Dr. Ervin Laszlo promotes the Fuji Declaration in Argentina


Dr. Ervin Laszlo, initiator of the Fuji Declaration, was a key note speaker at an event hosted on October 20th in Buenos Aires, Argentina titled Fuji Declaration: Peace and the New Map of Reality.  The event was co-sponsored by several individuals and organizations including Elena Becu and Andrea Solana, Representatives of the Fuji Declaration in South America along with Paz Activa and the Rio Abierto Foundation. The event was part of a week long Spirit Week initiative which featured daily programs promoting the new emerging paradigm in global consciousness.


The four hour event started with a warm welcome by host Andrea Solano who introduced the evenings program starting with a meditative movement practice led by Maria Adela Palcos, founder of the Rio Abierto Foundation that has been working for human consciousness movement for the past 50 years.  The movement exercise paved the way for a number of presentations to follow including The Peace Council of Argentina, Conscious Politics, Paz Activa,  a talk by Dr. Alexander Laszlo, son of Ervin Laszlo who is a member of Netspirit.

By the time the program was ready to welcome Dr. Laszlo to the podium, the 400 plus members in the audience filled the venue to capacity with many standing by the entrance to listen in. Dr. Laszlo talked about the global crisis facing the world and the urgency in which a new paradigm is needed in all spheres of reality.  He went on to encourage the audience to continue their good work especially in the field of renewed energy and to increase and amplify all of our agendas in multi dimensional ways.


To close the event, a recorded video of Masami Saionji, co- initiator of the Fuji Declaration,  was presented on the big screen delivering a message of hope to hundreds of guests for the future of humanity in trust and love.  

By: The Fuji Declaration

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