Soul of WoMen Webinar, May 7th


On May 7th, renowned author Gary Zukav (“The Seat of the Soul”) in the United States, cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan in the United Kingdom, and Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura, Executive Director of the Goi Peace Foundation, in Japan joined international “peace troubadour” James Twyman live on line to discuss the nature of the Soul of WoMen and activating the Divine Feminine in today’s world. More than 1,000 people internationally joined the event.

James Twyman had recently returned from Syria, where he organized a global peace meditation during an interfaith prayer ceremony around a Peace Pole.

Jude Currivan affirmed the importance of the Soul of WoMen healing us into the wholeness of who we are. Gary Zukav agreed, noting that we are in the midst of an unprecedented, species-wide transformation of consciousness happening right now, creating a new experience of female and a new experience of male. He related this to a new authentic power emerging that aligns our personality with our soul.

Maki Saionji spoke from her heart about how exploring the balance of masculine and feminine energies each day helped her to locate the Divine Spark within herself. James Twyman challenged all of us to move out of fear into the light at every moment in a dance with the Divine, and he closed the webinar with a musical offering that included the refrain, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

The recording is available at, where viewers are still appreciating the deep sharing.

The speakers met up in Tokyo on May 13th to continue their discussion at a special gathering.

By: The Fuji Declaration

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