Comments About The Fuji Declaration From Founding Signatories


Read comments about The Fuji Declaration from some of our founding signatories – many of whom are widely recognized and acclaimed voices for peace and planetary transformation.

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Founder, Center for Conscious Evolution

Barbara Marx Hubbard

“The Fuji Declaration goes to the heart and source of the response to our crises. it is to activate the Spirit within each of us, awakening our unique expression to contribution to the whole. In this next step we will be more fully connected with each other in social synergy, seeking common goals, and matching needs with resources to cultivate a co-creative society in which each person is free to be and do their best.”

James O’Dea
Author, teacher, and former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

James O'Dea

“The Fuji Declaration calls us to respond with a new level of coherence to the emergence of an integrated consciousness confirming the collective insights of leading edge science, psychology, social development theory and spiritual truth. Our evolution demands that we now organize and embody this consciousness from inner realization to whole system transformation. The light of the Cosmos is a unified field of compassionate awareness guiding us to incarnate divine love, truth and justice: but we must participate in manifesting this reality as our common destiny. Only when we assume our responsibility to be an enactment by the whole and for the whole will we shed the delusional ignorance and suffering brought on by partisans of limiting half-
truths and selective self-interest.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center

Michael Bernard Beckwith

“The powerful voice of the Fuji Declaration speaks to the spiritual relationship between the evolution of a collective consciousness of peace and compassion and the evolution of our global society. From their diverse positions in international corporate boardrooms, political headquarters, social change think tanks, humanitarian foundations, media rooms, spiritual traditions, science laboratories, to grassroots peace and environmental movements, its members articulate the emergent recognition of the interconnectedness of all life and all beings. The Fuji Declaration announces to humanity that it’s time to point the global heart in the direction of acknowledging the beauty and value of its diversity, and call it into skillful action to create an enlightened society.”

Roger Nelson
Director of the Global Consciousness Project

Roger Nelson

“Laboratory research on interactions of consciousness with physical systems began half a century ago. The question was whether sensitive electronic devices might respond to special states of consciousness including strong emotions and directed intention. We now have decades of research in labs around the world documenting the influence of mind and consciousness in the physical world. The effects are small, but they are critically important for understanding our nature as influential agents. The research was extended in the 1990’s to create the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), which uses a world-spanning network of physical random sources as an instrument to monitor effects of great events that synchronize our minds and emotions. We ask whether there is an effect on our instrument when millions of us respond to tragedies or celebrations with shared compassion or feelings of connection. An affirmative answer suggests the beginnings of a noosphere — a sheath of intelligence for the earth, and this in turn points to an interactive capability for conscious evolution. We can together intentionally move to fulfill our potential as human beings. This capability implies a responsibility to act, and to work in every way possible toward the principles of the Fuji Declaration.”

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli
Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founding President of WSF World Spirit Forum Switzerland

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

“The Fuji Declaration is so timely and so profound in its essence that it will be heard by the people of all nations worldwide. It will be directed through all the spheres and reach the remotest corner of our planet. It is the wish of the world soul that this message is loud and clear so as to silence all daily murmurs. It is a message that reaches the people of this world through their own vibrations. All will feel the energy of the moment, even if they are preoccupied with other things. It will lead us to unification and acceptance of the diversity of all. Goodwill and tolerance will emerge. Peace will prevail on earth.”

Dr. Karan Singh
Author, diplomat, champion of interfaith dialogue, and an acclaimed Sanskrit and Hindu scholar

Dr. Karan Singh

“Humanity today is at a cross roads, one leading to death and destruction and the other to peace and evolution. Unless we turn to spiritual values we may well take the wrong path and end up destroying not only ourselves but all life on the planet. The Fuji Declaration is an excellent statement of the necessity to awaken the divine spark in ourself, and encourage awakening in humanity as a whole.”

Hans-Martin Schempp
Economist, Founder of “ONE WORLD FAMILY Stiftung gGmbH”

Hans-Martin Schempp

“As a Founding Signatory of the Fuji Declaration I commit my capabilities and means to the welfare of all human beings and all creation for us to come from confrontation to cooperation on all levels of being and this way truly realize a ONE WORLD FAMILY enjoying diversity in harmony. With all my heart I’m a supporter of your wonderful work!”

Dr. Larry Dossey, MD
Author, former executive editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Dr. Larry Dossey

“Our human species faces a choice: we must honor and live according to our intrinsic unity with all of life on earth, or we shall blunder into oblivion. The Fuji Declaration paints this choice in clear, persuasive terms. This Declaration should be circulated among all peoples and nations with the greatest sense of urgency, because the hour is late and time is not on our side.”

Lady Fiona-Montagu of Beaulieu
Philanthropist, Advisor to World Centers of Compassion for Children

Lady Fiona-Montagu of Beaulieu

“The Fuji Declaration dedicated to the divine spark of humanity and cooperation leading to a civilization of harmonious oneness, with diversity, drawing upon natural law and ancient wisdom. This is no mystical or visionary dream resulting in spiritual, cultural and material evolution. It involves business sense on the physical plane, a practical and pragmatic common sense and a cessation of the constant presentation of a beautiful future in a mythical heaven of idleness and uselessness. The salvaging of life, as we know it, on this planet demands courage, organization, business acumen and expertise with psychology and persistence: it needs highly trained workers and serious finance; it calls for carefully considered programmes which possess long range vision, plus sensible modern procedures. It is to this that all with true vision and a love of humanity are called today; it means the spreading of an intelligently cultivated goodwill and a fostering of those conditions, attitudes and points of view which will inevitably bring about global spiritual growth, soul centered education, right human relations, and a respect for other people’s truths.”

Dr. Chintamani Yogi
Founder Principal of Hindu VidyaPeeth Schools, Nepal

Chintamani Yogi

“Every time i think of the Fuji Declaration i feel enormous positive energy… i have shared your email with my friends too on global level and they all felt sort of spark…; a good sign to new humanity!!!”

So yes, here is my short comment or message–

“There are many problems in the world but the solution is just one; that is
embracing everyone without any discrimination and knowing that everyone has
same spark, consciousness or divinity. we are one, just one.”

The Upanishadas also say ”Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti”
(Truth is one but the intellectuals address it differently)”

Marianne Marstrand
Executive Director, The Global Peace Initiative of Women

Marianne Marstrand

“Thank you for your warm message and for inviting Dena Merriam and myself to sign the Fuji Declaration. We have read it through and find it extraordinarily in alignment with the work we are doing here at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW). It shares the message of the opportunity that we are being given at this moment in time. The most difficult of times for our earth and her creatures and yet an opportunity where we can unite around the love for our Earth and fully understand the preciousness of life and what is at stake. Thank you for taking on this initiative and reaching out to so many. When I read through the list I am reminded of how many are so deeply committed and aware of the crisis we are facing. It gives me energy to continue what we do at GPIW. We have been entrusted with a beautiful planet to care for, honor and interact with and I pray we embrace this task with great love and vigor.”

Lily Yeh
Artist, Founder of Barefoot Artists, Inc.

Lily Yeh

“What a wonderful project, the Fuji Declaration! It comes at this very critical time of our world full of tragedies and challenges. I often think that action must be taken by individuals across the globe. This is a wonderful way to get it started.”


Nancy Roof, PHD
Founder and President, Kosmos Journal

Nancy Roof

“We at Kosmos have read many declarations about creating a better world. The Fuji Declaration surpasses them all. It is comprehensive in its intention to create a new civilization of oneness and diversity that appeals to the highest potential of the human spirit. It inspires us to transform our lives in alignment with the highest common good. We do not merely sign a Declaration, we make a commitment to transform the way we live our lives mindful of the way we relate to all Life.”

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi
Founder of City Montessori School, UNESCO Prize for Peace Education

Jagdish Gandhi

“For a better world we need to creating a New World Civilization. Fuji Declaration will serve as a great initiative to fulfill this dream. A sustainable global system is not an option, it is the requirement if we are to survive as a species. We need to change our global system because the present system itself is the problem. A system designed to promote endless growth through mindless consumption is like a cancer that will ultimately consume humanity. If the present trends continue, growing shortages of water, food and energy will collapse the global economy. We need a systemic transformation because a consumer society cannot evolve into a conserver society without structural change.”

Diane Williams
President, The Source of Synergy Foundation

Diane Williams

“When we truly remember that we and the Source of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be are One, only Divine Love can and will prevail.”


Stephen Dinan
The Founder and CEO of The Shift Network

Stephen Dinan

“The Fuji Declaration speaks beautifully to the deepest yearning of humanity: to create a world that reflects our highest aspirations.”


Dr. Nina Meyerhof
President of Children of the Earth

Nina Meyerhof

“May this Fuji Declaration be an immense impetus to bring us into social, spiritual and material harmony and further the call to others around the world. Education is a cornerstone in designing this next phase of our social evolution. It is now time to create a road map of all the different arenas of a culture for a Universal Humanity. We are poised by necessity at this moment in history to reverse the signs of degradation into a harmonious Culture of Love.”

Jim Garrison
Founder and President of Ubiquity University

Jim Garrison

“The Fuji Statement embodies the hope of humanity. In a world mired in war, turbulence, climate change, species extinctions, economic exploitation, and inequalities of all kinds, what is needed is a new vision and sense of purpose. The Fuji Declaration provides this and I am proud to be a co-signer. A positive vision of the future is the key to human survival.”

Bob Stilger
Founder of New Stories, Art of Hosting and the Berkana Exchange

Bob Stilger

“Reading the declaration, these words come to me:

I stand with all who call for peace. I stand with those who have been broken, and who rise again. I stand with those who know that oneness and diversity are mirrors of each other. I stand with those who step forward with hearts full of compassion. I stand with those who know the age of the world we are entering requires new relationships in which we embrace difference rather than fear it. I stand with those who have died and I stand with those who yet live. I stand with all of us, living and not, who usher in the coming age of our world.”

Joaquín Leguia
President and Founder of Association for Children and the Environment

Joaquín Leguia

“I believe we have all been born with a mission in this life, and regardless of the vehicle we choose to manifest it, the ultimate purpose for all is to make a better world for ourselves, for other people, and for nature. This is our true nature. This only makes sense when we understand that we are all connected, we are ONE. It is through the practice of giving to other people and nature that our hearts and minds will endorse this universal truth. The Fuji Declaration is a beautiful and powerful tool to unite and guide us in the path to ONENESS.”

Dr. Jude Currivan
Cosmologist, planetary healer and author

Jude Currivan

“The Fuji Declaration is a timely an indeed urgent call from our hearts and souls to re-member who we really are. And more so, it asks each and all of us, in our re-membering of our innate one-ness with all life, to declare our intention to live and serve accordingly; aligned and attuned with the univer-soul heart of the Cosmos.”

Ocean Robbins
CEO and Co-host, The Food Revolution Network

Ocean Robbins

“Some people think peace is irrational and unrealistic. But in a world with ever more guns and bombs and ever less water and soil to feed our expanding populations, peace may be, in fact, the only hope for humanity. Peace is a vision and a possibility for the world, of course. And it is also a spirit that we can manifest in our own hearts and minds. It is where the infinite meets the intimate. As the Fuji Declaration illustrates so clearly, every step towards inner peace contributes, very directly, to a more peaceful future for our world.”

Elisabet Sahtouris
Evolution biologist, futurist, professor, author and consultant on Living Systems Design

Elisabet Sahtourise

“As my friend and mentor Thomas Berry said in a speech he gave in 1991, the year I met him as one of ‘Three Women in Dialogue with Thomas Berry’:

I hope we will be able to guide and inspire our next generation as they attempt to shape the future. Otherwise they will simply survive with all their resentments amid the destroyed infrastructures of the industrial world and amid the ruins of the natural world itself. The challenge itself is already predetermined. There is no way for the new generation to escape this confrontation. The task to which they are called and the destiny that is before them are, however, not simply theirs alone. The human is linked to every earthly being, to the entire planet. The whole universe is involved.The successful emergence of the Ecozoic Era can presently be considered the great creative task of the universe itself.

By: The Fuji Declaration

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