At the 5th Anniversary of the Fuji Declaration


Dear signatories and supporters of The Fuji Declaration,

It was 5 years ago at a time when humanity stood at a crossroad, that we initiated The Fuji Declaration with Dr. Ervin Laszlo and my wife as initiators. We were supported by 60 organizations and more than 200 signatories from the world over at the launch of the declaration. As a result of your encouragements we have been able to expand our vision and we are deeply grateful for your kind and extended support to the Fuji Declaration initiative.

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary, humanity is facing an unprecedented pandemic. Rather than seeing the global hardship simply as just suffering, we could view this as a message from the Universe as well urging us to awaken.

I am convinced that the answer to this message is for us to embrace the “Revival of the Divine Spark and the Consciousness of Oneness” that are core values of The Fuji Declaration.

Now that we are in a critical situation, we believe that humankind has an unprecedented opportunity to live the spirit of The Fuji Declaration.

We look forward to your continued cooperation to further spread The Fuji Declaration.

By: Hiroo Saionji and Masami Saionji

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