Mrs. Saionji joins 70 Featured Personalities


Mrs. Saionji was selected as one of the 70 featured personalities highlighted in the “Why do I care” campaign. She shares her insights on why she cares about the planet and climate change and the role humanity must play in securing a sustainable future. The Why I care campaign was launched at the Summit of Conscience in Paris.in preparation for COP21.

Why do I care about climate?
Mrs. Masami Saionji

I care because I have always heard the voice inside me saying, I want to contribute to the world! I want to be of service to others! I want to live with gratitude! I want to feel at one with the land, the trees, the mountains, and the oceans! In fact, whether you have taken notice or not, this inner voice is speaking to each of us. It is the divine spark that resides in our heart – the source of our life power and the guide to our happiness.

By: The Fuji Declaration

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