Interview with Gabriel Castagnoli / Interview series: Energetic Cycle of Oneness” and “Diversity through Tolerance” Part 2


In the Fuji Declaration 8th Anniversary Program, we asked the guest speakers to delve into two important elements of the Fuji Declaration vision: Oneness and Diversity.

The common questions for the Fuji Declaration Interview Series

Q1: When we try to look with sacred, divine eyes, what examples and events of circulation(Oneness) and tolerance(Diversity) can we see, even in this seemingly divided and fragmented world?

Q2: What do you think we can do to expand the world of circulation and tolerance?

Interview with Gabriel Castagnoli for The Fuji Declaration Interview series

Gabriel Castagnoli Profile
Change-maker, Green Pilgrim
One of the early signatories of the Fuji Declaration

When I think of diversity I would say first I think of nature but in general, I think diversity is a cosmic law. It is inherent to all life. Creativity is only out of diversity. So it is very natural that we have to be tolerant of diverse people and diverse opinions. Not only tolerate or care for nature but care for each other. and I think you cannot really teach people about diversity or tolerance. You have to be tolerant so that they experience they are accepted, they are cherished and I think that makes a difference. Thank you.

By: TFD Japan Team

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