Momentous East West Celebration Sunrise at Mt Fuji – Sunset in Denmark May 17th 2015


As the sun rose over Mt. Fuji in the East, the sun set in Denmark in the West.  Hundreds gathered at the foot of Mt. Fuji for the East West Celebration while in Denmark, a gala was hosted at Kronberg Castle where the launch of the Transition World initiative was celebrated.  Both Fuji and Denmark merged in the spirit of oneness as two transformational global initiatives for a peaceful world was celebrated in unison.

To open the the program, the three initiators of The Fuji Declaration, Masami and Hiroo Saionji and Dr. Ervin Laszlo,  each offered a short message filled with renewed hope for a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable future by igniting the divine spark within humanity thus marking the dawn of a new era for humanity.  Their messages were transmitted via internet and viewed by the attendants of the sunset gala in Denmark at the Kronberg Castle known for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Photo HASSE FERROLD: LAUNCH of Transition World, 16 – 17 May 2015, Denmark  Conference at Marienlyst Conference Center ,Helsingør & GALLA Evening at Kronborg Castle. Photo 1: Simultainous TV Transmission to Knights Hall Kronborg Castle from Mount FUJI JAPAN of ceremony by SUNRIZE IN JAPAN at the TIME OF SUNSET IN DENMARK. PHOTO 2: Richard Olivier (son of ) delivered a keynote speech and toast "Evolving fate to destiny", inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet Photo 3: L :Danish co-Founder  Bente Milton  R: Danish co-founder Edit Moltke Leth A global renaissance – Prosperity for All We are alive at a time of important change. There is unprecedented disruption to the systems we once thought sacrosanct and the things we love are threatened by climate change, resource depletion and violent conflicts - but as the Chinese proverb says: "In an age of chaos, heroes arise." We are all on this journey together and Transition World's launch event is an international call to action. What we are offering you is a unique opportunity to meet and connect with influential game changers to share powerful ideas, resources and networks. By the close of our weekend together, we'll have a clear direction for our newly-created "global change agency!" The gala evening at Hamlet's Castle in Denmark will be a celebration of our ability to connect with likeminded people and organizations across the globe. Richard Olivier will deliver a keynote speech and toast "Evolving fate to destiny", inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet and in the company of world-class musicians from the Royal Danish Opera and the Middle East Peace Orchestra. When the sun sets behind the legendary renaissance castle in Denmark, it rises at Mount Fuji in Japan on the other side of the planet, where our collaborating partners from the Goi Peace Foundation and the Club of Budapest will organize a parallel event. At this very moment, the two locations wThe initiators messages were followed by a video presentation by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation who spoke about the significance of East and West celebrating oneness in the divine spark.  These words set the stage for the Mudra ritual of breath, sound and movement which was performed by hundreds of people in unison at the Fuji Sanctuary after a short introduction by Yuka Saionji Deputy Chairperson of the The Fuji Sanctuary home of the Byakko Shinko Kai. The program closed with Fuji and Denmark joining in a silent meditation for global peace and unity.

The spirit of oneness with diversity felt by participants in both Fuji and Denmark was successfully transmitted to the world through the wonders of the internet.  It was truly a celebration of communion between East and West along with the global community to actively engage in building a more harmonious and flourishing culture alive with the divine spark.

The East West Celebration was presented in partnership between The Fuji Declaration, The Club of Budapest, Transition World and Prosperity of the Commons International.

By: The Fuji Declaration

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