Announcing The Fuji Declaration 3rd Anniversary Peace Pole Award Winners


The Fuji Declaration
3rd Anniversary


In celebration of the third anniversary of the Fuji Declaration, signatories and supporters were invited to submit their entries to the Fuji Declaration Peace Pole Awards. The awards program was hosted by the Fuji Declaration in partnership with the Peace Pole Project and ran between March 28th and the 15th of April.

Participants representing every continent of the world submitted their entries by sharing what the Fuji Declaration means to them and how they will celebrate the 3rd anniversary should they win a Peace Pole. Each and every entry was worthy of an award and it was truly a challenging selection process. In the end, a decision was made to award the top 5 entries with a Fuji Declaration Peace Pole. The 5 winners will receive their Peace Pole in time to celebrate the anniversary event which takes place at Fuji Sanctuary on May 20th.

The Fuji Declaration embraces the principles of global oneness and diversity for a thriving and sustainable world. The message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, which adorns every Peace Pole expresses the essential spirit upon which the Fuji Declaration was founded. The award winners will plant and dedicate their symbolic Fuji Declaration Peace Pole to keep the principles of the declaration alive in the hearts of their communities.

We are proud to highlight the 5 winners of the Fuji Declaration 3rd Anniversary Peace Pole Awards.

Congratulations to Winners of The Fuji Declaration
3rd Anniversary Peace Pole Award

Geraldine Harron – Scotland, UK
The atomic bomb was an explosion that changed everything for everyone on Earth.  The Fuji Declaration is the antidote to its power; to return hope for peace through gentleness and spirituality.  The Declaration is the earthly sign that something very much bigger than the bomb is slowly exploding in a gentle and yet powerful way inside people.  This means that ordinary people have a chance to respond to war and destruction.  We can share our truth, plant our Peace Poles and gather in meaningful ways that help to say with our connected spirit:  May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Diane Brewster – USA
I am so grateful for the Fuji Declaration. I found you on the internet a few years ago and while I cannot attend your events, I have watched them on the internet, read the Declaration, and shared your message with friends and family. The first time I saw your message, I cried in gratitude – for your work in spreading the vibration of love throughout the world. I feel this vibration getting stronger on our planet each day even in the midst of global upheavals. I am so grateful to be part of the Fuji Declaration to open hearts and to connect us all in the one love.

Dr. Kakha Nadiradze – Georgia 
The Fuji Declaration represents peace, friendship, love, respect and charity.  We highly appreciate your mission, your philosophy and concept for making a nicer, cleaner and better world.  We are motivated to spread the mission of the Fuji Declaration and to engage and empower citizens in making a commitment to peace building and conflict resolution.  We will celebrate the 3rd anniversary with friends, farmers, women farmers, youth volunteers, students and peasants.

Kevin Mann –USA
The Fuji Declaration is an affirmation of the power of the human spirit and positive energy in the face of an ever darkening world.  It is a declaration of multi-national hope.  Through the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, I am not alone but joined by hundreds of thousands of kindred spirits. Thank you for keeping peace and sustainability in the forefront. I will plant the Fuji Declaration Peace Pole at my local high school as a symbol of hope for the future in the languages that represent the cultural diversity of our community.

Charles Simakumba – Namibia
The Fuji Declaration speaks about the message of peace in the world for me and my country and that we all have the right to live in this world. I work with men and boys on violence prevention in Namibia.  I will gather men and boys together to talk about peace in our homes due to the high level of gender based inequality in our country for the protection of our mothers and sisters in our communities. Congratulations to the Fuji Declaration and please may you keep it up.

In addition to the 5 winners, Honorable Mention goes to the following individuals who also inspired us with their entries.

  • Toinya Fominoff – Canada
  • Diane Muller – Australia
  • Patrick Onwuasoanya – Nigeria
  • Diane Creed – USA
  • Anthony Gleeson – Australia
  • Marcela Vargas – Mexico
  • Sister Marjorie Lawless USA

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For the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of The Fuji Declaration


By: The Fuji Declaration

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