A Message from our Initiators: Awakening and Living the Divine Spark


Earlier this year, we launched the initiative to reawaken the divine spark in the spirit of humanity. Thanks to your support, tens of thousands of people have since signed the declaration, and our community is steadily growing.

However, in witnessing the recent horrific events culminating in the Paris attacks and the vengeful reactions we see around the world, even the most optimistic of us feel the real threat of this snowballing into a major global crisis–even a World War III. This is why we are asking you for your action to help turn the tide. It is time to bring the Fuji Declaration to life, turning it from a mere vision statement into a guiding principle lived by as many individuals as possible.

Whatever problems we might face on this earth–terrorism, ethnic and religious conflicts, refugees, climate change, even epidemics and natural disasters–none of them originates from an external source. If we look deep inside ourselves, we see that all these issues find root in the dissatisfaction, narrow-mindedness, vanity, cruelty, rivalry, and insatiable greed for power and wealth that lurk within the mind of many individuals. These problems cannot be attributed to governments, corporations, or religious or ethnic groups, which are only aggregates of individuals. They concern each and every one of us–the consciousness of each member of humanity.

Now, more than ever, each of us must stand up and look to ourselves instead of blaming or relying on others. We can no longer leave our destinies in the hands of a select few political leaders, religious leaders, and others. The world will not change if we continue being dependent on others. And the world will no longer wait for us to make this change. Peace is not something given to us by a higher source, nor can it be attained by taking from others. We believe that ultimately, the mission given to each of us is to awaken to the sacred consciousness–the divine spark–that resides within us: our innate love, compassion, wisdom and dignity. Instead of feeling lost and powerless, we can choose to firmly hold our divine spark and become an agent for bringing peace to the world.

How then, at this critical time, can we inspire a greater number of people to see this divine spark in themselves and others? How can we inspire them to choose to act upon their divine spirit instead of reacting with fear and anger? This is where we need your wisdom and cooperation. We are asking you to help us, in your own way, to reach as many people as possible, so that together we can fulfill the mission of the Fuji Declaration: igniting the divine spark in the spirit of humanity and promoting a culture of oneness with diversity.

Awakening and living the divine spark must become the basis of the choices we make and the actions we take in our life. We have great examples, such as former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, one of our founding signatories, who brought peace to Central America with his firm belief in the strength of humanity over military might. Another is the new Prime Minister of Canada, who appointed a cabinet representing diversity and gender equality and made the courageous decision to pull out of the combat mission in the Middle East. In addition, we are witnessing many women’s groups coming together around the world to express the divine feminine and their vision of a more balanced and humane society.

It is our firm belief that if each of us chooses to manifest the divine spark within us, we will transform this world. We must no longer let future generations inherit the tragedies of war and environmental destruction. It is our responsibility to turn the tide.

Alone we can only reach a small number of people, but together with you, we can strive to reach a critical mass. We are counting on your continued support.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.


Masami Saionji and Hiroo Saionji                 Ervin Laszlo
Chairperson and President                              Founder and President
The Goi Peace Foundation                               The Club of Budapest


In response to the initiators letter of November 21st soon after the world crisis, we have received replies from a number of our founding signatories some of which we post below.

My deepest gratitude for each of your Beings, and for your continued inspiration which calls us each to keep alive our own divine spark.

Not long after our gathering, I began working on a book to be dedicated to the Fuji Declaration in which I hope to inspire a call to move toward a culture of oneness which honors diversity. My intention is to create a universal story (a parable of sorts) which can reach across cultural, religious, or other differences and speak to that place which we connect… the place which already longs to act in alignment with our divine spark instead of react from fear or anger. I call this place (and the book title) The Land of And. I will keep you posted on the development, but for now wanted to share with you what is in movement here.
–Dianne Burkhalter

I wish to express, as strongly as possible, my entire support to your expression of concern about the present world trend which may lead to the annihilation of humankind and other forms of life on the Earth. I wish to reiterate my support to the Fuji Declaration, and work closely with you all in igniting the fire of Peace and Reconciliation in the hearts of all peoples affected by these unbelievable choice of world leaders to start a process of a vicious circle of violence. We need to develop a counter-process of Non-Violence, Peace and Justice based on the unity and diversity of Life on this Planet.
–Kinhide Mush

Yes, “Reawaken the divine spark in the spirit of humanity”.

The awakening of inner divinity or one’s relation with God must be incorporated so that all those who participate are put on the path of reviving their divinity or reviving their relation with God. Interfaith or cultural gatherings must be accompanied with Divine awakening of oneself.

This is indeed a big challenge to be addressed and rightly spoken by Mother Teresa who said, Feeding the stomachs of the poor is not so difficult. Feeding the starving hearts of humanity with God’s love — that is the great challenge».

So I feel, inter-faith Dialogue has to mature to explore new horizons in promoting welfare services or other activities such that it should harmonize the external as well as the inner life of mankind and also sustain the link between inner self and universal consciousness/God.
–James OFFUH

I am with you and will do all that I can to support the divine spark in those that I encounter.

With love and gratitude for all your good work.
–Diane Williams

We admire you for advising people to look within ourselves what and how we are conducting ourselves in relation to larger humanity. It is now time to give up being individualistic and be conscious of the feelings, interests and welfare of other members of  a nuclear family. We should always remember God who wants us to live as members of a global family and that is why divine spark is necessary in our spirit. 
–Dr. Jagdish Ghandi

Your message is perfect timing because this afternoon I am speaking to several hundred people and I will share your words and discuss ways people can transform their thinking and inspire others. 

I use many examples of animals teaching us deeper love, kindness, respect for all life, and the meaning of true courage.

We can become love in action in the world. 

Now is the time for all of us to show up in our most empowered voice and that is exactly what I will do.

I am happy to participate in all endeavors as we move forward.
–Linda Bender

By: The Fuji Declaration

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