Multiple Cities in South America host events to promote Soul of WoMen



South American supporters of Soul of WoMen are organizing events in multiple cities to activate the Divine Feminine.

For more information contact:
Elena Becú:
Andrea Solana:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • April 9th: Booth at Expo Vida Natural to promote the Fuji Declaration and SOW campaign.
  • May 7th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Mare , San Isidro City
  • May 14th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Andrea at Yamabushi place, San Miguel City. At 10 am
  • May 14th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Matilde at her Reiki place, Los Polvorines City. At 3 pm
  • May 14 th: PEACE POLE PLANTING, linked with Matilde´s event, organized by Zulema at home, Pablo Nogués City. At 5,30 pm
  • May 15th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Adriana at Sociedad de Fomento, San Justo City. At 11 am
  • May 15th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Gloria and Elena at Parque de Estudio y Reflexión, La Reja City. At 3 pm
  • May 29 th: SOPP and SOW, organized by Alejandra at home, Buenos Aires city. At 3 pm

Argentina ( other cities)

  • May 15th: Sopp and SoW, organized by Patricia in Neuquen City, Neuquen Province, Argentina.

In Uruguay:

  • April 24th: Lecture on Unity in Diversity, at the Education for Peace Conference, by Elena Becú
  • 15th of May: Sopp and SoP, organized by the group of shinjin in Mercedes.

In Chile:​

  • 7th of May, Sopp and SoW, organized by Sandra Contreras, Santiago de Chile
  • 8th of May: Sopp and Sow, organized by Carolina Flores, Valparaíso, Chile
  • The World Flags are on their way from Uruguay to Chile!!!


  • 20th of May: Sopp and Sow in Samipata, organized by Daría Vizcarria, Bolivia
  • 21st of May, Sopp and SoW in La Paz,organized by Daria Vizcarria, Bolivia
  • 22nd of May, Sopp and SoW in Cochabamba, organized by Daria Vizcarria, Bolivia


  • 15th of July, Fuji Declaration presentation and SoW, organized by María Angélica, Bogotá, Colombia.

Canary Islands, Spain

  • 15th of May: Sopp and Sow, in Gran Canaria, organized by Graciela
By: The Fuji Declaration

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