Soul of WoMen International Gathering, Tokyo, May 13th


Open, Heart, Harmony, Embracing, Beauty Spirituality, Caring, Connecting, Nurturing, Understanding, Love, Creativity, Strength, Passion, Joyful, Patient…

These are some of the qualities of the Divine Feminine that emerged through the Soul of WoMen symposium held at the International House of Japan in Tokyo on May 13, 2016. The 22 participants included guests from abroad with diverse networks and projects meeting with accomplished Japanese women leaders to explore how to bring forth the Divine Feminine to balance the Divine Masculine for a new direction for humanity. The network meeting in Tokyo opened this vision out to the world, as a global campaign of like-minded individuals and organizations.

mr.saionji-may13Mr. Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation and co-author of the Fuji Declaration, opened the meeting by warmly welcoming everyone and saying, “We have come to realize that it is extremely important to restore balance between the masculine and feminine values within each of us and in our society in order to fully ignite the Divine Spark of humanity and open the door to a new era.”

Dr. Ervin Laszlo, founder of the Club of Budapest and the co-author of the Fuji Declaration (along with Mr. and Mrs. Saionji), declared by video that, “Now we need women on the scene in leading positions, in mind-shifting positions, so that feminine values will become a dominant actor in the world.”

mrs.saionji-may13Mrs. Masami Saionji then offered her spirited welcome, stating that everyone gathered is an expert in her or his own field, but we need to bring our wisdom together at this time, to connect with the whole being of the individual, including beauty, love and caring. Through this “beingness,” we can make a soul connection.

Her eldest daughter, Dr. Maki Kawamura, noted the immense transformation that is calling us all to work together as a community of people awakening to their Divine Spark and living it. She mentioned the people in 109 countries participating in the various events related to the Soul of WoMen. She said, “People around the world are waiting for wisdom from this gathering.”

maki-intro-kiran-may13Maki introduced each of the 22 participants in a very personal way, inviting each one to say a few words about their feelings in this moment.

Kiran Bali: Global Council Chairperson, United Religions Initiative; Magistrate

Jude Currivan: Cosmologis; Planetary Healer; Author and Futurist

Linda Francis: Co-founder, The Seat of the Soul Institute

Kumi Fujisawa: Co-founder, Think Tank SophiaBank

Fujiko Hara: Interpreter; Managing Director of the Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation

Miyuki Hatoyama: Former First Lady; Lifestyle Consultant; Life Composer

Wakako Hironaka: Former Minister of the Environment, Japan; Chair of the Earth Water and Green Foundation; Member of Earth Charter Initiative

Minako Imada: Western Confectionery Researcher; Table Artist

Momoyo Ise: First Executive Director of the United Nations University; President of the Association of Former International Civil Servants-Japan; Former Executive Director of the Asian Women’s Fund

Sumiko Iwao: Psychologist; Professor Emeritus at Keio University; Former Chairperson of the Gender Equality Council; Chair of Group Kilimanjaro, INC. (Sakura Girls Secondary School in Tanzania)

Jules Lamore: World Peace Prayer Society

Marianne Marstrand: Executive Director, The Global Peace Initiative of Women

Izumi Masukawa: Doctor of Nutrition and Bio-electronics; President of Tecno AO Asia and Universal Balance

Masami Miyazaki: Executive Director, The Goi Peace Foundation

Deborah MoldowUN Representative, World Peace Prayer Society; Garden of Light; Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Tomoyo Nonaka: Chairman, NPO Gaia Initiative

Belina Raffy: Director of Maffick; Director/founder of Sustainable Stand Up

Alfred Tolle: Founder and Chairman, Wisdom Stockholm

Yuko Tolle: Spiritual Coach and Healer

James TwymanMusician; Filmmaker and Author

Monica Willard: UN Representative, United Religions Initiative

Lily Yeh: Artist; Founding Director Barefoot Artists

Gary ZukavAuthor ‘The Seat of the Soul’; Co-founder, The Seat of the Soul Institute

Yuka Saionji Matsuura of Byakko Shinko Kai, facilitated the morning program, with the goal of forming relationships based on beingness, in an experiential and playful way that evokes feminine energy. She asked everyone to write on the pink and blue paper hearts at each table words that resonate with the divine feminine and the divine masculine in their highest expression. The results were posted on the wall.

yuka-may13Yuka then guided the participants in sharing stories about overcoming challenges, noting the qualities in each other that provided strength and new possibilities. Deep listening and sharing from the heart followed, highlighting the qualities that had brought people out of difficult moments. Commonalities demonstrated the balance of divine masculine and feminine, the dance and the oneness.

Yuka then placed a large vase in the center of the room. Each person was asked to choose a long-stemmed flower to place in the vase while responding to the question: “How does your work inspire people to express their divine spark?”

Everyone offered beautiful responses that showed the diversity of their work in the world. Yuka invited Fumi Johns Stewart of the World Peace Prayer Society to lead a moment of silence before breaking for lunch.

The afternoon session was designed to encourage the participants to share the Soul of WoMen by offering their gifts, talents and vision. But before the “heart-dreaming” began, Yuka invited Belina Raffy to lead several enlivening processes that inspired very intimate exchanges in small groups. Some met outdoors in the beautiful gardens of the International House and returned shining a bit more brightly after sharing from their hearts.

fullcircleThe final process was in the full circle, where everyone took a turn to express the transformational qualities of their work in a unique format that highlighted emotional awareness.

Then it was time for the heart-dreaming: How could each participant use the Soul of WoMen website to help bring the campaign out into the world? Yuka Matsuura outlined various opportunities, including:

  • Organize a webinar like the May 7th event, to be coordinated by Jules Lamore;
  • Make a video message, filmed by Belina Raffy (at the Fuji Sanctuary the following day);
  • Write an article, collected by Masami Miyazaki;
  • Create a new 21-Day Challenge, such as “Spark Your Spark”;
  • Other ideas and collaborations welcome!

The participants to offered these gifts and more, sharing them aloud to inspire one another.

Hiroo and Masami Saionji closed the day with remarks expressing their deepest gratitude to all for a very special gathering. They would all travel to the Fuji Sanctuary for the Symphony of Peace Prayers.

By: The Fuji Declaration

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