Emergence: Personal Transformation and Global Peace through The Fuji Declaration


Beginning with the personal transformation that occurs as a result of embracing the divine spark in each one of us, we ultimately want culture and society to be transformed through the principles of The Fuji Declaration.  Historically, societal and cultural change has occurred through what has now come to be labeled emergence.  Emergence is not a new idea, though, relatively speaking, the term as it is applied to events and phenomena is new.

Emergence is a word that beautifully illustrates the process as it literally means to come into being.  Put simply, and in context, it refers to when a global community is self-organized due to a common interest and seemingly out of thin air a new system or paradigm is created which becomes the norm. We believe that emergence, ignited by the divine spark in each person, is the way in which the declarations of The Fuji Declaration can be realized and lasting peace can be achieved.

But how?  How, and why, now after thousands and thousands of years can this be achieved when it wasn’t achieved before?  Researchers have studied massive and sudden upheavals in society and nature that occurred overnight.  What has been realized is that sudden and dramatic social change occurs through connections and networks that achieve a critical mass.  We live in a time of unprecedented human connectedness.  Our ability to form new connections and then networks from those connections is unrivaled in all of history.  As The Fuji Declaration states, “A new phase in the evolution of human civilization is on the horizon.”  As we evolve into, and with, a more connected world, emergence is how peace can be achieved.

As our local connections are combined globally, the network itself is born.  The network must then become active with a common goal and, from this action, a system emerges.  Miraculously, the system will have qualities and capabilities that the individuals and networks that make up the system could never have had on their own.  A wonderful example is our brain.  Individual neurons make connections. The connections combine to form distinct areas, the networks.  These networks then become active and combine to form the brain, the system.  The system then exhibits qualities and capabilities that we call the mind.  It has a capacity that no single neuron or distinct area could possibly have.  Simply, it is through oneness with diversity and the divine spark that the system exhibits greater power and influence than any single component of the system ever could on its own.

The why can be as simple.  As our world devolves deeper into a crisis state, individuals are beginning to recognize that we cannot continue along this path much longer.  We as individuals can turn to the divine spark in ourselves and discover that we have a choice.  We can choose to live and act on behalf of all life. Once we choose to live differently, to live with respect for our diversity while recognizing our oneness with the network of the universe, we will ignite the divine spark within us.

The Fuji Declaration is the catalyst, the common thread.  Humanity must still take action.  As we each individually align ourselves with the principles of The Fuji Declaration, we embrace the divine spark in us and experience personal transformation.  We can make unprecedented connections with others and networks begin to form.  Those networks, all acting with the divine spark and with a mission to advance a harmonious, peaceful world, come together. And suddenly, a once unimaginable system emerges that transforms the world into the very vision that, in the beginning, caused a single individual to transform.

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By: Clint Wesly Williams

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