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The Fuji Declaration Initiators

Masami Saionji, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Hiroo Saionji

Join a transnational alliance for peace.

Across the globe, an increasing number of us are awakening to the realization that we are fundamentally interconnected. We modern humans are faced with a historic opportunity to consciously co-evolve with one another and with nature through a network of constructive relationships that transcend ethnic, national, and cultural differences.

The Fuji Declaration, initiated by Masami Saionji, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Hiroo Saionji, is an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a shared commitment to advance a more harmonious, compassionate and sustainable era for all humanity.

It is a call to all global citizens to recognize and nurture the full human potential and divine spark within each human spirit to catalyze a timely shift in the course of history.

All those who share in the core principles of The Fuji Declaration are welcome to join the international alliance by signing The Fuji Declaration and add your efforts to this emerging movement.

Connecting hearts and minds across the globe.

The Fuji Declaration is endorsed by global citizens as well as community leaders and visionaries from many different backgrounds including heads-of-state, Nobel laureates, scientists, artists, authors, teachers, and world peace advocates from the world over. To learn more, visit our Signatories Page.

Along with this growing network of committed pioneers, The Fuji Declaration will collect contributions of in-depth research, inspirational materials and practical strategies from signatories representing multiple spheres of human society such as economics, business, science, and media.

Above all, The Fuji Declaration is intended to serve as a resource and catalyst for inspiration, hope, and collaboration toward the emergence of a planetary civilization that reflects the highest potential of the human spirit for the benefit of all.

If you feel called to join us, please learn about and sign The Fuji Declaration by visiting the Declaration Page.

Special Messages from the Initiators of The Fuji Declaration

Hiroo Saionji

Mr Saionji is the President of the Goi Peace Foundation, an Ambassador of the World Wisdom Council, a member of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, and president of The World Peace Prayer Society.

Consciousness and Values of The Fuji Declaration

It has been a real privilege serving as President of the Goi Peace Foundation located in Tokyo, Japan since it’s founding in 1999. Along with Dr. Ervin Lazslo, Founder of the Budapest Club and my wife Masami Saionji, ChairpersonRead More

Masami Saionji

Mrs. Saionji is Chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. She also serves as Chairperson of The World Peace Prayer Society headquartered in New York and The Byakko Shinko Kai located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The Fuji Declaration: Rekindling the Divine Spark in Human Consciousness

From moment to moment, the world is changing. The question is, in what direction are these changes taking us? Are they opening doorways to a wondrous future, or are they driving us toward ruin and devastation? Read More

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Dr. Ervin Laszlo is an acclaimed author, and president and founder of the Club of Budapest. Dr. Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory.

Why The Fuji Declaration? What It Means for Our Life and Our Future

At a critical time - a time of crisis and unsustainability - change is not linear but abrupt. We live in a critical time. The system we have created either breaks down to chaos, or breaks through to a new order. The breakthrough will not come Read More


Building upon the belief that there is a spark within the human spirit that when ignited can bring about a true revolution in consciousness within ourselves and all spheres of society, The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to harness the power of our shared intention for a thriving world.

Together we can overcome the hold of obsolete ideas and thinking that underlie today’s unsustainable trajectory and design a more harmonious and flourishing civilization for the coming generations.

Please join us. Sign The Fuji Declaration today.

Imagine a world where global citizens make it their mission to design, communicate and implement a more harmonious civilization that enables humankind to realize its inherent potential and advance to the next stage of its material, spiritual and cultural evolution.

If you yearn for a world that reflects the highest potentials of the human spirit, then please join us. Together, we can create a new chapter in the story of humanity.

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