Symphony of Peace Prayers Celebrates The Fuji Declaration Anniversary May 14th, 2017


Just after dawn on May 14th, Fuji Sanctuary opened its gate to welcome hundreds of people who were already waiting to attend Symphony of Peace Prayers 2017.  Close to 10,000 people walked through those gates that morning from every prefecture in Japan and abroad to attend the outdoor event at the foot of Mt. Fuji to celebrate the oneness of humanity and its cultural diversity, while still more joined through the live internet broadcast.

In 2015, the inaugural launch of the Fuji Declaration was celebrated at Symphony of Peace Prayers mobilizing support of prominent global leaders as signatories and over 60 partner organizations to activate the divine spark within humanity for a more peaceful and sustainable world. 

The first anniversary of the Fuji Declaration was also celebrated at the Fuji Sanctuary with the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign encouraging the world to find balance between the divine masculine and the feminine. Registrants from over a hundred countries joined in saying ‘yes’ to the Soul of WoMen campaign and the momentum continued this year with supporters who hosted anniversary events in 82 locations on every continent.

For the second anniversary celebration this year, international guests representing various organizations and initiatives joined the Fuji Declaration Tokyo Symposium held at the United Nations University on Friday, May 12th. Participants engaged in sharing their insights and wisdom under the theme, Co-creating a World in Harmony and Balance.   Following the symposium, all guests made their way to Fuji Sanctuary to attend Symphony of Peace Prayers to commune in the spirit of the divine spark with thousands who greeted them in the open ceremonial field.

The days program started at 10:15am with remarks by Tomohiko Naya, President of Byakko Shinko Kai followed by powerful words of welcome by Chairperson, Masami Saionji who called upon all participants to truly connect with the divine spark deep within. Following the welcoming remarks, representatives of six faith traditions of the world sat on stage along with Masami  Saionji to offer their prayers for peace.

Hiroo and Masami Saionji introduce Fuji Declaration international guests

The Fuji Declaration was honored during Symphony of Peace Prayers as Hiroo and Masami Saionji welcomed all international guests onto stage. Mr. Saionji shared highlights from the Fuji Declaration Tokyo Symposium and introduced each of the 24 guests who shared their impressions.  The participants applauded warmly after each message was delivered by the guests who spoke from their heart in the spirit of the divine spark.

We are currently in the world where divine feminine energy is buried in a sea of collective unconsciousness.  With your prayers and inspiration, we can each work to uncover those sparks so that the divine feminine can come forward like buried mountain emerging from the sea and balancing harmony to create a beacon of peace and sustaining peace for the world.  Preeta Bancel, President, Social Emergence Corporation

It is Indispensable for a world that works for everyone, for a world that works for a world of balance, world of just economy, world of harmony and peace, and perfect balance between feminine and masculine energies.
Sandy Hart, Director, Charter for Compassion’s Women and Girls sector

The Divine Spark within me recognizes, acknowledges and greets divine spark in you in friendship.  With open Eyes, I see your divine spark.  With an open heart, I hold your Divine Spark.  With open hands, I serve your divine spark.   Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell,  Founder, The Unity Center in San Diego

As a grand finale, the flags of the world were paraded down the field in the spirit global oneness.  As the flag of each nation was unfurled on stage, everyone gathered sent their wishes and prayers for peace to prevail in each of the countries of the world. A symphony of ten thousand voices calling for peace radiated forth from Fuji Sanctuary out to the world.

Grand Finale Flag Ceremony

To conclude the program, Yuka Saionji Matsuura, Deputy Chairperson of the host organization, The Byakko Shinko Kai, offered her heartfelt closing remarks.  A sense of awe and pure joy permeated Fuji Sanctuary as participants left with full hearts brimming with hope, loving spirits and divine sparks.  

Watch the live stream of the 2017 Symphony of Peace Prayer:


By: The Fuji Declaration

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