World Peace Begins with Me


World peace. Peace on earth. International peace. Global peace. These all describe the concept of a world in which all nations and peoples are living in a state of freedom, happiness and peaceful relations with one another. Has there been a time in history when there hasn’t been a conflict or war rumbling in some corner of the world? When will all nations on earth find common ground and peaceful discourse to resolve long-standing differences and disagreements? Will we ever see world peace in our lifetimes? When will the Divine Spark within humanity light the eternal flame of peace?

These are questions that caring men and women have pondered for centuries. The Fuji Declaration says in part, “We commit ourselves to fulfilling our shared mission of creating lasting peace on Earth through our ways of living and acting.”

Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet once said “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  In its wisdom, the Fuji Declaration challenges each of us to change “our ways of living and acting” to create lasting peace on Earth.

World peace is built one human being at a time. But what can we, as individuals, possibly do to make a chink in the armor of a world at war? How can we be part of creating a civilization of Oneness with Diversity on our planet?

First, we can seek to have a compassionate heart. Our hearts should break when we see others suffering pain, loss, indignity, poverty or injustice. No matter who they are. And our compassion should drive us to help. Start small. Help on a local scale. Help your neighbor.

Second, we can get out of our own comfort zones. Seek out people who are different from you in important ways. Take a foreign language class. Read books about other cultures. Go to an ethnic market you wouldn’t normally patronize. Visit a church different from yours. Volunteer to help in new ways and in new places.

Finally, we can teach our children. For millennia, parents have hoped that world peace would come, if not for them, then for their children. And this is our chance to make world peace a reality by teaching the next generation. Teach them what? To honor their Divine Spark. To be grateful for everything they are blessed with. To share with others less fortunate. To care about those who are different. To avoid judging others prematurely. To be a friend to all and an enemy to none. And to value peace and work towards it in all they do.

The Fuji Declaration asks us to commit to living and acting in ways that will create lasting peace on Earth. And so I accept that challenge to live and act in peaceful ways and to be mindful of the effect I have on others.  I have come to the realization that world peace begins with me because world peace is built one human being at a time.

By: Stephanie Launiu

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