during the pandemic-triggered bifurcation, we leave ourselves open to the next crisis, and that is likely to be equally global, but not necessarily as temporary. The unsustainable processes we have created could reach fateful tipping points. We either evolve on this planet, or we leave the stage of history. This is a lesson we have learned on the level of theory. Now we are facing it in practice.

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