The Fuji Declaration Signatories


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Country Name Organization Comment
Australia Peter McKerracher
Pakistan Mukhtar Ahmad Ali
Germany Franz Weber Schöne Sache - Dies ist ein Teil des Immunsystems des Lebens
United States of America Sylvia N
United States of America Michelle Present amen
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Susanne Ahlers Artist & poet (MASTER of Literature + Linguistic / Science of Education / Politology) / I feel happy to see so many courageous people around the world united for LOVE + PEACE !
英治 垂水 世界人類が平和でありますように
India Anar Patel
India Jayesh Patel
Slovakia Stefan Lehotai
United Kingdom Mary Thomson
Canada William Edgar
Iceland Sigurdur Jonnson
Australia Sinclair Mann
United States of America Ken Rice I am a Baha'i and my belief in the Baha'u'llah (The Glory of God) is the reason I am joining. We believe in eventual unification of all humankind. This organization must make Baha'u'llah very pleased in the next world. Thank you, Ken
Ireland Eamonn Kelly Ní neart go cur le chéile. ... There is no strength without unity.
水野 紀代子
古谷 淳子
United Kingdom Lesley Bremness WELL DONE!
India Sohum Siddharth Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed
United States of America Bruce Camber These general principles for goodness and love readily embrace the entire universe through mathematics and science. We start at the first moment of time defined by Max Planck's natural units -- -- and come up the 202 base-2 notations to this very day and time. Guided by the very nature of the sphere and pi (π), it defines continuity-symmetry-harmony deep within the finite and infinite:
United Kingdom Keith Stead
United Kingdom Cristian Ramis
Australia susan benson
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Nancy Bogers
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) sytske teeuwen love peace harmony, earth broad and cosmic width
United States of America Judi Neal
Switzerland Marco Passardi
Italy Piero Dominici “That systemic change must begin from grassroots communities and single individuals and groups, and by definition can never be a top-down imposition, implicates a necessary rethinking of our educational institutions, which are still based on logics of separation and on “false dichotomies" (quote)
United States of America Vanessa Nowitzky Let us cherish our animal kin, for they are sentient beings. Cherish the wild and exalt the inner wild.
Spain Susana Maria James
Switzerland Karen Fregillana
France Sandrine Henry
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Michel Decré
Canada Michel Beaulieu This is through Ervin Laszlo. « The wisdom principles «  book that I discovered the declaration .
A light for ma soul .
Philippines Fr Sebastiano D'Ambra I appreciate this initiative and I endorse it. It this in line with the Silsilah Dialogue Movement that I started in 1984 in the Philippines . I know personally Mr. Hiroo Saioji and the family . I met them when I received the peace award from of the Goi Peace Foundation. All the best for this important declaration that helps to unite humanity in this difficult time.
Jessica Ishizuka Thank you
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Rietje van der Lee - Breman Wholeheartedly signed! I would very much like to come into contact with other people in the Netherlands who also signed this declaration! Is this possible?
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Hans van der Lee Thanks, Ervin, for your great work!
United States of America Robert Deen
Hitomi Tamura 心の奥底にいつもある意識、世界の地球のあらゆる現象を愛というフィルターを通して捉えて、人類が地球上のあらゆる命、自然を守れるような進化を遂げられるよう、願います。富士宣言に賛同します。
Italy Lunajamila Ashour
敦子 小山 私も宣言すます!素晴らしい未来の始まりです。
Canada Renée Arseneault
Pakistan James Rehmat Ecumenical Commission for Human Development
緑 小湊
柴田 則子
長島 潤 いつも幸せのエネルギーをありがとうございます。
由紀子 澤田
Yash Moch
Toru Arima
United States of America Kimberly OSBORN Thank you
Uzbekistan Yuriy Tiora
United States of America Helen Kirk
United States of America Empress Danté Sears World Prosperity Network The Prosperity of Every One and Every Living Being Matters.
All Rights Reserved UCC 1 308
United States of America Lanisha Porter
United Kingdom Stephen Gardiner The Peace Mantra Foundation The Peace Mantra Foundation longs for all individuals and organisations seeking to build and maintain peace to come together. That way, our message of peace becomes a more resonant and harmonic voice amongst the discord of the world. We take great delight in signing The Fuji Declaration. The Peace Mantra is simply:

Peace in my Heart
Peace in this Place
Peace in our Land
And throughout the World

Thank you.
United States of America Sandra DeRosa
Italy Claudia Campese
良子 中谷
Toyomi Hirai
Maki Komine I'm sorry,I am not good at English.
But I will do as much as I can.
Thank you in advance.
博 中西
Takahiro Komine I'm sorry,I am not good at English.
But I will do as much as I can.
Thank you in advance.
達也 野村
Spain Alfred Verdu Llinares
Canada Sonny Conley May Peace Prevail on Earth! Thank you for all you are, all you hold in consciousness, and all you circulate!!
United States of America Gary Phillips
United Kingdom Elizabeth Hannan Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to promote Peace globally - Elizabeth

United States of America Rachel McDermott
United States of America Tizz O'Toole Thank you. ♥.
幸恵 和泉
India Pamela Rai
India Aarushika Maurya I hereby affirm my commitment to live and act in alignment with the core principles of The Fuji Declaration and add my highest intentions to the growing movement to enlighten the world.
Switzerland Max Feurer
Australia W I L L I A M P A U L M A N N I N G
T. M.
United States of America Joan Denning-Perry I welcome the opportunity to be an endorser.
United Kingdom Gillian Christie Yes, harmony between human beings and with the environment and all nature
Mariko Fukui
United States of America Vicki Carlson
Australia GraceShanti Foulds Thank You that Humanity Embraces this Call for our Future and Claims The Fuji Declaration for All Sentient Life. Let It Be
United Kingdom Shelley Carr
United States of America stephanie cohen THANK YOU
Indonesia Inspirator Muda Nusantara Inspirator Muda Nusantara
Indonesia Stevie Harison
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Margriet Haarmeijer
United States of America Richard Rawski May Peace Prevail on Earth.
Brazil Claudia Reis Love yourself and Love others! Peace, love, Empathy!
United States of America Kathleen Burkinshaw As the daughter of a Hiroshima survivor I fully support that only by making a connection with humanity through our thoughts,actions, and words can we find peace and avoid repeating horrific events of the past. ❤🌸
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Anne Klijn
Philippines Art Banawa Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center Yes I affirm to the above principles
United States of America Elizabeth Lawton
都茂樹 堀田
United States of America Grant Heitman
Lithuania Saulius Mikutis
United States of America Lera Chacon
United States of America Ted Ludicke
United States of America Polly Leonard
Canada Paul Mackenzie
United States of America Gretchen Harper
United States of America Nadia Mykolayevych
ひとり あずまだ 素晴らしい取り組みだと思います 無条件に賛成です
Kyoko Abe
Kouji Fushiwaki
Denmark Heidrun Koefoed
United States of America Theresa Sarin EmbraceLight, LTD We are a wellness and learning center supporting and providing classes/energy sessions to promote spiritual and personal growth.
Our Vision is for each student/client to find Peace within and raise their consciousness and awareness to realize our Oneness with the Divine, each other , our Planet and All There Is,
United Kingdom joanne Caine
康子 田中
United States of America Janet Hoyland
Canada sylvie Lemieux
United States of America Rob Vlacancich We can never commit to living more humanly enough.

Perhaps some day it will take firm Root, not only in our memories, but also in our hearts and every fiber of our being.
United States of America Martha Gutiérrez-Steinkamp
Egypt nisreen soliman
United States of America Janice Vanderhaar I fully agree with the mission of the Fuji Declaration. And will continue to work with others toward a nonviolent and just world.
Let peace and harmony prevail throughout the world and beyond. Janice Vanderhaar USA
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Morgana Sythove We are Nature and it is our duty and responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth, our home.
United States of America Elizabeth Ward
Sweden Dr PK MAHANANDIA MAHAN ab Konichua , My wife Charlotte joins me in sending our warmest wishes for a grand success of your noble work to enlighten the world and humanity . Glad and feel honoured our Love story came out in Japan by Tokuma on Valentine´s Day during this challenging time.
Sweden Ole Kjörrefjord
United States of America Francis Thacker
United States of America cathy schoen
United States of America natasha stone
Australia Kristin Schneider
United States of America Kelly Turner May we allow the light and love of the one Divine Spark express in and through us as US...
United States of America Diane Prusha I will serve this declaration with all my willing, feeling, and thinking being and humbly strive to be a devine spark.
United States of America Paul Chapman
United States of America AIRI ENOMOTO
美智子 大井 私は富士宣言の精神に賛同し行動致します。

Germany 祐司 数井 私は龍村仁監督のガイアシンフォニー・地球交響曲第5番を見てErvin László 氏に共感し、以後彼の思想、考えに触れています。私は欧州に住んでいるため、ハンガリー語に近い発音を意識し、エルヴィン・ラースローさんと呼ばせていただいております。まだ具体的なアクションが足らない人間ですが、よろしくお願いいたします。Kazui
United Kingdom Kit Jardine
小西 育子
哲也 浅利 TCC Time Core C 2082年8月17日
Argentina Nora Gutierrez
浩司 内藤
United States of America Kimmberly Cobaugh Looking forward to participating. Referred to by Alan Oken.
France Silva Passos
Czech Republic Roman Mrovec
Czech Republic Jan Špáta I appreciate this declaration and I hope I will be able to match its goals by doing the best I can. I wish us luck, peace, love and unity. Jan
United States of America Celeste Kelly She Clan LLC
Spain sangye duan BLOCKBASE TRUST together
United States of America Amy Short
Australia Glenda Brown
勇 梁木 頑張りましょう。
桜井 一恵
よしのり たけだ
Hungary Laszlo Göbölyös N.
Misako Suzuki
I will nickname it for the benefit of my late father.
United States of America Susan Rueppel
United Kingdom Harry Matthews Harry Art Publishing The Divine Spark in Humanity is Our Humanity, is the 'Imago Dei', and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Without it, we cease to be truly human. When the Divine Spark in Humanity works towards Peace, Harmony and Sustainability towards Love and away from totalitarian or satanic control of world-systems, then we will ascend to our spiritual destiny, even if this must come from the ashes of Utopian Hubris and Apocalpyse
Australia Alison Eades The Divine Connexion
Australia Alison Eades
rika saruya
Michiya Tominaga
New Zealand Andrew Rundle-Keswick
United States of America Terri Perrault-Tant
Italy Roberto Brusa Peace and Harmony
芳枝 萩原
United States of America Julie Williams
richmond asuko
United States of America Stacy Epps Love Like Water Thank you for this beautiful effort!
Hungary Szilvia Szencz
United States of America Jenni Billingsley Thank you for all you do.
Seiji Ohno
United States of America Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Katalin Szloboda
United States of America Taylor Wirkus
Australia Robert Skappel I AM University Now is the time for honesty & transparency amongst all the nations of the world, if we are to help each other graduate from the school of planet Earth !
由紀 長谷川
Australia donna divic
Switzerland Liza Zogib DiversEarth We sign as individuals and as DiversEarth. May peace prevail on earth.
United States of America Paula Kayki Sweezea May peace Prevail on Earth. Peace prevails on Earth as we emit peace.
machiko okumoto
United States of America Anne Speiser
United States of America Pamela Minton One Love ~ One Light, and may peace prevail waiting every heart of every human and sentient Being on Earth .
United States of America Sara Niccolls
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) gidi Croes
United States of America Millicent Tirk
Ana Maria Cruz I confirm my commitment to the above principles, and look forward to being able to contribute to its mission.
United Kingdom Barbara, de Ferry FOSTER Heartfelt endorsement of all these universal ideals. Love and Peace to All Kingdoms
United States of America Rosemary Coughlin
United States of America Ting Kelly
United States of America Krystina Rymsky May Peace, Love, Understanding prevail amongst all individuals and all countries for all of mankind.
United States of America Denise Edmond
United States of America kristine helin
United States of America Dan Loan I believe in this whole heartedly and am honored to make this declaration. Thank you!
United Kingdom ingrid redcliffe
United Kingdom Heather Rainbow we are all ONE, what we do another or to the Earth we do to ourselves. We are not separate and the whole of Earth is alive waiting for us to be aware of her, and love her..
Canada Daniele Oppizzi
Switzerland Luca Oppizzi
Switzerland Pierre Pradervand
峯 悦子
United States of America Jennifer Berridge
United States of America Mary Southard I whole heartedly endorse this magnificent declaration. Thank you for this opportunity. Mary Southard CSJ
United States of America Randol Batson
United States of America Ernest Richards Agreed!!
United Kingdom Suzanne Green
Mexico Irma Estrada
United Kingdom Laurie Rees
United States of America Doris Lucas
United States of America Linda Flock Thank you for your loving support to my childhood dream!
United States of America Jennifer Brummer
United States of America Mona Dunkelman
United Kingdom Geoffrey Band
United States of America Audrey Bruckner
United States of America KRISTIN COWAN
Mexico Robert Michael Porter
Indonesia Alan Oken
United States of America Dena Ryane
Michinori Maruta
United States of America Mary Lou Brannigan I am committed to the teachings of Goi Sensei and the Byakko Shinko Kai. Infinite love to all!!!
United Kingdom Pamela Collard
India Shreenabh Agrawal I promise to myself and to the world in which I live that with each breath I will try to bring peace to the world and every act of mine will always be towards a more kind self.
Ireland Juliet Kelly More than ever this is needed, most have that question on their lips...where do I start to help create a brand new future that benefits all. Namaste <3
Uchda Mariko
Canada Bernice Mussallem May we all hear The Great Song, may we all feel unconditional Love and may we all see the Light that is in everyone and everything.
Canada Anneli Driessen
Canada Colin Yardley
United States of America Brother Clifford Goff, o.u.m. Please keep me informed via emails and a reminder email of my commitments to this declaration. A reminder sent to my email address of this event in October 2020. Thank you and my prayers and thoughts flow out ot you, and all people. Sincerely, Clifford
Russia Ilia Nikitichev
United States of America Dawn Giordano
Indonesia Dimaz Andhika Free palestine
United States of America Maegan Prentice
United States of America JUDITH STEVENS
United States of America Siegmar Gerken I extend my commitment that I made after my NDE (with 5 years old) to initiate light in people. With empathy, competence, creativity and love, we can create a shift in the fields that we are living in.
Australia Liz Hines
United States of America lisa Berman Awakening Peace
United States of America Darrell Jones
United States of America Mila Popovich EVOLving Leadership Thank you for your planetary leadership that call us to our personal and collective genius for a civilizational transformation!
United States of America Denise Parker
United States of America Elizabeth Corder
United States of America Roya Akhavan I am an author and my most recent work is entitled, Peace for Our Planet: A New Approach. I fully support the principles stated in this wonderful declaration and am working to contribute to their realization.
United States of America Henry Shelton What an exciting time to be alive on this beautiful planet! The principles of the Fuji Declaration truly reflect all that best express what the future of humanity should be about. I embrace them as my own principles and commit to incorporate them into my daily life as guiding principles for alignment, attunement, and transformation. -Henry C. Shelton, Jr.-
kae Yamaguchi
United States of America Tawny Foskett
Italy Sergio Lombi
United States of America Bonnie Weigel I was invited to learn more about the Fuji Declaration by friend Ludwig Tuman founder of the Choral Tales initiative. I hav been involved in Peace Fellow work through Rotary International and have served in the poverty alleviation - hunger space for over 10 years. Thank you for leading this project.
謙二 杉原
United States of America Ludwig Tuman Composer, Artistic Director, founder of the Choral Tales Project The Fuji Declaration reminds us that the human race is a single family inhabiting a single homeland, our planet. It challenges us to transcend our limited sense of self. On the one hand it encourages us to remain identified with our culture, ethnicity, region and country, for these are sources of humanity’s wonderful diversity. On the other hand, it also urges us to rise to a new consciousness – that of oneness with the entire human race.
Switzerland Annette Kaiser Villa Unspunnen - Goldener Wind we are very much connected with your mouvement through the peacepol we received through Keiko as well in our own work we do since over 30 years
Australia JP Parker 🙏🏼
United States of America Patricia Forrest
Italy Paola Fiore "We Are One People Who Belongs to One Planet. As Human Beings, We Are All Responsible for the Present and Future of All Life on Earth. Let's Commit All Together to Co-Create a More Compassionate and Resilient Society, Where All People and Living Creatures Feel Safe."
Dr. Paola Fiore, Founder & Director ETICAMBIENTE®
August 4th, 2020 - Milan, Italy
哲也 浅利 TCCタイムコアコーホレーション2082
United States of America Kara Kerz Towards peace.
United States of America Sherry Wohletz
United States of America James Wohletz
Luxembourg Pierre Rausch Technocratic political system is the future of this planet
Slovenia Vesna Kumer
Luxembourg Pierre Rausch Summernightbrand -
Germany A Goldwyn Synchronistory When you move the "h" in Earth it spells Heart. And we need more. When you move the hearts of Many you move mountains. And we must. The greatest threat to Humankind is a lack of Humankind(ness). It's also our greatest immune boost. Let's spread That virally ... toward Self & Other, from the depths of our soul to the vistas beyond Mt. Fuji. Blessings to the Saionjis and The Fuji Declaration.
Philippines ruel macaranas phd
United States of America Katherine Haas ❤️
Yuri Takada Hakuichi
Akiko Watanabe
hikaru ohara
平泉 香織
友里 高田
秀芳 岡根
United States of America Louise Ann Cohen With humbleness, apology and gratitude; praying to our Divine Origin for Love, Light, Oneness and Harmony for all in the Universe especially those who are in opposition and conflict now.
和子 飯村
United States of America Pamela McCreight Thank you. I've been searching...
Yoko Hishida
富士江 山本
yoko morimoto
France Evelyne Guinouard
United States of America Kirk Boyd Thank you for your wonderful vision and leadership. As you say, this is both a moment of crisis and opportunity. Thanks to the work you have done with the Fuji Declaration, we are better prepared to seize the opportunity. We at Eleanor Lives! hope that by looking back to the beginnings of an International Bill of Rights we can no go forward as an international community to bring it to fruition. Peace, Kirk
India Sampat Ram Laddha Thanks.i am happy to sign it.
United States of America Karlee Thompson Grateful for the opportunity !
Canada Renee Arseneault
United States of America debbie ubnoske
United Kingdom arthur male male Wonderful words, all of which humankind can strive to realize. Amidst unlimited and uncontrolled crises, isn’t every person working to emancipate their individual genius and make contributions to the whole? At times, we may be self destructing instead of self creating. We need to find solutions. I believe if we focus on who we are and what we can do moment to moment, we can reconcile our conflicts and live in harmony.
真尚 谷ヶ崎 True religion is real living: living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness. Albert Einstein
United Kingdom Yvonne Toone Thank you
Italy Eloisa Agliata
令子 中西 ニップン氏を通じて出逢った五井平和財団。はじめて富士宣言を知って、心に希望が灯りました。ありがとうございます。このような世界の実現に私も奉仕できる喜びを感じます。
Austria Lena Maria Jacobsson
United States of America Marge Carnahan
United States of America james nordlund There's no profit, pleasure, nor power in manipulation, destruction, murder, genocide, extinction, etc.. If you're not taking bullets you're making them. Walking in nature's balance, giving back to it's abundance, illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you, can reach one, teach one, to self-actuate, evolve, turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humanity will only have if we each do :) reality
Hiyama Chie 檜山 知恵 世界人類の平和を祈って
United Kingdom Sue McLennan
United Kingdom Paul Taylor
Brazil Marcia Lobo
United States of America The Poartry Project The Poartry Project As a kindred spirit and collaborating agent of beauty and perception, saluting all efforts to harmonize culture by building loving worlds through loving words and voicing art.
Pakistan Mujtaba Subhani
一夫 沢田
Italy Patrizia Uberti
健一 仲田
United States of America Kimberly Pace
Colombia Sara Barbosa Phytropica
Argentina Juan Pablo Ventura My commitment will incarnate in the psychological and educational realm. My intention is to help people wake up to the living mystery.
Australia Ben Bowler UNITY EARTH
智子 森 素晴らしい未来の為に宣言させて頂きます✨
United States of America Tracy Maxwell
United Kingdom Janet Fenton
Portugal Susana Vitorino
United States of America Sara Macdonald
United Kingdom Pamela Giese
Canada Patricia Baker
United States of America Shanatha Brannam I'm just an ordinary person, but I have a very strong sense of compassion, empathy, and hope for this world. I always have since I can remember. If I can be of assistance to help humanity I won't hesitate.
Pakistan shihab aslam SHAH KARIM HOSTEL GILGIT I am very happy about the declaration and this declaration has give me a chance to think that the real humans are existed even today, who care for humanitarian,peace and happiness. i am proud of you. love from pakistan love from gilgit
United States of America John Zenkewich Unity Church of Long Island
United States of America Karen Sottosanti
Canada Cheryl Macdonald
United States of America Janice Williams
United States of America Olga Bedoya
United States of America Sheena Koyama
United States of America Sela Ankudey
United States of America kevin mann
United States of America Reena Rosskopf
United Kingdom Donna Roberts
India Sanghamitra Sau Sri Healthcare Research International, SHRI Yes I affirm my commitment to the Principles above for bringing Peace and Light for Sustainable Humanity
Russia Olga Malina
United States of America Joy Gilcrease
Canada zita brunet
United States of America Stephen Dynako
United States of America Russell King The Christine Center
United States of America Gracia Fay Ellwood We need to include specific mention of ending the human war on animals in this declaration.
Germany Monika Baumann
All is God's (!) Creation (!), and certainly not only for us (to destroy, kill and hurt). As well as regarding His (!) Creatures (!), also please listen to your heart (again), show compassion (others), respect (God) and dignity (we).
United States of America Judy Carman As we travel this path together toward higher consciousness, we will discover that animal agriculture and violent use and domination of animals is completely unacceptable to the new kind human we are becoming. Einstein, Gandhi, and many spiritual leaders have taught us that we can never have world peace or inner peace until we give peace to all beings. Thank you. Judy Carman, author of Peace to All Beings.
United Kingdom Ocean Melchizedek
真里 花塚 2015年度 五井平和財団フォーラム「ソウル・オブ・マネー ~豊かな人生を生きるために~」をYouTubeで拝見して共感しました。
United States of America Sue Bailey
United States of America REIKO ISHIHARA
Germany Elcin Dindar
United States of America Toni Smith
India Adarsh K Warman All are Equal
United States of America Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons
Czech Republic Jiri Slofar
Spain Gonçalo Jorge Abílio
Germany Cornelia Lanz
Australia Jocelyn LARGHI
Canada Renee Arseneault
United States of America Dustin Miller United Living Construct

South Africa Clesia van Zyl
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Joep C de Jong
Nami Sato happiness for the earth
大智 古賀
United States of America Sande Hart
Germany Markus Werner We are the ones we've been waiting for.
United States of America Stacey St. Holder Thank you! :-)
United Kingdom Lindsay Ball thank you, to be part of this Declaration is a blessing indeed
Mexico Jorge Munuzuri
Switzerland Willi Reinhard
United States of America Artie Egendorf May Energy emerge among our supreme teachers, so that singly and together we embody, experience and radiate Her Way with ever greater wise, loving, potent joy.
Bolivia Marisol Morales
Australia Jay Berry I am a World Citizen. My vocation as a visionary producer and performer has taken me to over 40 countries. I see the future and know one thing: We made it. We survived and thrived. Our children's children are dancing among the stars. So, how did we do it? We did it together. We are the architects of that future. The puzzle is complex and the challenge is great. Let adversity fuel your determination. The real revolution is being the solution.
United States of America Danielle Gager
United States of America Kristina DiPaola Thank you for this important work. Sending love and prayers for your success.
United States of America jane fawke
Australia Julie Lawrence
United States of America Steve Howard We can and must achieve Peace and Harmony and Sustainability on Earth and with Earth.
Slovenia Dinko Kralj Theosophical library and reading room Alma Karlin Celje
KR Okhee Chun
KR Jiseok Jung
Israel Tamar Alon
United States of America Anne Day I heart fully embrace and support the principles of this wonderful Fuji Declaration!
United States of America Carol Sturman
United Kingdom Dhiraj Jogia
tomoko kanaji
United States of America Donna Dasinger
Argentina Ebelia Juszczyk
Argentina Patricia Magoleda
Argentina Bibiana Corzo
United States of America Carolyn Kesterman
雅子 岡田 富士宣言に賛同します。
United States of America Robert Carpenter
United States of America Martha Gale
United States of America Karen Monroe
United States of America Noriko Kohlenberg
United Kingdom Jessica Sweidan I wholeheartedly endorse this declaration, and promise to continue to work each day being mindful of this mission.
Italy Patrizia Rocchinotti
United States of America Julie Wegscheid Wegscheid All are One!
United States of America James Henkelman-Bahn
Argentina Mariela Ruarte
Argentina Malena Ansin
Argentina Daniela Ponce
Argentina Paula Pino
Argentina Marcelo Blasco
Argentina Gabriela Monzón
Argentina Paola Paredes
Nepal Jagannath Kandel
United States of America Linda Michaels
United States of America Nina Adkins-Heider
United States of America Rachel Carillo Peace to all.
United Kingdom Aileen Harrison
United Kingdom Irene Parsons
Hiroshi Sugahara SOPPのライブ中継拝見しました。人類意識の必要性をあらためて感じました。
Bahrain Christine Hasan May peace prevail on earth.
United States of America Grant Vospher
Germany Michaela Strasser
United States of America Myrna C Waterman I am Priestess EarthDance Peace and I am becoming a minister in the Emerging Divine Feminine. I also wish to go attend Unity Seminary, Missouri. This is because I am a computer professional of 42 years, thinking I may lack something in soft skills. Anyaa McAndrew, MSW, facilitated the first circle called in and co-facilitated by Carol Chase of Minneapolis. Ms. McAndrew used Jungian Psychology ideas and theories. It has no doctrine or creed.
United States of America Lynn Turner
United States of America Diane Leonard
United States of America Jessica Brooks
United States of America Kathleen Sheeehan

United States of America Ann Gastrich
United States of America Joleene Unnerstall May all people live in peace and free from fear.
United States of America Shauna Whidden Thank you and may peace prevail on earth.
Australia Paula Huntly
Canada Mitchell Gold homeplanet virtual "uni"versity I would add to your declaration a Phrase indicating the existence of the Ninth Wave - the wave of consciousness identified by the Maya. The occurrence of 2012 expressed has been written about and scientifically argued as to the existence of what might be considered a global Mind. My intention is to facilitate the development of Global mind.
United States of America Alan Haber
yuki shibasaki このイベントが世界中に広がる事を望みます。
Argentina Juan Carlos Moyano Catalan
Canada Savraj Thind Peace and love to all ❤️?
United States of America Barclay Braden Highest Blessings..!
倫子 平木 参加できて嬉しいです。
Argentina Paola Corzo
Canada Chantal Larose
United States of America Joy Borum
United States of America Veda Alban
Etsuko Tada Love, Gratitude for Light of Grace that surrounds us.
United States of America Roxene Miller With Peace in ALL our hearts!
Canada Tamara Penn
Uruguay Kathleen Shepherd
United States of America Julie Neumann
United States of America susan collyer THANK YOU! I have known this for many years and am so deeply grateful for your hard work and loving intentions to create this platform for us all to come together. NAMASTE <3 Peace.
United States of America Louise Kenny Suggest we do a music event with PLAYING for CHANGE!
Thank you for presenting HUMANITY with opportunity to join together and promote the love and beauty we hold within as well as to grow a deep appreciation for a most beautiful life giving PLANET.
石郷岡 良廣 石郷岡 良廣
United States of America Katie Ginsberg
United States of America Victoria Shepard
United States of America Andrew Cameron Bailey
Switzerland Julie Breukel Michel
United States of America John Behnken There is no initiative that is more important than this one. Thank you for being so mindful. I fully endorse and support you.
United States of America Sarah Fields
United States of America michelle reid
jin furuta Peace will never come to us by our waiting for it. We pray the truth in humanity's consciousness. May peace prevail on earth.
United States of America inger easton
United States of America ERIN MCCABE
United States of America Nikki Salomon
Argentina Marina Poi
Italy Catherine Mary Firtko
United States of America Morgan williams
United States of America Rev. Sydney Steen
Spain Joserra González
純代 藤本
Slovenia Alen Bajric
幹夫 村沢 世界人類が平和でありますように
United States of America Darcy Bluhm I feel so honored to be a part of this - thank you.
有紀 岡本
United States of America Deborah Olive
Canada murray russell
Germany Karl Heinz Noris Lüder
United Kingdom Rich George-Higgins
United States of America Samadhi Ishaya
United States of America susan flythe Thank You for helping us help each other
United States of America Jeanne Weidner
United States of America Mary Mabe
Greece arieta chouchourelou
Canada Gabrielle Tetreault THANKS
Colombia Beatriz Mazo
United States of America Suz Robinson
United States of America Tina LeClaire Yes
United States of America Judy Ervice
United States of America Andrea Joy
United States of America Gregg Tull
United States of America Holly Wells Live, love and celebrate!
United States of America Kay Lindahl
United States of America Len Ellis
United States of America Sharon Loveless
Italy Julia Frances Clancy Francesca Centre I, Julia Frances Clancy, on behalf of the Francesca Centre, Bologna, Italy subscribed at the onset of the Fuji Declaration yet somehow we do not appear to be listed. Most honoured to try and sign on a second time. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to our planet and humanity.
Germany Alysen Vasold-Woody
United States of America David Solberg
United States of America Elizabeth Austin Peace to you, everyone.
United States of America Virginia Berger
United States of America Judith Baron
United States of America Belinda Lightheart Please accept my gratitude for all those who have heard the call to champion this timely shift in consciousness. You are deeply appreciated!
United States of America Michele Sevacko
United States of America Theresa Sarin
United States of America Rev. Barbara Williams Williams
United States of America Kate Connell Truth in Recruitment Much gratitude for everyone involved in this project and all who work for peace and justice!
United States of America Anne Veh May Peace Prevail on Earth
United States of America Summer Cloud Ayers
United States of America Broward Lotus Sangha Broward Lotus Sangha As a Buddhist Organization practicing in the Tradition of Vietnamese Peace Activist, Poet, and Zen Master Thich Nhan Hanh, we espouse the Five Mindfulness Trainings as ethical guidelines encouraging us in the direction of peace, joy, liberation, and awakening, we are, therefore, happy to endorse The Fuji Declaration.
United States of America Dr. Martha Martinez This declaration is, at its core, contained in the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of the Order of Interbeing encouraging us to live a compassionate life, moving in the direction of goodness, inclusiveness, peace, joy, liberation, and awakening. Thus, I am delighted to endorse it.
Canada Suzy Ethier
United States of America Linda Clewell
United States of America JUDY ROWE TAYLOR
Gambia Mary Goretty aboge may the divine feminine spark enlighten the conscience of the society for a peaceful world.
Italy Sepp Hasslberger I want to thank the originators of this declaration and I declare my full support to its principles.
Switzerland Yan Eperon ilumina Terre d'Eveil this is a dream come true !
deep gratitude from a resonant soul
dedicated at making his life the embodiment of the Fuji declaration

warmly, Yan
United Kingdom Eileen Foulner
United States of America Maureen Elick
United States of America Eric Van der Wyk Friend of Barbara Wolf
Madagascar Kanto Andriamialisoa
Canada Johnny Hansen
Uruguay Altha Satterwhite I lived in Japan (mostly in Kyoto) over 20 years. Loved it!
徳 高橋
United States of America John Steven Bianucci Earth's New Ways, LLC
United States of America Noreen Kelly
United States of America Carol Nicholson I will do all that I can to uphold these principles.
United States of America susan collyer THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Earth and all Her Peoples Love You for stepping out of your comfort zones!! <3 :)
United States of America Wanda Barnes
New Zealand Judith Frost-Evans "When the heart goes before like a lamp, and illuminates the pathway, many things are made clear that else lie hidden in darkness." from Evangeline by Longfellow
United States of America nancy Burge
Pakistan Ehtisham Rana Peace and Humanity Foundation Humanity's ultimate is Peace in all respects of life .for all human kinds beyond barriers and boundaries over the globe.
United States of America Kimberly Clark Peace begins with me.
Spain M DOLORES ALBEROLA FERNANDEZ Gracias por tener esta iniciativa para la paz en el mundo, deseo que cada día se vayan agregando personas a este movimiento por la paz en el mundo, muy necesario en el mundo actual.
智保 船木
Argentina Roberto Cosentino Sensei Roberto Cosentino
Avatar por la Paz y el Amor de la Humanidad
Mexico carolina reynoso okhuysen seria un gran honor pertenece a su organización y poder colaborar con ustedes.
Germany Rudolf Langer
United States of America jaideep khanna
Germany Bert Zimpel
Argentina Guillermo O. Vetcher La Cuarta Revolución Industrial, como elemento disruptor, junto con las consecuencias del Cambio Climático, son ambos motivadores que nos motivan a generar con urgente realismo, un cambio integral mental y de conductas. Ese cambio, no puede ser un proceso de sucesos aislados globalmente, sino que precisan de una plataforma que permita coordinarlos, sincronizarlos y cohesionarlos.
United States of America Debbie Gustafson AndarYa Ready 4 Joy, LLC
United States of America Dorothy Mason Beautiful declaration to add my heart to!!
Spain Elisa Sesé Sanz
Spain Yolanda Aznar
United States of America Esther Kronenbergl
United States of America Sharon Jacoby
United States of America Bonnie Mandell-Rice
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Sheela Vyas Lotus and Tulip my contribution is through: training and coaching at personal, professional and spiritual level in the fields of empowerment and managing diversity.
United Kingdom Penelope Anne halliday A wonderful philosophy that chimes with my own.
United Kingdom Annette Seaman
United Kingdom Jill Morgan
Spain Juan Carlos Ortega del Valle
Australia Viola Rosario
Sweden Albin Hagberg Medin Walk2Peace
Toru Test
Aruba Carmen Croeze-Lopez What I read so far is inspiring and gives hope to those that feel and experience inequality. Wishing you courage and wisdom to continue.
United States of America Judith Tregellas
弥生 園田 子供から大人まで全ての人々が自分の無限なる神性を自ら引き出し、自分を認め他を認め、明るく素直で、愛溢れる優しい人々が増えますように!

朗 篠崎 精神文明への緩やかな移行に少しでもお役にたてればと思っております。
United Kingdom Steffen A
けい 仲田
United States of America Laura Jay
United States of America Sam Beard GIFT - Global Investment Foundation for Tmorrow I sign up as an individual and as the President of GIFT
United States of America Gretheline Bolandrina
Austria Hermann Gams Let´s create together the world we dream of !
United States of America Marguerite Gabrieli May the Light of the most Divine guide us on a path of love for the highest good of all.
United States of America Clint Williams
France Anne-Catherine Wright Thank you for voicing what many of us feel and know deep in our hearts
Colombia Adriana María Lagos Zapata
Mauritius Anneloes Smitsman EARTHwise Centre Ltd
United States of America Stephanie Launiu
United States of America Rosalie Schneider Peace☮️ Love? Light?
United States of America Marty Schirn Baha'u'llah (1817-1892), Founder of the Baha'i Faith, declared: "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens." "No power
can exist except through unity." "The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established." To all who read this Declaration, I say: I'm proud to be a World Citizen! There is only ONE race -- the Human Race!
God bless the Human Race and Planet Earth!
Hinako IKoma
United States of America Marilyn Turkovich
Canada Daniel Gingras L'amour divin
est miséricorde.
L'amour humain
devrait être divin.
United States of America John Chamness
浩司 内藤
Croatia Renata Bacic
Sweden Margaretha Körling
United Arab Emirates Brioné LaThrop
United States of America Ruth Kellogg
United Kingdom Dainei Tracy Peace will multiply. Peace will prevail.
United States of America Deborah Klaus
United States of America Rev. Leland Stewart Unity-and-Diversity World Council, Inc. How can we work together? We are 100% in alignment with the Fuji Declaration.
mitsutaka endo
Argentina franco vecco chávez Tomé nacimiento en Tarma - Perú. Gracias. Saludos.
Spain Juan Pedro Aguayo González I'm connected:)
早美 清水
正昭 伊藤
United States of America Adele Gunnarson
Poland Marek Kamiński
United States of America Marc Hollywood It would be my pleasure to contribute to a organization that is working to a better life for human kind. To equal people to the nature we came from and to provide dignity to our lives.
悦治 寺澤
Argentina Patricia Alejandra Loza
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Ismène Symaïtha Maryole Agatha Elbers When you think you are facing all questions alone thats whe the doors will open and the answers will step into your life. Thank you
Ireland barbara Hughes
Spain Josepa Vilurbina
Spain Antonio Grandío Botella
Mexico ARMANDO PEREZ PsycheGames apps Psyche traduce a un lenguaje contemporáneo y combina la estructura mitológica, simbólica y numérica de cinco oráculos antiguos de las culturas de: México (Patoli), China (I Ching), India (Lila), Persia (Asha) y Grecia (Cuadrados Mágicos).
En la medida en que el usuario aumente su experiencia con la aplicación, será cada vez más hábil para explorar y trazar el curso de su propia vida sobre este mapa de la psique humana.
United States of America Scott Enerson
Bulgaria Magdalena Gereva
♥Lu♥ Uezu
Argentina Eugenio Demarchi
United Kingdom Swan Montague The Fuji Declaration is the epitome of a renaissance of a sacred world to which I am entirely dedicated - the only tenable future for humanity and our beloved planet. May the voice of reason here flourish and grow to flower in the hearts of all man and womankind.
Argentina Mario Duró
Argentina Karina Grisel Alonso Machado Hoy 6 de noviembre de 2016 muy emocionada por encontrar en el camino estas maravillosa red de concientizacion para nuestra evolucion.
Argentina Susana Fiannaca Gracias
Argentina Marta Boccardo
Brazil Eduardo Amos
Argentina Silvina Halperin
Argentina alejandra gonzalez yustas Peace and oneness in the world =)
Argentina Carola Herrscher
Argentina Ana Belen Joulia
Argentina Mariana Alejandra Méndez Gracias.
Argentina Gisela Bintana
Argentina Ana Karina Intelisano
Argentina Fabiana Crespo TODOS SOMOS UNO
Argentina Lucia Cec Gracias!
Venezuela Aura Pérez
Venezuela Adelina Salvatierra
Argentina ROGELIO NESTOR MARINI En todas las ONG que trabajo buscamos el desarrollo físico, mental, espiritual, social y quinta dimensión que es el infinito potencial que tenemos los seres humanos y que debemos llevar a la práctica para mejorar a la humanidad.
Argentina Andrea Almeida
India Greg Acuna Planet Earthlings Organization My heart fills with joy every time I come across another individual or organization committed to making the world a more peaceful and compassionate place. I feel we are approaching a tipping point of great change towards a caring global society. One Love!
Philippines Jeroen de Haas Thank you for this initiative ????
Argentina Graciela Spina Por un mundo sin guerras
Cameroon Tibui Japheth Ndasi Peace, Smile, Non-violence, Thanks, I am sorry and I love you are what our Earth need for a better Futur
United States of America Sally Ann Ranney
Argentina Alicia Elizabeth Dalterio Adhiero a la presente declaración, la cual ha formado parte de mi vida de un modo natural y se ha manifestado multidimensional e interdisciplinarmente en mi formaciòn y experiencia, colaborando en servicio desde mi labor en salud y ciencia, artes, música y educación y la revalorización de culturas originarias. Como periodista en divulgación científica y salud, escritora, docente de arte y técnica, terapeuta, como alma, cuentan conmigo.
訓子 金森
Colombia juan carlos marin maldonado yo sou sustancia divina, yo soy uno con el todo
Italy Diane Dicosola
United States of America Jane Gerard
Argentina Rita Paz
Israel estrella eskenazi Rio Abierto Israel
Takio Ushio
United States of America Christelle Chopard DHARMI® Method - Institute I am interested to be actively involved in the project. I believe that my expertise and potentials can complement very well with all of yours to support this Vision with purpose and mindfulness.
United Kingdom Sherry Freeman
United Kingdom Robert Hodgson One Earth Nation
Australia Nancy Jakeman Light begets Light. Love begets Love.We cannot fail, together, to usher in the new dimension of Oneness, the solar life now nudging at our heart strings, moving in the fire of the Mothers Breath.
United States of America Lynn Tso
United States of America Jan Wright I re-avow my commitment to the principles of the Fuji Declaration and rededicate my International Peace Pole to this effort.
France Christopher law If we can no longer wait for a global civilization ,We will just have to live as if we are in one, and make it happen together ,A big Hug to all signatory's (may be collected in person) xxx
United States of America N L Shields
United States of America Joan Marie Compassionate Capitol Region Laura Hansen (owner of Divine Spark) and are co-founders of Compassionate Capitol Region, embracing six counties within the Sacramento area, which is the Capitol of our state. We are currently creating an Alliance of like minded people and businesses to create a Healthy Eco System of effective, efficient and long lasting positive change in our world. http:/
Rwanda Patrick Mazimhaka
Argentina Marianela Perea
Denmark Helene Moltke-leth
Brazil Roberto Kuster Uma iniciativa fantástica e necessária. Parabéns!
Austria Sabine Chima ❤❤❤
Canada Candace Holt
United States of America mansur johnson
United States of America Jeri Anne Hampton Wonderful, towards the awakening of the human race to save our beautiful planet earth and enter a new age of community and sharing resources and recognizing our unity. We can thrive and all people can share in it.
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Sarah Verwei Competencies of Evolutionary Leadership exploring ways of fitting our individual melodies together to create sustaining and enduring harmonies with the broader symphony of life on Earth. This is the essence of Syntony,
Noriko Kikuchi
Ecuador Emanuela Levin One suggestion: remaining open to the flow of All There Is beyond any definition, surrendering to the Mystery that guides our very breath of Life.
Argentina Maria Pilar Pose Saint Germain San Justo
Argentina Ileana Valeria Gomez Saint Germain San Justo
United States of America Vella Salazar
United States of America Linda Ritchie,tor As a Franciscan I find that your Declaration, in every aspect, speaks to me and is so parallel to the Franciscan "rule of life" and I thank you all for the enlightenment and affirmation. I pray for peace first; so that all these principles can come about and pray for this movement as a catalyst for the future. Love and Peace, Sr. Linda
Brazil Anna Christina Andrade Eu desejo a Paz Mundial!
Taiwan 顗蒨I- Chien 黃Huang
United States of America Jone Antenucci Peace and love to the world and gratitude to the organizers of this splendid commitment! May this movement put an end to the violation and degradation of the feminine through the "human trafficking" aberration - such a waste of lives.
Finland Mai Niemi This is my soul purpose to see the new WoMan and the new ManWo to be born.
South Africa Sarah Stoker
Canada Fiona MacEachern Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness It is truly inspiring to join this global community with a vision for a peaceful planet, thank you for organising it! Blessings to all.
United States of America Sheri Stern PEACE & Blessings to all - TOGETHER, we ARE accomplishing this!
United States of America Isildinha Reis May be peace in the earth and may all beings share peace and happiness in the earth.
United Kingdom Margaret Coles Spirit of Peace UK I have always prayed for and desired peace, but since the last flair in The Middle East and the very real sense that I have now of being a part of God, Higher Consciousness and connected to all and everything, I yearn to make a difference.
Canada Louise Vaux Wonderful and so it is! Namaste
France veronique POINTET
United States of America Darcy Sessions
Germany Ulrike Schütz the principles are deeply resonating in my heart
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Carina Eckes i sustain with all i am growth in consciousness of the power of love through connecting people in singing and sharing
United States of America Blake Sinclair
Australia Barbara Cameron
Brazil LILIA VIANA the light is invincible
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Vera Maranus
United States of America Carol Slaven
Tae Okochi May Peace Prevail on Earth
United States of America Kathleen Kobak
United States of America Eleanor Rae Center for Women, the Earth, the Divine (C:WED)
Canada Heidemarie Zeunert "Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me."
Canada Joan Ellis-Hill
Canada Guy Mommaerts Seicho-No-Ie Humanity Enlightenment Movement
kyoko okada
United States of America David Knowles I am inspired after attending the Soul of WoMan.
Mexico Jorge Zambrano Garza Honrando el balance de géneros
United States of America Loretta Knowles
United States of America Twinfeathers Twinfeathers I'm feeling the Power of the Authentic Commitment to this effort, and the activating of the wisdom of our Ancestors who Knew and lived from Unity...and left. It's time for All of us to realize our One-ness, so we can stop fighting and start serving each other as if we are! Love to all of you who are committed to bring this to fruition. Namaste!
United Kingdom John Hyslop
Mitsuyo Dhillon
Germany Tobias Perlick Es ist möglich.
United States of America Rita Volkland
Macedonia Zvonko Petroski
Costa Rica Adrienne Baksa
Syria Shurook Dawod Commitment to Creating Lasting Peace on Earth
United States of America Victoria Hanchin I have been serving these principles for my whole life. Now it is so thrilling to see them articulated with such care and precision, and offered forth for humanity to commit to collectively. Thank you for all you are doing, and the ways you are inspiring transformation.
Canada Torry Fountinhead We are in the Divine, and the Divine is in us, eternally.
United States of America Tria Schwartz
United States of America Sandra Berlin
United States of America Karen Faulkner
United States of America Diane Brewster Thank you!
United States of America Katherine Roche May Peace Prevail On Earth
Canada Suzanne Gagnier
United States of America Kathleen Johnson
Denmark Poul Sorensen
Australia Monica Brigid My heart is Singing with Joy!
Belgium marleen Lambrichts
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Monique Mae Vriens
Australia Maria Valentina Sobral Peace Prevails on Earth
youko hattori May peace prevail on earth!
United States of America emi sugiura
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) freed schmitter The Fuji Declaration is somewhat similar to the Keshe Roadmap for Peace. It is time to reflect on the consequences of unity (in diversity).
United States of America Lu Rossman
Germany Yuko Tolle Thank you all for beeing with us!
Mexico rosy rea rea ulloa Brahma kumaris Tijuana
United States of America Roberta Rosskam
Australia Janet Millar
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Anasuya Koopmans
United States of America Cheryl Moline
Germany Tomas Villar de Rohde
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Catharina Janssen With love to all people.
United States of America Steven Alff
United States of America Crystal Elston
Germany Ghislaine Hinton Thank you for the Fuji Declaration.
Wholeheartedly with you: let's shine our Light for this evolving and much better world for all.
France Véronique Turque
United States of America Therese Hartwell
United States of America Marjorie Shepherdson
kimiko yamaguchi
United States of America Bonnie Johnson
United States of America Jose I. Rodriguez What a wonderful initiative this is..!
It is so appropriate for the world at large at these times of awakening and transition... and I am so pleased, humbled and honored to be a part of it in thought, word and deed.
Many blessings to all..!
Germany Ulrich Deppe I hope we can turn it around. Is it possible?
United States of America Sita Aluna
United States of America Helen Griffin
Switzerland Barbara Diethelm Fondation Lascaux
United States of America Akankha Perkins
hideaki kusumoto
United States of America Kimberly Rau
United States of America Patrick Neal
kyoko abe
Argentina Agnese Margarita Zulian
Germany Barbara Schneider
China Hong Guang Yang
Nigeria Ismail Bello
United States of America Barbara Pomar
United States of America Kazumi Fukumoto
United States of America Debbie Moran This is in complete alignment with the way I am choosing to live and be in this world so it's easy to sign. I am grateful your organization has carried what I know to be true forward and to a much larger global audience. Thank you! Namaste'
United States of America Linda Lull
United States of America Darlene Fast
Argentina Miriam Baus
United States of America Gordon Keyler Namaste' to all beings.
United Kingdom Petra Mikesova
Argentina Paula Ines Fernandez
Yukari-Lurila Tatsumura
Italy Carla Susini
Brazil REMI ANTONIO GREZZANA Eu apoio a Declaração de Fuji. Que a Paz prevaleça no planeta Terra e no Cosmos.
Ireland Teresa McDaid I am commuted in supporting this great movement for all humanity..
Mexico CANDELARIA DONAJI MENDEZ TELLO Gracias por compartir este proyecto, enhorabuena, humanidad, armonia, paz, medio ambiente, amor, madre tierra.
Spain Katalin Karlovszky
United States of America Marilyn Bishop
Brazil Pedro Tagliavini Great!
United States of America Mary Dillon
Germany Tobias Grimm Essentis Biohotel Berlin Our mission as a Green Leader in the field of Biohotels is to be part of the global field of consciousness, and to positively influence individuals and society with its activities. We want to be a healing place for Mother Earth, where we experience how to live in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Johanna & Frederik Cornelis van Rij - de Koning.
United States of America Paige Prendergast
Canada David Kam Mother Earth Trust (Wildlife Sanctuaries) The Fuji Declaration will be written into the Genesis Block of the Earth Dollar currency, so that future generations can all read the declaration on a daily basis. The Fuji Declaration is part of the philosophy of the Earth Dollar and the declaration will appear on millions of computers.
United States of America Lillian Brenwasser
Norway Silvie LeMuzic
United States of America Nanri Tenney
Australia Patricia O'neil
Germany Margarete Schöner I*m happy to do that!
United States of America Zsuzsanna Varga
United States of America Linda Richard
Canada Don Williamson It is a better path than the one we've been led down...
United States of America anita brown
Canada Mary Ann Bourdeau
United States of America Nancy Craver
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Jolanda Klaassen Projects of Light I affirm my commitment. Let's Be the love we want to see in the world, shine our Light and live life in our own Divine potential.
Czech Republic Renata Adamová
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Marianne Lens
United States of America Miriam Wilson
Canada susan nelson
United States of America Megann Thomas Sending Harmonizing energies to this beautiful effort!!! I am in gratitude for your initiative. :-)
Australia Michele Godfrey
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) TONIJA PRUIJSSERS
Canada Tom Pickens
Australia kathryn peisley
United States of America Sharon Kind
Portugal Esther Schenkel
United States of America Eileen Brummal
Germany Kerstin Fricke - Allen
United States of America Susan Gebhardt
United States of America Ronda Downey
United States of America K N Miller
United States of America Norma Ervin Endorsing this truly fills my heart as we are all one and joining together to become the difference we are asking for to be our new existence!
Germany Iris Krug-Bell
Germany Anna Kopperschmidt
United States of America Jennifer Brown-Hall
United States of America Victoria Poppe Open doors classroom for the universal coursev Thank you for taking action in the name of love. We join you wholeheartedly as our world is on this threshold of living and expressing our holy oneness of Spirit and Light and Love without opposite. Thank you, blessings, Vicki Poppe, Open Doors
United States of America Richard Brendan It is an auspicious time to be alive. We are in the midst of great change and a movement for celebrating and sustaining life is now unfolding and growing. With great joy I endorse The Fuji Declaration and I'm honored to help bring love to life with so many of my brothers and sisters from around the world!
Switzerland Beth Goodson We are the Divine Spark and we are all connected.
Germany Ellen Engels
United States of America John Holley
Canada Vegari Cendar
United States of America Susan Mason Awakening Health & Consciousness Stellar! We need more of this good stuff!
United States of America Rev Meredith Ann Murray Thank you for this wonderful project! Together we CAN make a difference. Blessings!
Richard Howard Jones When our hearts are on our sleeve, we can step firmly through the swamp of political correctness and address problems as we see them without fear of offending. When something makes sense and is clearly beneficial to all, only those with little self-esteem or those who wish to puff themselves up with holier-than-thou nonsense will stand in the way of environmental, physical and spiritual progress.
United States of America Carey Anne McNeil Thank you!
United States of America Carol Saghir In deep gratitude...
United States of America Sandra Yeager
United States of America Sarah Catherine Rowland
United States of America Ron Rochna A wonderful plan and so ready to get started, Love and Light to ALL.

United States of America Darlene Rochna A Beautiful Vision: One for all and all for One - A wake up call that resonates. Thank you, and God Bless.
United States of America Jacqueline Graves
Australia Dianna Dawson
United States of America Sue Staropoli
United States of America Sara Mann Ms.
United States of America Tracy Maxwell This is incredible. As a healing coach, I help individuals overcome any barriers within themselves to complete wholeness, and it is thrilling to find an organization declaring the same for the planet - connecting us all with the divine spark within (including the planet). Hooray!
Canada Maryanna Andrews
United States of America Iona Miller
United Kingdom Pamela Kelly May Love and Light enter the hearts of all humanity.
United States of America Charlotte Twardokus Thank you so much!
Germany Hayke Orloff
United States of America cindy mcfadden namaste, om!!!
United States of America Durga Patricia Carroll Let us awaken, become response-able, and live in harmonious peace as One.
United States of America Teresa Rylko
Austria Patricia Zecha I have wanted to comit to being the change with all other loving beings that also want this. I have found the right group! Glad to be on board and awaiting my chance to put myself into Loving action! Thank you for the chance! LOL
United Kingdom Christiane Heidler I promise to commit to take care of our Sacred Earth.
Canada Helene Bourdeau
United States of America Mary Kay Brush FANTASTIC , AWESOME & ENCOURAGING to say the least, and just in time to help create an REAL CIVILIZATION!

United Kingdom Sue Beechwood-Hunt
Canada Marina Caroulias
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) AnnE van Beurden
United States of America Ruth Nodel
Switzerland Suvasa Mabille
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Mariët Frigge
United States of America Danny Cole The truth and wisdom in the Fuji declaration brought me to tears of joy. Bless your hearts for this powerful activation of heart.
United States of America Wendy Fast Thank you for doing this!
United States of America Roda Grubb
United States of America Harriet Bhumi Russell Bhumi's Yoga and Teacher Trainings Peace in the World begins with Love and Peace within ourselves.
United States of America Harriet L. Russell Business Ease Overseas Building cross cultural relationships that work with less stress and consciousness creates peace in ourselves and peace in the world.
United States of America Susan Bruna
South Africa Suzanne Ellis
Portugal Joana Catarina Mendes
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Ruud West All cultures and religions are beautiful flowers with one root turned to the same light of the sun.
United States of America Terry Hirst
United Kingdom Linda Vickers Hope rises anew :-) may you all be blessed xxx
Belgium Nicole Rosez
United States of America Debrah Chamberlain
United States of America Melissa Squeo
United States of America barbara valenza
United States of America Lea Ray
United States of America Michael Mills
United States of America Shirley Harvanka
Germany Tanja Engler I have been yearning for a life of love and kindness amongst all beings on this divinely beautiful Mother Earth and am filled with deep heartfelt gratitude to be able to join this wonderful and only way forward towards peace and happiness for all living beings, be they stone, plant, animal or human. Thank you!
United Kingdom Safar Wisby It is so inspiring to join with others into this acknowledgement of our Divine Spark, within all and true origin where we are ONE within the light.
Many thanks and may this Divine Light continue to embrace and awaken us harmony...
Australia Jane Shellard
Ireland Denise Terry
Germany Sabine Lupus
Germany Anselm Jonas Thanks to everyone that is driving things into the direction of being one! I believe thoughts that are mentioned all around this declaration are what this world needs!
France Juliette Lallau
United Kingdom Ruth Chapman
United Kingdom Heather Hamer
Australia Wendy Clarke
Canada Therese Nickell
United States of America Maria Baldwin- Sloan
Australia Yve Rounds Mahalo...Aloha Nui Loa
Australia waltraud davies
Canada Marianne Baker
United States of America Nancy Martin
United States of America Sushila Mertens We are all - human, animal, plant, earth, cosmos - connected as a living organism.
United States of America Mtume Imani How glorious is this moment in time -- my belief is that until women rule the world, there will be no peace and stability because women are compassionate, caring, know how to multi-task and work together for the good of all human beings, plants and animals. I APPLAUD YOUR WORK AND WILL DO MY PART BY SPREADING THE WORD TO ALL THE WOMEN IN KNOW. THANK YOU -- GOD AND GURU BLESS YOU ALL!!!
Germany Stacy Thunes Krieger
United States of America Zdenka Sharp
United States of America irene bartok
United States of America Debra Hunter
India Ramesh sharma
Georgia Nana PHIROSMANASHVILI Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD
Georgia Dr. Kakha NADIRADZE
Georgia Tekla NADIRADZE
United States of America Vedanta Nanda The whole world is a big family and every single is the member of this huge family with unconditional divine love and respect even must have love, respect and sympathy to all living beings....
KOBAYASHI KYOKO 世界人類が平和でありますように!!
yoko yamagami
United States of America peg fennell
Australia Patricia deLaney It's time to realise our full connectedness with all and live in way that truly reflects that reality. Patricia deLaney
Daiou Kouki
United States of America Vivian Stratton
United States of America Julia Cantu
Spain Karyn Wendt
United States of America Berniece Dahl United we stand; divided we fall. Unless we, as a species, work together for the good of all we will destroy ourselves and our planet with our constant infighting.
India prabhuji vadapalli
United States of America Joann Hutton
United States of America Judy Rainbow I applaud the endeavors of the Fuji Declaration and am proud to add my name to the list of others who support this wonderful cause.
United States of America Tamar
United States of America Marguerite Curtis
United States of America Jaimen McMillan Director of the Spacial Dynamics Institute
United States of America Lisa Fletcher
France Thomas Reylaender
Spain Juan Luis Melero Ollonarte
Kumi Fujisawa
Ghana Elizabeth Korasare Peace and security is what humanity needs for the sustainability of this earth
Yukie Osa
Ireland Michalis Solomontos
Sweden Lena Lundh
United States of America Laura Craven
Australia David Williams
United States of America Patricia Smith
United States of America Sally Formosa We are awakening the divine spark of humanity with weekly Om Circles for World Peace and Enlightenment
Italy Teri Volini
Italy Laura Brun
Italy Nayaswami Kirtani Stickney
Canada Carla Kehler May peace, harmony, understanding, compassion, love and light prevail on earth for the Highest Good of ALL!
United States of America John Theobald
Switzerland Daniela Panzeri
Italy Narya Paolo Tosetto
Italy Domenica Sai
Italy Nandini Valeria Cerri
Italy Carmela Capace Sono una con l’universo ed insieme voglio vivere amore, pace, bellezza e armonia infinita.
Italy Simona Picchi
Italy Vito Palladino
Italy Viviana Maestri
Italy Elena Melanga
Italy Maria Caterina Putignano
Spain Yaiza Guimare
United States of America Betty C Dudney Golden Rule

Make living conditions better and fairer for all!
If we must fight, let it be a war for food, shelter, education!
Many have no safety nets, being forced to work for a few dollars a day!
Equal Rights, Equal Respect, Equal Opportunity.
The Universal Golden Rule, to treat others with equal fairness, as you would most want to be treated.
Grow 12X12 Golden Rule Families builds a good strong non-profit group.
United States of America Bonny Lee Michaelson The One with the Most Peace Wins...
United States of America Karli Nabours-Palermo
United States of America Jill Adame I join to be a member of a spiritual organization that unites us as one and brings us all together as one...
United States of America Dawn Dunbar
United Kingdom Bazyli Golinski
Canada Victor Jasin Altruism, harmony, health and happiness for all.
fusako kitamura
Spain alexander lopez
United Kingdom sheila davies
yoko kajitani
Italy Gian Franco Ceccato Con profondo umiltà amore e gratitudine metto al servizio le mie doti creative al umanità e al pianeta. Così che la scintilla Divina brilli in me With profound humility, love and gratitude, I offer my ability of creativity to the service of humanity and of the Earth. Thus, the divine spark will shine through me.
Tomoko Nishio
Kazuko Inoue
United Kingdom Thomas Moles
Spain Mikel Gotzon Mujika Flores
tomoyuki takao
Kiyoko Shinohara
United States of America Justin Furuta
Keiko Hiramatsu
United States of America Maureen MinearGamble We are all brothers and sisters..may UNITY and PEACE PREVAIL
Italy Laura Bianca Maria Ricchina
Italy Carezzato Gian Piero Yogabile Sam Yoga
Spain Lourdes Rad Mayo Peace prevail On earth
and in my heart.
Italy Gabriella Colli
Spain Federico Velázquez de Castro Gonzalez Todo cambio personal debe conducir a un compromiso social. El desarrollo espiritual debe llevar al compromiso comunitario para transformar la sociedad.
United States of America Veronica Marr Clearly, envisioning, invoking and living PEACE within ourselves will expand and touch others everywhere. Thank you for this Declaration!
Argentina Víctor M. Castel
United States of America Thao Le
Spain Sonia Gutiérrez
Yuko TERAO World peace comes when people realize that it is made in the mind of each and everyone of us all. Our mind and the world is One.
Canada Line St-Pierre Let this divine spark shine through every words and actions in our daily life!
Spain Juan José Marques Mi modo de servir a éste propósito es la divulgación de la permacultura y la tecnología intermedia, y se materializa en la " escuela de vida sostenible"

Por el momento hay un blog: "" donde podéis encontrar alguna información útil para los tiempos de incertidumbre que vivimos....

Muchas gracias a todos por colaborar en el alumbramiento de la nueva cultura de paz y abundancia en armonia con la naturaleza!
Saipan Giovanna Castello
Italy Ayida Racine
Manghwani Sachiko
Spain Horacio Londner
Canada Donna Wells
KUNIKO Kiyota 私たちは宇宙神の一筋の光。これでもかというくらい何度も何度も否定的な想いを光の溶解炉に投げ込み光に変容させる。自分を、神を信じる。すべてが今すぐ良くなる。すべてが可能となる。私たちは進化し続ける神である。
KYOKO Sakada We are GOD!! Let's change the tree-dimensionnal negative feeling to the light!!
KIYOSHI YAMADA 人類が危機を乗り越え、地球に生きる生命すべてと、ともにより素晴らしい地球を創っていけるよう尽力します。
Italy Maria Terranova Ceron
Germany Frieder Krups BraveHearts International
United Kingdom Alison Boyes
United Kingdom Alice Fateah Saunders
United States of America Diane Hise far and away long past time to care and show that we do
Germany Petra Dr. Buchholz Oh, yes, let´s built a peacevoll world of brotherhood.
United States of America Scotty Bruer One Billion Signatures + 1 (yours) = Peace Now. Join us at
Uruguay Erika Hernandez Porque considero que la unificación de energías es la mejor forma de provocar la evolución hacia el camino de la paz.
Uruguay Silvia Rosenthal Unidos podemos más
Uruguay Alicia Temeladri
Uruguay Maria Basso Estoy de acuerdo con este tema. Hay que luchar por la paz y no por la guerra
Uruguay Celide Rodriguez Rolla
Uy Dionel Pedernera
Australia Christophe Landreau
Spain Sara Huarte Educando en Salud HOY Comprometidos totalmente con el tiempo actual y con la transformación que cada uno de nosotros puede llevar a cabo para construir un nuevo mundo en consciencia.
Argentina Aparicio Lenci Trabajar en armonía en la consciencia
Argentina Adolfo Feldman Paz, Paz, Paz…
United States of America Rajendra S. Sisodia
Argentina Guillermo Spector Río Abierto
Argentina Silvia Promeslavsky Por la Paz
Argentina Claudio Perez Por la paz en el mundo
Fujita Masaya
knimi nakano 1990年からの会員です。
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Marius Hadjidakis Haux !
United Kingdom Kiran Bali MBE JP Let us transform our colourful unity in diversity into positive change for our Mother Earth and for all of God's creation through recognition of thr divinity in each and every being.
Germany Olivia Tawiah
France Eric Pajot
United States of America Patricia Orlinski
Yukiyo Nakagawa
Spain xavier Galván Amor incondicional
Spain Karina Lopez
Germany Ingrid Locquenghien
Yukiko Oshiro
Pakistan Umayr Masud
Ken Koyama
motoaki sugino
ikuko aoki
United States of America Ann Ranson
koto matsumoto
United States of America Scott Theisen In solidarity and with much love ~
United States of America Tarran Caldwell Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to join with this group committed to world unity, love and peace--You have my complete commitment.
United States of America Melvin Giles May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)! Peaceful Thoughts,
United States of America douglas quitmeyer I have been a warrior my entire life. I realize that the time of peace and harmony is upon us and is the only way to live and be.
Canada Valerie Palmer
Argentina Gabriela Beduchaud
Argentina VIVIANA GABRIELA MOLINA Afirmo como ser humano mi responsabilidad con este planeta con toda su poblacion, mis hermanos, acepto trabajar en equipo para mejorar las relaciones de los seres humanos entre si con nuestro planeta todo.-
United States of America Melissa Hutton
Argentina Marta Damond Pudeyrredon
South Africa Wynand Van Der Walt
France Chikako Sato
South Africa Riaad Isaacs
United States of America Marilyn Hormann YES>
United States of America Joy Ayscue LOVE
Chile Maria beatriz Anguita crass Muchísimas gracias
fumie yamamoto
United States of America Francine Folkestad
Italy Cecilia lecis
United States of America Lola Wright Bodhi Spiritual Center
Kiyoshi Munekado
yoko yamane
munehiro echigo
United States of America Francis Kroncke
Canada Neil Cutler
Canada Audrey Anderson
tomoyo moriguchi
Australia Simon Hall I've been a member of this idea in my heart for several years now. It is now the Time for true change. Equality and freedom is the birthright of all living things.
Masako Nakajima May peace prevail on earth.
Mexico Liliana Álvarez
Spain Montse Freire
United Kingdom Clara Louis dit Picard
Italy marta patrizia saponaro siamo tutti universo e come universi è giusto collaborare alla creazione di altri universi perché questo è il nostro vero iinfinito lavoro. Si crea solo attraverso l'amore Bene supremo.
United States of America Mary Donna Cooper,RSM
Spain Hikari Hashimoto Martin
India Nitesh Kumar I wants to join world peace and communal harmony mission of any international organization
Italy Silvia Maria Martina Gaia Bonetti We are all connect, now the aim is develop our consciousness. Live is become Responsability ( RES-ABILITY) day after day.
India Shivani Dalai
Mayumi ENDOH ♡世界人類が平和でありますように♡
Daisuke Kitagawa
Argentina Nancy Rama Make Peace between all the human beens
United Kingdom robin cowan
Australia Beverley Stott
Australia Beth Madden
Keiko Nakahara
Australia Maureen Sexton
United States of America Suzanne Toolan, RSM
United States of America Leslie Yakubowski
Canada Willi Nolan I commit to being part of the solution to bring our world's people to happy, peaceful and good lives.
United States of America Maureen Jessnik
United States of America Nancy Pluta
United States of America Honey Theogene We are united in heart, mind and spirit for true peace
Uruguay Louise Simon
United Kingdom Teresa Keast
United States of America Nancy Leys
France SARAH CARRERE MBODJ excellent initiative, congratulationsand good luck!
United States of America MARIE HINE
United States of America Patricia Beneshan
United States of America Agnes Brennan
misa taguchi 心から賛同いたします。
United States of America Frances Boyle
United States of America Suzie Armbruster IHM
United States of America Beverly Palumbo
horie sachiyo
Uruguay María Aída Carballo Porque es "naturalmente" necesaria como impulso autoorganizador del mundo "evolucionario" redentor.
Uruguay Rosse Mary Diaz
Uruguay Ana Lis Teyza
Ryoko Eguchi
masateru gotou
goto kousirou 当日は富士聖地で感動しました。
Uruguay Patricia Martinez
Masami Yamamoto
Switzerland Denis Nushi
Russia Selezneva Regina
Yoko Ideura 私をここに導いて下さった方々に感謝します。ありがとうございます。
Italy mayada elshawa
Mexico Mar Alonso
United States of America Jim Gartner
teruko fujihara
United Kingdom John Holman
Philippines Ria Consuelo Mendoza
takako sakurai 一日も早く地球人類が神性復活し愛と平和と喜びの世界になりますように
Denmark Olaf Gerlach-Hansen
Germany Alexander Schürholz We are all one, united in love!!!
Australia Anthony Gleeson This is so badly needed. I have no hesitation in signing it. For a long time I have felt that as well as trashing our planet, we are trashing each other. This is an opportunity for us to collectively 'draw our line in the sand'. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity
Argentina Jorge Alberto Leschenne
Australia Mik Aidt I will do what I can to promote this declaration. We run a podcast and blog, etc, in Australia, called
Colombia Veronica Schiemann
United States of America Rishi Fletcher Holistic OralHealth I will be very glad to cooperate with such a noble and necessary institution ..!
Hiroko Mizuguchi
Argentina celina lesta
United Kingdom Thomas Miller
Kaori Nakazawa
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Noriko Nishijima
Italy Michiko Kato Organization Name Comment (Optional)
Argentina Ignacia Ramirez
Argentina Olga Yanover
Aida Aisenson
Argentina Beatriz Guerrero Porque quiero pertenecer a la organización ya que me interesa que haya paz en el mundo y poder participar
United States of America Ana Easton Organization Name I was so excited when I found this I teared up. I hope people will truly take these concepts to heart and start living by them.
Toshiko Iizaka
Iraq Sana Aras
shigeru otani
nobuko kobayashi
Momoko 桃子 Onoe 尾上
Shohei 尚平 Onoe 尾上
Yasuharu Nemoto
Makoto Okamura
Tuneko Iwata
United Kingdom David Nelson
Yasue Takeuchi
Tomoko Mitani 素晴らしい富士宣言。
harue matono
Ayako Gotoh
Switzerland Yoko Gotoh
Switzerland Rogenmoser Tatoun
United States of America Melinda Utal-Martinez I am honored to participate.
Argentina Liliana Szabó The most important signture is intimate inside each individual's conscience.
United States of America Naomi Takikawa
yoshiko yokota すべての子ども達が若者が、目をキラキラ輝かすように、応援します
Argentina maria elvira sagasti
Argentina Maria Cecilia Galera
Germany Eva Shirzadian
Argentina Mirta Nigro Espero poder contribuir con un granito de arena donde me encuentre. Necesito realimentarme actitudinalmente.
Argentina Amalia Coraggio
United States of America Krystin Weidner
eva rosa maravillosamente contenta de poder participar ,y poder ser util al servicio de la comunidad,me siento muy feliz de que x fin encontre lo que deceaba,.expander los conocimientos a otras personas ,Esto es la VERDAD.
masahide ishibashi
yukari oikawa
Colombia Cilia Lucero Hurtado Rivera
Argentina Rosana Guerra
Argentina Yiyin Liu
Argentina Carlos Persini Fundación Huellas para un Futuro ONG abocada a la conservación y recuperación del medio ambiente, desarrollando programas de auto-gestión para las comunidades de pobladores originarios (guaraníes) vulnerables
Argentina Carlos Persini
Argentina Viviana Vazquez Fendrik
United States of America Sebastian Naum
Argentina Bernardo Rudoy Fundación Krishnamurti Hispanoamericana La paz individual es la paz del mundo. La paz es un estado de la mente
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Chiel Reemer Let go.
France Rene Wadlow On behalf of the Association of World Citizens, of which I am President: The Spark must become a Flame
Australia Michael Ellis Global Peace Centre
Mexico Omar Valen Editorial SER Cuando la energia de un grupo forma una Mastermente con la intencion de hacer un impacto en el mundo inevitablemente lo logra
Argentina adriana nielsen adhiero en alegria!
Masaaki Fujiwara 組織名 May peace prevail on earth.
Argentina camila flamenco
Germany Albert Schmitt The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen Peace is a natural result of the highest possible individual development.
The Fuji Declaration encourages our endeavours to live up to the true potential of mankind.
Music can give us direction, if we make it sound in the heart of our society and if we open up for its true inner meaning.
Spain Solange Basseterre
Colombia Laura Valencia
Switzerland Jens Ostergaard I believe in #Oneness (ask Ruppert Sheldrake, wether he want's to join; he is good on morphic resonance, which would explain a bit of #Oneness)
Spain Elena Moreno
Spain omar rosa
Spain Miguel Ángel González Luuque Que la unidad diversa te convenza de que somos uno, lo contrario es la el engaño de tu mente. Aquí estoy para ayudar a quien se encuentre perdido.
masami kimura
United Kingdom Rachel Winter
United States of America Patricia Wagner Thank you for this initiative. May peace prevail on Earth.
Yoko Takemura
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) mariean schut
Ghana Felix Ameyaw-Boachie
France Beata Wojtowicz-Lara
Spain olga gutierrez
Argentina Irupé Christeller Escuela del Siglo Nuevo Desde nuestro ámbito de una educación primaria centrada en valores humanos universales, afirmamos nuestra intención de vivir y actuar desde este compromiso común, para que todas y todos juntos podamos cambiar la consciencia humana hacia un pensamiento y una acción más inclusiva y centrada en el todo y con la naturaleza, para dar a luz a un nuevo mundo más amoroso y pacífico.
United States of America Barbara Hathaway
Argentina Silvia Esther Musselli "La Nave de la Paz", uniendo orillas, cruzando fronteras para la Paz Cultura y Educación para la Paz.Un derecho y compromiso de todos. Adhiero a tan importante momento La Declaración de Fuji- Sólo uniendo nuestras mentes y corazones en pos de trabajar por la Paz y la No violencia podremos hacerlo realidad,viviremos un mundo de respeto y armonía. abrazo de corazón y Paz para todos. Silvia Musselli Embajadora de la Paz, distinción otorgada por Mil Milenios de Paz y Fund.Paz,Ecología & Arte, mensajeras de Unesco
Argentina Pablo Pera "Seamos Paz y la Paz será".
Spain Maria Dolores Sousa
Argentina Edelmar Gregorio Cespedes DESEO VIVIR EN ARMONIA, PAZ, FELICIDAD
Argentina Isabel Galarte Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Por la paz mundial

Argentina Giuliana Bortoni Portal del Sol Por la unión de todos los seres! y que fluya la paz!
Argentina Vadmi Savchenko Por un mundo mejro
Argentina Elena María Laikam Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Por la paz mundial
Argentina Olga Forconi Brahma Kumaris
Argentina Susana Neifert Centro de Reiki Arco Iris
Argentina Reina Cejas Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Por la paz
Argentina Dominga Hanek Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Que permanezca la paz
Argentina Alejandra Ojeda Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Creo firmemente que algo nuevo surgirá
Argentina Dina Barros Que la paz permanezca en la tierra
Argentina VIVIANA VILLANUEVA In Gratitude
Harumi Nishimura
Argentina Vilma Cristina Perren
Shizue Nagai
nobuko morita
Spain Iker Larrieta Arrizabalaga Por un mundo diferente. <3
Italy Roberto Settembrini
Dominican Republic Elizabeth Rodriguez
yoko jinku
United States of America Marianna Shvartsapel Thank you for your beautiful work and vision! May it be so!
Argentina Ana Ingrid Streinzer
Spain Elisa Serra I agree to Fudji Declaration
sanae shimauchi
Colombia hernan alonso carvajal cifuentes
yoshihumi nakao
Argentina sandra patricia vai
United States of America Marjorie Adler
Spain Raquel Sánchez Sánchez
United States of America Gail Ostrow
Spain Agustin Fernandez Jimenez
United States of America Dianne Dupuis
yukinori kitamura 農業者です。最近は生命の尊厳というものを畑の虫や草を通して感じることが多くなりました。是非富士宣言を実生活で実践したいと思います。
masayosi mochiduki may peace prevail on earth
isao sakuraba
Kikuko Ono May peace prevail on earth.
Philippines Martin Julius Perez
akie yosida
United States of America Joan Cesare
Masashi Nakano
Argentina Paola Alejandra Bizzari Feliz y bendecida de ser parte de esta nueva consciencia, de participar consciente y activamente desde mi Ser y mi lugar!!!! Gracias
Argentina Orlando Jose Farao
Argentina sandra nancy tuama
Spain Yolanda Gonzalez
Argentina Aida Aurora Mare Mare me comprometo a cumplir desde el corazon con los principios de la declaracion Fuji. namaste
Spain Iván Rodolfo Barrera Rigazzi
fujita kenichi fujita
YASUKO TAKEUCHI May peace prevail on earth
Argentina Consultorio Código Vida Consultorio Código Vida Consultorio Código Vida Apoyamos este cambio de paradigma global.
Takehiro Horikawa
Spain Raquel Royuela
Nobuko Tsubokawa ^_^
Peru Walter Meza Gonzalez Excelente proyecto y los propósitos que tiene. Un proverbio hindú dice : "Cuando en último animal muera. Cuando el último vegetal se seque, quizás el hombre entienda que el dinero no se come"
Michiko Sato 本当の自分に目覚めることが、全ての鍵だと思います。
Akiko Nagashima
Argentina Gabriel Pire
Spain Elisabet Ponsa
United States of America Teresa Oyanedel
Masahide Hotani
Argentina Irma Luz del Alba POR LA PAZ DEL MUNDO
Spain Encarna Penalba Guiñón
Spain Eduardo Granero Penalba
Argentina Ana María Martínez
Venezuela Bolivia Loyo Gracias por esta amorosa Iniciativa.
Mexico Carolina Juárez Reyes
Argentina Susana Ester Del Carmen ¡¡¡¡ Proyecto magnífico !!!!!!!!!!!
United Kingdom Sara Gurton
Argentina Maria Fabiana Proserpi
Spain Margarita González Pozuelo
Spain Tony Mills
Spain Annie Corder
Spain Miguel Gasca
Spain Jaime Luna Gracias por la invitación a particopar en esta nueva conciencia
Saipan Susana torres nieto
Spain Segundo Gonzalez No miremos sólo con los ojos..... será más fácil ver..... lo que es.
Colombia Oscar De la Ossa Me comprometo a aportar el valor de mi vida para la construcción de una humanidad coherente y armoniosa
Argentina Roberto Maza
Argentina Mónica Cecilia Audi Falú
Colombia Zuly Betancourt
Argentina lucila guttman
Mexico Carmen Hernández
Mexico Rosa Evelya Rodríguez Esparza Rumbo a la unidad que es amor.
Chile MÓNICA FIGUEROA MIRANDA "La separación es una ilusión", Namasté
France Andreas Karl Freund Thank you for this initiative that comes from the heart and goes to the heart.
Spain Pilar Vazquez Hurtado
Spain Rogelio Cruz
Argentina Guillermo Fabre
Spain Rafael Manzano Pizarro
Argentina yesica zaccara
Mexico VerónicaFlor Peimbert Estavillo
Spain Sara Mosquera
Spain Miguel Martinez
Venezuela Patricia Molaro
Argentina Miguel Mario Malamud
Colombia Gloria Lucia Tejada Gracias, me encanta esta experiencia, TODOS SOMOS UNO
akira nakata
Spain Pilar Bernad Todos somos UNO en la divinidad del Ser.
fumiko yokota
Spain Lidia Teixidó Sixto
Ecuador Saarhy Betancourt
Mexico Paulo Gaona
Mexico moises sanchez gonzalez
yukari ikeda
Argentina María Belén Tolosa
Colombia luis mario pineda peralta
Chile Ana Maria Soffia Bakovic Maravillosa iniciativa
Argentina monica villalba
Mexico Martha Bravo
Argentina Laly Calzetta
Uruguay veronica mariño
Argentina Sandra Alicia Vasilchin
Spain Mª Ángeles MARCHORI ORTUÑO Firmo ésta adhesión, con la confianza de que la Declaración de Fuji, sea un punto de partida hacia el cambio de conciencia y con ella, se consiga el beneficio de tod@s. NAMASKAR !!
Portugal Fernanda Batista batista
Mexico Sandra Angelica Hernandez Lopez
Spain sheila pajuelo gallardo
Mexico Irma Castro
Colombia Maria Judith Estrada jimenez Doy infinitas gracias por la oportunidad de este espacio y por lo que se derive segun disposición de la fuente eterna de creación.
Germany Ana Mercedes Primera Fonseca
Spain Gema Luengo
Argentina Luciano Didier
Spain Núria Gómez Martínez love gaia
Argentina Paula Botto
Spain Encabo Chelo Estoy muy contenta de que alguien haya creado este ideal a seguir
Argentina Adriana Cecilia Arnedo Adriana Cecilia Arnedo Estoy muy interesada en participar y me gustaría tener más información , en Españaol
Argentina Nancy Miralles
Spain Juan Miguel Ferrer Lledó
France Diana Silva Santisteban
Colombia Paola Hernandez Romero
Mexico erika s. ubando
Spain Julia Ordóñez Cudero
Mexico Roberto Fernandez
Mexico Rosalia Esquivel
Chile Rose Marie Vergara
Mexico PAOLA CARDENAS BOJORQUEZ Realmente no se mucho de que se trata pero siendo en pro de la paz mundial me sumo por un mundo mejor,. bendiciones
Spain Enrique Mancera
Mexico Rocío Magaly Muñiz Rivera
Spain inma costa
Argentina Mariela Carolina Chogriz
United States of America Ernesto Prado
Spain Vanessa Pérez
Uruguay Andrea Sagrada
Spain Jose Bernal
Argentina Sol Guardia
Uruguay Martha Lastman Celebro esta iniciativa!!!!
Argentina María del Carmen Daidone
Mexico Patricia Baigts
Argentina Rodolfo Zurita
Switzerland Susy Toth
Vietnam Elisa Tezuka Llego la por siglos esperada CONVOCATORIA para volvernos a unir en “ese” Círculo de Luz, unidos a todos aquellos que un día escuchamos el llamado para voluntarios para esta Bendita Tierra como Seres Servidores de la Verdad, de la Luz, del ÚNICO
Spain Raimon Cantavella Fèlix Sentido Biológico
Spain Miriam Carleos Artime
Mexico Perla Salazar
Mexico Alicia Terrazas Que nuestras consciencias emerjan y despierten para honrar los medios que disponemos para tener esta experiencia terrenal
Spain Josefina Viñuales
Mexico Javier Gonzalez Alvarado
Argentina Raquel Jaisen ..todos somos UNO......
Spain Maribel Dominguez
United States of America Sister Veronique Wiedower, CSC Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross
Spain natalia garcia canillas
Sweden Benjamin Huayna Mulato Gloria excelsis deo.
Argentina Leonel Zabala
Sweden Oscar Lundström
Mexico Lupita Obon Love this commitment
Mexico Lila Montserrat Rodriguez Palos
Spain Gonzalo Guardiola
Spain Cecile Pinot
Spain cris sanz
Argentina Violeta Rocio Itati Flores
Spain mamen Martos Rojo
Argentina Paula Montero
Chile Monica Vargas Garriga
Spain sabrina campillo
Chile Marianela Veronica Moreno Leiva
Spain joan muñoz viva el latido universal
Spain Noelia Alvarez
Yutaka Nishino
United States of America Michelle Rosenthal
Toshiyo Akamatsu 人類の精神が進化するのと比例して、この地球上のあらゆる問題は減少していく。全人類が神聖に目覚めたとき、問題はすべて解決、解消される。こんなに永い間、混沌としていた世界なのに、この真理に気付くとき、良くなるときは、一瞬。一瞬で良くなる。覆る。朝陽が昇る、その瞬間と、同じ。
Saudi Arabia Jens Niemann The declaration should be translated into more languages.
Australia David Johnston
United Kingdom Dawn McLean
yukiko okamura
Uruguay Alicia Careac
Masuko Suganuma
Misa Matsumoto
Yuko Kakinoki
United States of America Luis Constantin
United States of America Patricia Cornell
Yomogida Shizuka
United States of America Mary Turgi, CSC Holy Cross International Justice Office
Uruguay Jimena Perera
hiromi nishino
tamie tanaka 組織名 コメント (オプション)
渡辺 賢人
akiko hotani
tatsuya ito
United States of America Ruth Martin
kazuko ishikawa
ikuko nakada
chie yoshida
Mexico María Olga Gracia It is time to do our best efort!!!
Argentina Marcelo daniel Zfaile
Uruguay Sandra García Fundación por la Paz Graciela Figueroa
Uruguay Berta Eugenia Ferrer - Mayol Hernando
Uruguay Florencia Yacobucci
Miku Ishii
Argentina Mariana Taberniso
Yukari Matsushita
Hiroko Yoshida
kumi sato
Uruguay Jorge Omar Cepeda AIEL.NL
Uruguay Katia Arriola
Uruguay Beatriz Presa
Uruguay Selene Gentamenini Por la Paz Mundial
Argentina Eduardo Borello Porque sé que la Paz ya está en la Tierra
Uruguay Guzmán Schroeder Fundación por la Paz Graciela Figueroa Deseo la Paz
Uruguay María del Rosario Echeverría Arza Fundación por la Paz Quiero adherirme a la Paz activamente
Uruguay Daniella Vaz Palombo Fundación por la Paz Para poder fomentar un cambio en la forma de pensar y relacionarnos con nuestra tierra y con el otro.
noriko tako
Argentina Silvia Ojeda Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Deseo la Paz y fundamentalmente la unión.
Argentina Zulema del Valle Vasquez Centro de Reiki Arco Iris Es saludable abrir conciencia en el profundo significado por la Paz
Argentina María Cristina Fullana Centro de Reiki Arco Iris ¡Amo la Conciencia de Paz, Creciente!
Argentina Silvana Patricia Gomez Centro de Reiki Arco Iris La Paz individual contagia la Paz mundial para la armonía de todos.
Brazil Bruno Ananian
Argentina Azucena Villarreal Nirvana
Argentina Roberto Matsubara La búsqueda de la Paz y Armonía basada en el amor es un derecho y necesidad del hombre. Promulgarlo un deber.
Argentina María Susana Bustos de Macaya Consejo de Paz de la República Argentina Me agrada hacer mi aporte a toda organización que tenga que ver con armonizar y equilibrar el mundo con conciencia de amor, paz y unidad
Argentina Carmen Silvina Alvarez Centro Nueva Era Comulgo por la Paz
Italy Natalia Testa Love♡
United States of America joel lorimer
Mexico Yolanda Castaneda
Mexico Ana Patricia Castaneda Garcia Thank you very much from the deepest part of my Soul for this organization and the intention to save and respect Life. Much blessings to you all. <3
maeko ariizumi
toshiko ishida
hirokuni terada may peace prevail on earth.
OSAMU HIRAKAWA この日を迎えられたこと、本当におめでとうございました。
Fukumi Sai
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Tess Jungblut
Mexico Luz Elena Langle Gómez
United States of America Jacqueline Hayward
akiko ishiyama May peace prevail on earth
Spain Irina Rodriguez de la Flor Me encantaria conocer a las personas que llevan este proyecto en España para establecer posibles colaboraciones con la Fundación en la que trabajo, muchas gracias y felicidades por esta bonita iniciativa.
France eric Muguruza
Minoru Yotsuzuka May peace prevail on earth.
Canada Chilsa Neves
Takashi Kuriyama
akemi mori
hisao takagi may peace prevail on earth
United Kingdom Adam Reparszky
Shumi Nakane
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) nela filip
United Kingdom Jane Padget
New Zealand Hella Coenen I totally agree and am extremely grateful for this initiative!
Mexico Virginia Sanchez Navarro Reconocer que somos una misma energía, despertando al poder colectivo, enfocado en evolucionar concientemente, en contribuir al tipping point, en transmutar deliberadamente... es el gran privilegio que compartimos. Bendiciones! Somos1!
yamamura tomiaki
Canada Carolyn Heil, FSPA This gives me such hope that we can help co-create a world of oneness.
Canada Penny Joy Thank you for this opportunity, for all the thought, planning, love and light that has gone into this declaration and the event in Japan.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!
United States of America Shelly Smith
Portugal Marion Robbins So happy to be able to participate in this initiative!
Brazil Lais Mainardi Assim eu declaro.
Iceland Kathy Patrick I am very happy to be here for these wonderful changes!
United States of America MaryEllen Floyd
Spain Joan Pons
United States of America Kelly Dimond This is so Beautiful! I feel so inspired and filled with gratitude! Metta, Namaste.
Tamami Hashimoto 世界人類が平和でありますように
Uruguay Eduardo Arcaus
Mexico Carmen Angélica López Sánchez
Yuuko Shibata 富士宣言に心から賛同致します。
United States of America Jade Carroll
Croatia Ivan Bavcevic
hayato ikegami
Spain José Luis Caso
Finland Hanna Aarrekorpi Sound & Silence
Uruguay Pablo Ocampo Paz a toda la humanidad
Belgium Moshe Garelik
Toshiko Uesugi
Argentina María del Carmen Biscarreta
Argentina Laura Nuñez Cremades Por el futuro de todos
Argentina Zaida Nuñez La Paz comienza por cada uno. La Paz es posible.
Hungary Varga Mária
Etsuko Sugita
United States of America Michelle Beaulieu Hovey
Ritsuko Nakanami
Uruguay Macarena Montero ADASEC Uruguay
United States of America Adriana Yoshii
Hungary Kriszta Werner
United States of America Jose Fuentes
Hungary Csaba Sőti
United States of America Gene Krackehl
United States of America Rinaldo S. Brutoco
Brazil Zélia Oliveira
Brazil Rita de Cássia Rodrigues Estanqueiro
Chile Luz Iglesias Es maravilloso asistir al tiempo en que los seres humanos tengamos el anhelo de lograr un mundo mejor. Gracias.
Uruguay Carlos Almeida
Brazil Vera Lúcia Martins Barreto
Uruguay Shirley Lautaret
Uruguay Guillermo Fernández Lezama ADASEC Uruguay Asociación de Ayuda Social, Ecológica y Cultural. Miembros de FIADASEC y del ECOSOC de la ONU. Apoyamos esta declarción. :)
Kimiko Uchiyama
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Heleen de Ruijter Heleen de Ruijter ontwikkeling & training
United Kingdom Neil Rothwell
Australia Tracey Rhodes
India Kavita Byrd
SHOKO OSONO 私達は一人ひとり輝きながら、ひとつになれる。
youko sakurai
United Kingdom Nathaniel Alexander
United States of America Patricia Allen
Uruguay Maria Magdalena Magnoni
United States of America Starr Egan
South Africa Firhana Alli
Ireland Kathleen O'Hara Farren
takuji okada 世界人類が平和でありますように
United Kingdom Anne Clarke
Germany Kerstin Todd And so be it.
United States of America Susan Gibson Thank you for all you are doing and for giving me a way to join with you
United States of America Chris Pratt The hub of my new web site.
United States of America Mary McGinn
Argentina paz arias
Venezuela jesus bolivar
Spain Begoña Asua Zabala
Spain Mª Isabel Granado Perez
Spain Axun Gereka Ametsa egia bihurtuta! Mila eta bostehun esker!!!
Brazil ANDERSON STOFFELSHAUS Peace belongs to all mankind.
Spain Luis Carrera Amalurra
Spain Miriam Aliende Emocionante
Finland Hanna Aarrekorpi
Koji Sekine
Nepal Priyadarshani Shah
United Kingdom Jeremy Hayward The White Eagle Lodge Heartfelt endorsement of the Declaration
South Africa Douglas Burns
Yui Mizuki
michiko moroi 誰でもが望んでいる平和な世界を共に創造してゆくことは、人間として一番幸せな事だと思います。多くの人がこの富士宣言に賛同してそれぞれの個性のままに同じ目的にむかって命を生かしあって行きたいです。
TOSHIYUKI NOTO 心から賛同します。自分の生き方、在り方を選択して生きていきます。
United States of America Matthew Jude Egan
Finland Seija Pohjanoksa
Brazil Mário Diniz Melchizedek Paz e Amor Cósmicos na Terra assim como nos Céus!
United States of America Hans Hallundbaek
South Africa Alys Assimacopoulos
Mariko Insakaco May peace prevail on earth!
Australia Lynn Berry
Germany Detlef Dr. Angermeier
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) MARGA VAN VELSEN-WOUTERS I am a member of the worldwide WHITE EAGLE LODGE

I AM not a robot, but I can not choose because advertising jumps in
Germany Eliana Fe Love is not primarily a feeling, but a state of being - a state of complete acceptance, tolerance and presentness. May we all awaken to this love! Eliana Fe
Portugal Maria de Fátima do Nascimento Ferreira Gomes Pacheco
Spain Jose Maria Macias Gaspa
Australia susan Burrell
South Africa Trish Davies
Italy Giuliana Polimeni
hiroshi kurimoto
United States of America Olivia Finney
Mexico Emma García García
Finland Tarja Salomaa My heart rejoices! My cells reverberate! I know We are One. Together we can create a beautiful world for all of us living here. What a blessing to be part of this Conscious Divine Alliance for our Sacred Earth!
Koji Kojima 組織名 コメント (オプション)
United States of America Chikae Ishikawa
yoshimi fujino
Chile Cristina Saavedra Polanco
Australia Maureen Coley Wonderful news and Blessings to all. Light and much love.
Masato Hiramoto
Chile alex valenzuela
Argentina Nidia Benzo
Harui Kurasawa
Canada yumiko mosler
United States of America Rusty Kavendek I missed the live event. Will there be videos for us to replay??? I hope so... Thank you!!!!
Brazil Maurício Lana Castello Branco
kakuta mika
Chile Anamaría Nario
Brazil Priscila Godoy
Argentina Ana Abbate
Canada Kati Gabor Children of the Earth Nature School
United States of America Victoria Lee Mount Shasta Light Publishing We joyfully support and commit to the principles in The Fuji Declaration and are honored to be a part of it in this small way.
Spain Valeria Ruiz
Argentina Lidia Inés Bonanni
United States of America Grant Hunter
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Emanuel van der Wiel
United States of America Margaret Stead Live long and prosper
Djibouti Troels Kranker
United States of America Jennifer Morea
United States of America Scott Halma-Way May we all open our consciousness to the state of compassionate oneness.
United States of America Deborah Erickson, PhD
Spain Ángela Lirola
Rikizo Yoshimura
Switzerland Barbara Roos wonderful wonderful wonderful! let's all hope for a better world, and to maintain our planet for future generations!
we all have to start with ourselves! sei du selbst die veränderung, die du dir wünschst für diese welt!
United States of America Jane Provenzano
Germany Birgit Lemm Every month I practise the INS with a groop in Berlin.
Argentina Oscar Werner Nordfors Felicito a todas y todos los miembros de la Organización y apoyo la iniciativa a nivel mundial con una Oración.
tomokatsu tsubokawa 世界人類が平和でありますように! 人類皆神也
Brazil gisele vechi
Chizuko Kamoshita
Poland Jolanta Airaut
Sweden Helene Wehtje
Czech Republic Martina Vystrčilová
toru okada
United States of America Roslyn Dudley
tagawa hisako
misao tanaka
Germany Same Truppel May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.

May they be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

May they never be separated from the supreme happiness which is without suffering.

May they remain in the boundless equanimity, free from both attachment to some and rejection of others.

^ ^ ^ . . . sarva mangalam . . . ^ ^ ^

yasuko kato
Canada Julian Taylor
United States of America Connie Munroe
tatuya watanabe
United States of America Khalila RedBird Sacred Grove Community Circle (SWC)
Brazil Laura Tikami
United States of America Sandra Lee Harris I dedicated myself to principles akin to these in 1964
YUKIHIKO MORI 大神様の世界平和、宇宙平和の御心のままに天命が完うされますように
United States of America Robert Jenusaitis I send infinite blessings and love for the Highest Good of all Creation.
France juliette Basquet
Paraguay Bernarda Yukiko Horikawa Horikawa
Brazil Ademir Augusto Giorni A Paz é a ceiva que move a verdadeira vida no Universo
Brazil Lucyene Miguita Luiz
Brazil adriana fernanda savi fernandes
United States of America Michael Joy Stauffer
United States of America Dorothy O'Reilly
kenta tanaka
Vietnam Ikuyo Kato
United States of America Larry Shon I am also writing to declare solidarity for Hawaii as an independent Kingdom / state and the sacredness of his islands including Mauna Kea, Haleakala and all other mountain regions being used for astronomy or military purpose.
Germany Markus Stockhausen What a wonderful initiative - thank you !
United States of America Walter Moora
Yuko Higo 世界の平和と人々の幸せに、私の出来ることをします!
miyuki kanai
United States of America Tara stuart “First we receive light. Then we impart light. Thus we repair the world.” The Kabala

The Light of the Fuji Declaration brings a greater Light for the entire world.
Yuji Ohzawa
United States of America Martha Carroll
Spain Amalia Martinez
Haruyo Nishida
United States of America Cornelia Pinnell
United States of America Stephanie King Namaste and peace, love and light to all.
tadao kobayashi
Kyo Doichi
AYAKA OGAWA 憎しみのない世界になりますように。世界人類が平和になりますように。
United States of America Andrew Campbell
Brazil Sandra Giannoni
yuko miyazaki
United States of America Sam Crowell This is a different version of the International Earth Charter which I also support and endorse.
Brazil Cintia FARHAT
Denmark Nicola Raimondi
Toshihiro OKUBO
United States of America Joseph Shore-Goss
United States of America Gloria Owens
Burkina Faso Maria Rita Conceição Vidal
Kazuki Maruhashi I will be a doctor and I will do my best to make any patients and their parents realize Byakko's way of thiking.
Therefore, I agree with this declaration.
tanimura mieko
takashi odaohara
akiko takeda
Miharu Otani 富士宣言に共感し署名いたします。この富士宣言の精神を私自身のものとし、これからの日々をそのように生きます。私は私たちを育んでくれる惑星地球を深く愛しています。その愛の表現としてこの富士宣言を体現します。世界人類が平和でありますように。May peace prevail on earth …and so be that.
Australia Diana,devaki Muller
kaori miyashita may peace prevail on earth
hitoshi hashizume 組織名 コメント (オプション)
Portugal Ralitza Nikolaeva
tadashi nakanishi
Kazuyuki Hayashi May peace prevail On Earth
We hope and pray world peace that is harmonizing and shining everyone.
United States of America LINDA KAYE THANK YOU.
urata chizu
Spain Jose Manuel Rodriguez
rie urai すべてが調和しワンネスの愛と平和に満ちた光り輝く世界になりますように。
May peace prevail on earth.
Miyuki Ichikawa
Toshinobu Takasaki 富士宣言に賛同します。無限なる感謝。高崎俊信
United States of America Robert and Dolores Scheelen
Eiko Takasaki 富士宣言に賛同できることを誇りに思います。無限なる感謝。高崎英子
yumiko araki 大成功大成就
Brazil ROSEMEIRE OLIVEIRA DE ASSIS For the healing of Planet Earth , urgent and our spiritual evolution
United States of America Mark McGuffie
yuko numata 世界人類が平和でありますように!
Canada Michael Seegers
Australia John Gilbert
United States of America Moaya Scheiman MPPOE! ... fNa
United States of America Martha Gallahue
masao yamazaki
Shimayo Morita 私、森田志眞代はこれより心を込めて富士宣言を顕現して参ります。そのひとりとなれる事に心から感謝申し上げます。
United States of America Linda Kniolek
Australia Kylie Roberts
Brazil Raquel Souza Que Haja Paz no Mundo.
United States of America Gurnam k Peace to all. Love to all. Light to all.
Australia Jean Gilbert
Brazil Sandra Suely Stagini Paz, Paz, Paz para todos os povos e nações!
Yoshiko Matsuhashi
Ryuichi Matsuhashi
Masayoshi Takizawa 富士宣言に同意し、人類に貢献することを誓います。
Brazil Maria Cotareli Paz, Luz, Amor, Abundancia para todos no Planeta Terra.
Canada Ken Wallace
Tsuyako Houda この御縁 出逢いに感謝致します ありがとうございます
そしてこれから 未来永劫 永遠に
Spain Eulalia Robert
United States of America Laurie White
Brazil Sandra Ferreira Peace,love and envirinement for all people and nature of the World...
Brazil Idalba Pinheiro peace! peace! peace!
United States of America Barbara Davidson
Brazil Hariette de Paula Lima
Argentina Sara Caludette - MARAM Teubal Adhiero a los principios. Luz y Paz.
Brazil Raquel Kanbach
United States of America Rev. Elisabeth Zenker Belief and action within our lives are inseparable. With full loving blessings to all!!
United Kingdom Almut Renate Brandl ALL OF LIFE IS SACRED
Brazil Willian Mendes Bodelon
Norway Thomas Bjugn
tomohiro nagano sopp2015の大成功をお祈りします。世界人類が平和でありますように
Brazil Deborah Silva
Brazil Rita Santana
Brazil Mauro Seraphim
Yoshiaki Ogawa 世界人類 神性復活 大成就
Yayoi Saitou
miyuki itojh
Naomi Shimada
Brazil Deise Bentes
yumi sato
kiminari yoshida ここから初まる絆のひろがりが 世界をあたたかく包みこみ 人類の意識が 太陽系・銀河を超えて 宇宙の大調和と一体となり 地球に新たな時代が幕明けますように。
yoriko hara
Brazil Letícia Eifler
敬子 竹原
Spain Jose Manuel Rodriguez Amigo PNL Barcelona
reiko kawaue
Pakistan Kelash Kumar Sarhadi Albaraka Welafare Trust International We would like to be the part of your organization. (Netherland) already appointed us as peace ambassdor in Karachi, Pakistan.
yoko takahashi わたくしはこの富士宣言に署名出来て、光栄です。

Yoshitaka Nagano
Yoshiko Matsumoto
Kinuko Makita
shoko saito
Switzerland Heidi Derendinger This declaration gives hope for humanity and is so important, thank you!
michie nakajima 私達は、一人一人皆な愛で創られているのです。その愛を表現しましょう
Souichirou Yamawaki 富士宣言に心より賛同いたします。世界人類が平和でありますように。
Kenji Nakai
ayaka nakajima 世界人類が平和でありますように
United States of America mbaye Ndoye
tomoo takahashi May Peace Prevail On Earth
MAYUKO NISHIDA May Peace Prevail on Earth & Universe
United States of America Anna Hines
Brazil Mônica Rossi Lenzi Pax Universal PAX PAX PAX
Takashi Banzai
United Kingdom hente berendi
Malaysia Mother A Mangalam Iyaswamy The Pure Life Society
shigeru kubori
Taeko Otsuka
Takako Otsuka よろしく
Brazil Regina Martins It's up to us make a better place for every kind of being in this planet. So let's make it!!!
Brazil Maria Almeida
Brazil Teresa Cristina Lima Miranda Peace and Love,
Argentina Mariana Velasco
United States of America E.stephanie Fries
Brazil vera lucia de oliveira baraldi
Brazil rosalice fleury Behalf of all life
Brazil Robriane Lara Declaro manifestar aqui e agora a Paz para o mais alto benefício de toda a humanidade.
Eu Sou a Paz! Eu Sou a Paz! Eu Sou a Paz!
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Lisette Schuitemaker
Brazil Marcela Ribeiro Que a Paz, o Amor e a Prosperidade reine sobre a Terra. Que o respeito próprio e ao próximo seja a base de todos os relacionamentos. Comprometo-me a agir assim.
Denmark lone klemmensen
Brazil selene leite If the whole world discovers love in relacionships then natural calamities will decrease automatically.
United States of America Mikilani Young Beautiful!!! I stand as an individual to bring aloha and unity amongst all people.
Brazil Edison Hermann
United Kingdom Annelise Payg
France Sachiko MUGURUZA
michiko kikuchi
United States of America Claudia Gemmer
Hiroko Nishio
Reiko Kato 生きとし生けるものすべての安寧を祈って、署名します。
Hiroko Tamaki
Hirofumi Sako
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Beatrix Engelen
yusuke sako
satomi sako
Costa Rica Rosemary Zitek
keiko hayashi
Misako Shoji
Mayumi Iizuka 地球の美しい自然環境が守られますように、自然保護や環境教育の分野で貢献します。
kimio watanabe
Kyoko Mine May peace prevail on earth
keiko esaki
India P.C.S. Menon
India Vandana Pabrai heart
That to feel love and oneness is to live
And this the magic of our golden change,
Is all the truth I know or seek, O sage."
United States of America Eleanor Krukowski
United States of America Amy Hallowes Hado Instructor with Dr. Masaru Emoto/ IHM LLC, Japan
United States of America Thomas Kitchen
Philippines Ambassador Zara Jane Juan Sailing for Peace Thank you! Peace and Love! God bless you!
United States of America Kerry Henwood
United States of America Martha Deaton I wholeheartedly support the Fuji Declaration in all its intentions for connection with the Divine Spirit, and living in Peace, Harmony, Creativity and Sustainability with all forms of life.
United States of America Jana Ruble
United Kingdom Theresa O'Brien This is amazing and I truly believe we will achieve a wonderful, peaceful and loving world in the near future. Thank you for setting up this important and exciting step in steering mankind towards a more fulfilling and fruitful direction.
United States of America Joanna Hostetler
United States of America Judith Kondo If not you and I, then who? If not now, then when?
United States of America Coleen LeDrew Elgin May we all awaken to the preciousness of life!
United States of America Paola Storchi
France Jacques MUGURUZA
United States of America Nicolette Immel
Peru Myrtha Delgado Garcia
kyouko akiya
China Frederick Tsao
Hawaii E. Kalani Flores E ho'olokahi pu i ka piko o ke Aloha o ke Akua. Let us all join together in unity and harmony in the love and light of the Creator.
United Kingdom Dürten Lau New Findhorn Association
United Kingdom Dürten Lau with many blessings
Italy Marzia Zunarelli
Switzerland Florian Davidis
mikiko kashiwabara
Rie Shijyou
Canada Tomoko Usugi
Yoko Shinoda
yoko shinoda
Hikaru Shinoda
United States of America Baron Short We live in a pivotal moment with great responsibility and opportunity. Life is asking us to awaken to our deeper nature, embrace all of existence, and continue evolving this nature. This includes expressing Love as creative sustainability of our planet and all it's inhabitants. This includes transcending the planet our further embody our cosmic personification. I cherish our participation in this natural process.
United States of America Father John Nelson Woodstock Council for World Peace If we are not active we are apathetic , and this will not do.
Germany margarete jauernig
Brazil Valéria Firme de Menezes
Germany Gerd Paul
United States of America mahomi gendron may peace be in all homes, cities and countries
United States of America Norma Erickson
Canada Joseph Dubé Realize Unity!
United States of America Rachael Denny
United States of America Rev. Crystal L. Howe
United States of America Susan Straight I believe that the human race will only be spared by a shift in consciousness to what the declaration describes. I have worked for this all my life and will continue to.
Canada Eli Bay
Switzerland Kanshin Kopp
Germany Jutta Hartmann
Argentina Susana Galeano
United States of America Denise Romesburg
United States of America Kevin Schoeninger Peace
United States of America Jim Prues World 5.0 World 5.0 is just a simple name to define Life in these times, with the recognition that the only reality is all of us here together right now.
United States of America Debora Seidman
Spain Ellen Weissbuch
Chikage やまもと
United Kingdom Alexandra Pope
Leticia Mayumi Miyamoto
Tomoko Nakanishi
Takeko nakanishi
Asakawa Yoshiko 世界人類が平和でありますように 人は皆光そのもの、輝く存在であることを意識し、今生かされていることに感謝いたします
Asakawa Yoshiko 世界人類が平和でありますように 人は皆光そのもの、輝く存在であることを意識し、今生かされていることに感謝いたします
United Kingdom David Alexander
akihiko yamagami 世界人類が平和であります様に  人類即神也
United States of America K.B.B. Neptune-Salisbury Peace be with us!
yosiko hayasi
森 裕子 infinite light
United States of America Lia Azeal
Akemi Iwata
Argentina Veronica Cammino
Argentina maria sabina de los milagros cura
Ikeuchi Yasuyuki May peace prevail on Earth
Argentina andrea valeria calodolce
Argentina Sergio Gatti Repotenciando el Ser
Russia Olga Tokareva
Argentina Alejandra Virginia Capriglione
United States of America Martine Sweeney
Poland Danuta Maria Stopieńska
Italy M.Antonietta Pizio
Argentina DIANA CRISTINA COPPOLA Como miembro del Concejo de Paz de la República Argentina me siento infinitamente agradecida por tener la oportunidad de participar en la Declaración de Fuji. Otra vez, como Reiki en 1991, desde Japón llega a mi corazón la oportunidad de renovar el Compromiso con el Camino elegido.
Diana Coppola/Master Reiki/Creadora de Reiki para la Paz en 2006. Gracias!
Argentina Silvia Grosso
United States of America christine booth
Argentina Juan Jose David Gelis
Italy Enrico Fiore We are a community of like minded individuals who believe that each and every one of us is Unique and that we are all One. That's all!
eiko hisamura
Germany Evelin Malinowski
United Kingdom Valerie Cooper
kamiya kayo
United Kingdom Craig Phizacklea Thank you!
KEIKO MOMOSE 世界人類が平和でありますように
Hitomi Shirakoma
Bungo Saito
yukiko kokubo
Tetsuo Yokoi 光り輝く地球人類に変革するための富士宣言に賛同させていただきます。
Keiko(恵子) Asai(浅井)
United States of America Cass Charrette Cities of Peace Detroit
Argentina Claudia Perez Magliola Yo Soy Uno con todos Namaste!
I Am One with all Namaste !
Koichi Uematsu Not easy but we have to start challenging.
Argentina GABRIELA SALVANESCHI EDE Argentina-Educación para el Diseño de Ecohabitas-Gaia Education Con inmensa gratitud adhiero y me comprometo con la Declaración de Fuji, tanto en mi vida personal, como para implementarla en nuestros programas holísticos de diseño en sustentabilidad, y en nuestras acciones de concientización.
shinobu yamamot
United States of America renee moorefield
Michihiro Watanabe
Setsuko Kato
Nozawa Hiromi
Mexico Sara Elena Franco López La Declaración Fuji es para mi otra oportunidad para conectar con Ser esencial, vivirlo, cultivarlo y compartirlo.
Profundo agradecimiento por este esfuerzo más por la Paz!!!
Shigeko Moriguchi May peace prevail on earth.
masahiro honma
Masao Moriguchi May peace prevail on earth.
yoko tuji 賛同します
akira ooki 組織名 コメント (オプション)
Spain Roxana Cabut
Mitiko Endou 組織名 コメント (オプション)
Chikako Endou 組織名
Urayama Kazunori
chieko sekimoto
Mariko Shoji 生きとし生けるものが調和し世界が平和になりますように。
Shiomi Ito
chieko yonekubo(米窪) 賛同します。
shigeko kataoka
Brazil Kathia Braga
kazuhisa kataoka
yoshiko hidaka
Argentina Gabriela Plecel
United States of America Yukiko Inoue
Argentina Stella Maris Fusé Es un honor firmar esta declaración .
United States of America Gregory Garrett
Brazil Isabel Zago
Rikako Koike
Ko Hizaki
miki mochizuki 世界人類が平和でありますように
atsuko mizutani
Argentina Gyanpreet Singh
Mika Ohta
France Magali Vigneron
France Bonnin Eva
Fumio Arakawa
Kyoko Arakawa
saito mayumi 世界j人類が平和でありますように
Brazil solange Paiva Thank you
kiyoko yoshida
United States of America Elizabeth Hunt
Brazil silvana pera silvana pera
Brazil Rose Santos
United States of America Ray Parker
sumiko Hodota
United States of America Tammy Long
Brazil zaira clarice moreira zaira clarice moreira
Brazil monica francisca barletta Thank you all
Portugal Isabel Fonseca Guerra
shingo shinohara developer test
Brazil Angela Borghi Com amor, pela Paz Planetária e Respeito a todos os seres mineral, vegetal, animal e humanos.!!!!!
United States of America Silvia Molina God, make us instruments of your Peace, of your Love and your Light!
United States of America Eloise Montgomery See also "Charter for Compassion".
Brazil Acacia Paoletti Pax Universal Vivemos um mundo em Pax
Brazil Marilene Pita Shalon. O reino da Paz está em nosso coração a partir dele a Luz do Amor se expande e abraça o nosso planeta e toda a humanidade.
Brazil Aurora Maria Pacheco
Brazil Deborah Leite
Canada Irene Hurdle
United Kingdom Lisa Vincent
United States of America Kevin Smith
Saeko Ohba 富士宣言に心から賛同いたします。すべての生命に心から敬意を表します。無限なる愛、無限なる感謝。
Martinique Maryse Calvo
kaori matsushita 富士宣言を顕現する!!
Australia Scott fraser
United States of America Maryam Ezzeddine
New Zealand Laurie Ross This is another beautiful expression of our higher human nature and enlightened consciousness in a collective affirmation for the true well being of humanity and the planet.
Thankyou for this opportunity Laurie Ross
katsuhiko kawano
ayako kawano
United States of America Carol Carlson
yukihiro houda 宇宙世界 地球世界 人類お一人お一人の大調和、大天命の完う、神聖なる精神 善なる心の復活をお祈り申しあげます。 寳田幸博
naoki taki
United States of America cecile carr
New Zealand Sada Ishwara
United States of America Rebecca Briggs
Mexico Asako Horikawa
Argentina Marisa Cassinelli
United States of America Teresa Neptune
Argentina Ana Carugati
Keiko Nakamichi May Peace Prevail on Earth.
United States of America Rev. Barbara E. T. Douglass How wonderful the world is connecting in ways we have held for decades.
和子 吉田
United States of America Jane Clemens Beautiful!
Argentina Maria Ines Bertone
Germany O'Shana Kosarev
Germany Rita Erhardt
Yoshie Umeda
Argentina Maricel Mercedes Panza
Mary McQuaid
kimiko iijima 素晴らしき「富士宣言」に心より賛同いたします。
United States of America Lisa Hartmayer
United States of America Jean ntz
Argentina gabriela bucolo
Uruguay Sivia Raquel Barreto Gianello
Argentina Lucrecia de la Torre de la Torre
hideko mashimo
United States of America patricia kokaly
Argentina diego Sanchez
Czech Republic Michal Barton
United States of America Terry Liu
Poland Sebastian Zaleski
Mexico María Margarita Hernández Maldonado Con agrado y satisfacción, me uno a esta declaración, que me beneficia no solo a mí, como ser individual, sino a toda la humanidad.
teruko takeda
kikuyo urayama
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Chiyoko Koyama とてもよくできたサイトだと思います。これからも、オランダから一生懸命お祈りしたいと思います。
wakako yamamoto
natsuko wakabayashi
Spain Ascensión Contreras Saez Gratitud infinita y Exito con la Paz el Amor y la Luz
hiromi hiramoto
harumi takesima
emiko kuwano
yosimitu nakao
Uruguay Javier Cazorla
Brazil Carmen Balhestero FRATERNIDADE PAX UNIVERSAL - Metaphysical organization founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 1985 - 30 years - by Carmen Balhestero
Pakistan Imran Yaqoob Flame of hope for women and children i want work for poor people
United Kingdom Sara Trevelian
keiji igarashi
Australia mBraining mBIT
Maria Hachiya 1日も早く世界中が平和でありますように
France Chantal Farquet
Zenzaburo Takashima 世界人類が平和でありますように心より願っております。
hiroko sima
Noriko Oyamada
United States of America Tracy Terrill The Self Discovery Center
Chieko Uesugi
Mitushiro Saito 富士宣言に込められた想いに深く共感します。将来世代から借りている地球や社会をよりよいものにして返すためにも、一人ひとりの意識を変革しなくてはいけないのだと思います。どんな小さなことでお、自分にできることから一歩ずつ、進んでいきたいと思います。
Canada Holly Wadden One by one, we become aware we all are One.
United States of America Patricia Neal Heartland Circle
Spain Pedro Víctor Rodríguez
eri fujita
kohetsu asai
Yoko Hashimoto
Ryoko Suzuki May peace prevail on Earth.
yoshiko shindo 世界人類が平和でありますように。
Yasuki Horio
Sayoko Ohmura
MOTOI WATAI 世界のすべての人々が、すべての動植物が本当に心から幸せでありますように。
Mitsuko Moroto
sunao tojo May peace prevail on earth!
Yaeko Nakazawa May peace prevail on earth
Uruguay andrea libisch muy buena iniciativa. Me sumo con la conviccion que desde la fe y la practica conciente dia a dia como parte de nuestro estilo divina nuestra luz contribuye a crear un mundo mejor donde reine la paz y el amor. Y asi sera
Yuka Shinada
tomita keiko
Ireland Sylvia Callan
hironobu sasaki この富士宣言は、幼い地球がより高き世界へとシフトする始まりの宣言です。人類の苦しみや痛みが少しでも少なく進化していけるよう気が付いた人から実行し、どんどんひろげていきましょう。
United States of America R. Ken Turner Little Skillet Productions
United Kingdom Ross Hendry
Ireland Jutta Brassil Live, being conscious, create rather destroy, nurture yourself by nurturing and protecting all humans on earth, all animals and plants we are sharing this planet with. One and only law: Do no harm
France Victoire Slakey Loving in All Directions!! :-)
kazuyuki yagi
naomi yagi
小田 禮子 世界人類が平和でありますように すべての人々が神性復活されることを、心から願っています
HIDENORI YOKOI 世界の人々が平和意識になることを、心から祈ります。
HARUMI YOKOI May peace prevail on earth
France Setsuko Hiromoto
Harumi Nishijima 生きとし生けるものが調和致しますように。
IKUKO OKANO ありがとうございました。
Masako Kon 世界人類が平和でありますように
Czech Republic Tomas Andel What a beautifull idea to connect worldwide for a peacefull mission. Lets work together for joy and hapiness in our lives in our spectacular planet Earth
Uruguay Gabriela Bachechi Nombre de la Organización Comentar (Opcional)
KAZUO FUKASAKU May peace prevail on Earth!!!
Uruguay Alejandra Pedernera
Finland Joerg Fahlenkamp
United States of America Rebecca Grant We can- we must-live peacefully and lovingly together...with each other- all life- all things.
Takashi Naganuma
France Setsuko Hiromoto
Ryusei Naganuma
Nobuko Shinya
Czech Republic marcela tatarova
Yasuko Shinya
Czech Republic juraj tatara
Italy Simona Silva
Sumiko Sakuma
Nigeria Ambassador Chiejina Chinedu Christian I'm Rotarian, Ambassador Chiejina c c, a UPF/ UN peace ambassador, I have been working with many other peace organizations to help promote peace and also render my selfless service to humanity,I see this as also an opportunity to serve, keep up the he good work and remain blessed
United States of America CONRADO CUELLAR In the spirit of interconnectedness with ALL life ~ the 2leggeds, 4leggeds, swimmers, crawlers, flyers ~ and all that grows and prospers on our EarthMama/Pachamama/Ina Maka Wakan/Madre Sagrada, I align with this heart felt vision.
Argentina Sebastian Petriw Estoy muy Feliz por ser parte del inicio de un nuevo paradigma de vida!!!!!!!!
SUMIE HANAI May Peace Prevail on Earth
MASAMI FURUYAMA 神性復活、真の精神文明開花、地球&世界人類の次元上昇、進化宇宙人 & 高級神霊 & シャンバラ世界人類等との交流準備スタート、すべては 完璧欠けたるものなし 大成就 !!
United States of America Takahiro Hirano
United States of America Karen Lindquist Interfaith Community Sanctuary Thank you for your vision and spiritual guidance to the world.
Kikuko Watanabe 神性復活 大成就!!
hikaru shinoda
Yoshio Kakizawa 私は会員です。これからよろしくお願いします。一日でも早く一人でも多くの方々が神性復活されることを願っています。大成就
前田 光子 may peace prevail on earth
Mexico Paola Menchelli Me encanta la Declaracion de Fuji. Generemos un cambio consciente y aportemos al crecimiento espiritual de la humanidad.
toshie sameda
United States of America Michael Lindfield Meditation Mount, Ojai California USA The Fuji Declaration is a spiritual architecture that lays the foundation for a new world based on the power of goodwill, the recognition of the Essential Divinity of all Life and the need for right relations among all beings who comprise this multi-dimensional eco-system that we call the Living Planet.
sumi noyori
aya kanno すべての生命を尊重し合う平和な世界が実現するように、共に祈り行動してまいりましょう。

Noriko Asano
hideko tanaka 神性復活 大成就
Tetsuo Yokoi 世界人類が平和でありますように
民恵 栗原
Uruguay María Victoria Trezza Pini Gracias por presentarnos la oportunidad de formar parte del cambio! Muchas gracias y Bendiciones!
United States of America Marty Kaplan
United States of America Paul Ward
United States of America Karen Dietz Just Story It
United States of America Maria Elena Paulino
Germany Tomoko Kato-Nolden 近年のタガが外れてしまったような世界情勢を見聞きするにつけ、世界人類の平和の必要性をひしひしと感じます。
Dominican Republic Irmgard V. Radefeldt Fonck FIADASEC "Fiadasec", movement of consciousness in the world, working for 35 years for a culture of peace on Earth, educating in human, spiritual and environmental values, joins with joy, this conscious and essential initiative.
Keiko Yano
Mie Takahashi
Uruguay Moraima Pereira
Mexico Martha Cardenas
Rika Watanabe
Ruri Nagano
Uruguay Maria Cecilia Cabral Rodríguez Me siento feliz y honrada de firmar esta declsracion. Hare lo necesario para cumplirla. Mi gratitud y Amor!
United States of America Amy Lenzo The Fuji Declaration is a perfect expression of the love, awareness, and global collective consciousness that we must all embody as we step forward into the challenge and beauty of our world today.
United States of America Mary Key Great work!
Switzerland Barbara Zurrer Brandreth
Uruguay Doris Hernández
Croatia Vedran Pavlovic Let's do it for our Mother Earth and our children.
Dominican Republic Fatima Cruz Anton
Uruguay Leonor Bastarrica
ryoko hara
Germany Marc Fritzler textkonstrukte | marc fritzler
Takayuki Deguchi
Takeshi Furutate 神聖復活、それは我々の真のアイデンティティーの復活を意味するのではないでしょうか。
amano chiseko
akira sasaki
Atsumi Koda
Yoko Oue
yumi oosuga
yoshie ohsuga
United States of America Jacquelyn Raines
United States of America Sally Hambleton Infinite Peace, Infinite Love, Infinite Gratitude.
United States of America Bettie Snyder I'm grateful for the efforts of Byakko. Thank you. May Peace Prevail on Earth
France Lisa Ginzburg
Hisako Tazawa
MAYUKO NABETA Infinite peace,infinite happiness!
SHINJI SHIBATA 富士宣言に賛同いたします。
eiji taneko 私は富士宣言に賛同いたします。
Germany Sigrun Ott
Spain Iñigo Bea Sánchez Todos llevamos la chispa divina, todos somos hijos del mismo Padre-Madre y nacidos para ser UNO.
La Tierra y la humanidad como plataforma para alcanzar la UNIDAD-UNICIDAD en la DIVERSIDAD-LIBERTAD mediante el sentido COMUN que se basa en el respeto a TODOS y a TODO
Italy Linne Melinkat
United Kingdom Anton Dunbar
okazaki sumiko
渡邉 慶子 watanabe keiko 待ってました!ありがとうございます。
Yoshie Watanabe
emiko kubo Organization Name コメント (オプション)
Yoshie Watanabe
Fumiko Kikuchi
Ryoko Takano
YOUKO イノウエ
Minoru Shinozaki 精神文明への幕開け。富士宣言に賛同します。
yasuhiko katsumata
Tomie Sakuma
kumiko kitayama
koki tanno heiwasenngennni
kotoko umezawa may peace.
takako shigemitsu お役に立てるように、尽力いたします。
Michiko Yoshitsugu
Indonesia TAKAYUKI ONODERA Organization Name コメント (オプション)
United States of America keiko grossman thank you
Uruguay María Virginia Cabal Rodriguez
United States of America Marjorie barlow
yukiko nishizawa sinswihukkatuwotikaimasu
United States of America Patricia Heraghty
Sayuri Inoue 魂を込めて、神性復活 大成就
United States of America Avn Sturm
Germany Angelika Schuetzinger
Ryo Sasaki
Hidekatsu Ogura 世界人類が平和でありますように
New Zealand Caroline Robinson of Cabal Ngā mihi aroha ki a koutou. In deep kinship, from the mountains, forests and waters of Aotearoa, New Zealand. +ccc
nakano kayoko
kumiko kaiya 世界人類が平和でありますように!
chie okabe 世界人類が平和でありますように
yoshiko matusi 世界人類が平和でありますように!
Takayuki Kawakami
前川十志子 maekawa toshiko 待ちに待った素晴らしい富士宣言 大変嬉しい ありがとう!
MASAHARU SHIMIZU 世界人類の平和のために私が変わります。
tamiko nishi
masami ikeshima 世界が日本が家族が平和であってほしい!
United States of America John Nowak
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Tonnie Vogten-Cramers I will on my way and on my place devote for a more loving and healthy world.
Romania Edith Kosa
United States of America Caroline Themm
United States of America Bill Staton Staton Financial Advisors LLC
United States of America Bill and Mary Staton
United States of America Claudia Welss
yukio wada We are one of Life.
We are one of Earth!.
We are one of Universe!.
May peace prevail on Earth!.
Germany Anne Sophie Frenzel
United States of America Renee Marie May Peace Prevail In Earth
tomiko sawada
keiko maeda May peace prevail on earth☆
kyoko aoto
Miyoko Yamanaka
yuko shiotani この素晴らしいプロジェクトに署名できる事を心より感謝致します。  多くの心ある方の意識が一つになる日が一日も早く訪れますように
Hiroyoshi Kawagishi
sayo irie すべての人が、自分らしく個性を生かしながら、すべての物や人に愛される・・・至福の時代がやってきます。この時をひとりひとりは、どんなにか待っていたことでしょう。人も、自然も、生き物たちも、地球も、すべてが愛され癒されていきます。感謝と喜びと幸せが、私たちすべてを包んでいきます。
miho murai 生きとし生ける全てのものに感謝し、日々の想い・言葉に責任を持って神人として精進します。
United States of America Gene Tognacci
Ireland John & Fionnuala O'Dowd
United States of America Gordon Freeman
United States of America Noelani Bouchard May the Spirit of Unity guide us to treat All Livng Beings; Mother Earth, our Animal Friends, Eachother, and Ourselves, with Loving Kindness. For Peace begins with Ourselves.
fujiko Taniguchi May Peace Prevail on Earth.
atsuko takeuchi 世界中の人々が調和して暮らせますように
fumiyoshi inoue 私は富士宣言に賛同いたします。 世界が愛と平和で満たされますように。
Akio Kadota 世界人類が平和でありますように!富士宣言おめでとうございます。大成就!
atsumi kinoshita
Tsukiko Kurino
masako tanaka まさに神聖復活の幕開けですね。心より賛同いたします。
Yuchiko Matsuguchi
Canada Lorie Patterson
Michiko Shinohara
Katsuyo Taniguchi
HIROE HAYAKAWA 私の中の神性を信じ、地球平和に繋がる人類お一人お一人の心の平和が実現されるために私の力を尽くすことを宣言いたします。
Puerto Rico Rosario Vega I fervently believe in human's eternal Spirit. I fervently believe that only Love saves humanity, for our Spirit stems from that high frequency vibration. I fervently believe in the potential of humanity to reach into the Cosmos...and that Light and Harmony will prevail on Earth! comes what may.
United States of America Janis Roze The wave of the Peace is growing and we all are riding on it. Let's paddle as vigorously as we can!
Izumi Eda
Czech Republic Pavel Holubec Jah rastafahra, you are my salvation you help me realize,
that love is surrounding us all in every situation here in the I and I.
Let the music fill your soul, Great spirit is in full control
Let the music fill your soul, Great spirit is in full control
Jah, you are giving me, everything I need, to be free, in this reality, o-o, in this reality, o-o.
So let the music free your soul, Great spirit is in full control
So let the music free your soul, Great spirit is in full control
Kazuhiro Yamauchi 富士宣言は、私たち一人一人の心の底からの願いです。一人一人がこの意識になって初めて真の平和「が実現される事と思います。世界人類すべてに、にこの宣言が染み渡るよう心から祈っております。
Tetsuya Tamaki ☆ May Peace Prevail on Earth  ☆
goto meiko May peace prevel on earth ! I hope everyone prey everywhere and every moment.
Hiroko Masuno
naoki hutami love peace
Eri Sato
Yoji Tsunabuchi I declare them.
United States of America Yuki Nara
Argentina Juan Daniel Cabrio
Chile Ignacio Pavez
United Kingdom Kat Aplin Holistically its a bigger problem than can I solve .. Individually it's a battle I will join
keiko ohta 自分を信じましょう。神性の自分を❗
Kozo Yamazaki May Peace Prevail on Earth !!
United States of America Brent Frysinger
United States of America Quantum Drop Productions Quantum Drop Productions We Have signed in support ! . We are a new music and media production team and work with artist globally .
Izumi Eda
eiko takahashi 長い間この時を待っていました。この日の為に地球を選び生まれてきました。地球をワンネスに!一人一人が尊い存在である事を証明する為、まずは私自身が神聖な生き方を現していきます。
yaeko ikeda may peace prevail on earth
KEIKO ISHII すべての多様性を認め、尊重し、そしてそれぞれの個性を花開かせて、この地球でみんな仲良く生きていこう。
United Kingdom annette fry I am so pleased to have found you, I have been looking for this.
Hideichi Watanabe
United States of America Carl Carpenter
United States of America Gerald Dignan May these principles grow within each one of us and within each community for whom Earth is home.
hiromi handa 世界人類が平和でありますように
Norio Waseda
akie harada
United States of America MaryEllen McElroy
Uruguay María Amelia Leguizamón Paz Activa Latinoamérica Por un mundo mejor
United States of America Jackie Eaton Duganworks Event Producers
United States of America Ron Saeger
United States of America CARLOS ZAMORA Una vez mas adhiero a los principios impulsados por la WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY.
Argentina Melina Litauer Celebro la unión de las luces individuales para crear un faro más resplandeciente y más poderoso. Que la red de Amor se expanda cada vez más para abrazar el planeta entero envolviéndolo de armonía, belleza, equilibrio y paz.
Spain Edith Papp-Hanscomb PhD
Italy Domenico Basanisi
United States of America Ruth White May Peace Prevail on Earth...
United States of America James Millan Dugan May Peace Prevail on Earth through the Fuji Declatation
noriko katata
Tomoko Saeki
Harumi Misaki 世界は一つ持続可能な世界を目指して心一つに一歩を踏み出します。すべては完璧 欠けたるものなし 大成就
Mitsuhei Murata
United States of America Motoko Wayne (Tsuzuku) I am honored to join praying of the peace of the world. I will attend this event with my mother at the Fuji sanctuary in May.
We look forward to praying together. Thank you again.
May Peace Prevail On Earth
ショウコ オオサワ
Kiyoko Tachibana 争いのない 平和な世界を
Uruguay jorge nelson horminoguez fusatti
Katsuyo Taniguchi 富士宣言に賛同し、ここに署名出来ることを、光栄に思います。これより「一人一人の宣言」を日々読み返し、行動に移すことを心がけ、
Argentina valeria warat
Masako Sato 調和した心からすべてを顕してゆきます。
Uruguay Nieves Silveira Fundación por la Paz Graciela Figueroa
France Michelle Péchet
Orie Takahashi
Fusako Takahashi
Czech Republic Tereza Nepasicka Thank you!
Spain NURIA GONZALEZ MUÑOZ Nombre de la Organización Comentar (Opcional)
Reiko Kotake 富士宣言に賛同します。
Ryoko Nitta 笑顔でつなごう!みんなの地球☆
Shin-ichiro Terayama
Yoshihide Ono 新しい文明へのスタートとして大いに期待するとともに、積極的に参加していきます。
higashino hanae
Kazuhisa Tamaki 富士聖地から発信された富士宣言を通して、世界中の人たちと手を携えて参りましょう!!
MARI OGISHIMA Thank you for Earth! 地球さんありがとう!
Youji Ichinomiya
United States of America mie suzuki
megumi dougawa
Colombia MARTHA CECILIA MARTINEZ CHAPARRO Gracias por recordarnos quienes somos realmente y por ayudarnos a crear un mundo mas armonico.
Germany Susanne Ross
Spain mariano martinez hidalgo
Argentina Pablo Worcel
Mariko Matsumoto 神性復活
Switzerland Corina Simon With deep friendship to Yuka Saionji as a fellow of World Spirit Youth Council.
satoko ootani
wataru ootani
United Kingdom Lucy Rose Donovan
Chiho Kitashima
emiko yasuoka
Spain Marta Pineda
hiro kawamura
Amane Doi
Terushige Inoue
masayo nishikaze 世界人類が平和でありますように☆May Peace Prevail on Earth
yoshinori nagashima
ryoko takeshita
Yoshihisa Chida
Canada Yoko Tsukuda
miho yamaguti 大きな広がりをワクワクして・・・期待しています。
Masataro Inoue The Fuji Declaration,infinite hope for our bright future!
miho yamaguti 大きな広がりを期待しております。
sayuri inoue 魂を込めて 神性復活 大成就
mariko fukuda
Argentina Jorge Diego Aguilera La Mente Humana es un Centro de Recepcion,Procesamiento y Emision de Datos y Tiene un Valor Material de 6300 Millones de Dolares Por Segundo. Firma
Argentina Julio Avruj
Argentina Ana Inés de Avruj
United States of America TATSUKO IMAMAKI
Spain Higorca Gómez La paz es la máxima expresión en esta declaración de Fuji. Debemos hermanar los países y pedir todos con el mismo y para el mismo fin. LA PAZ UNIVERSAL.
United Kingdom Jill Dobbie May peace prevail xxx
Lisa Arima
Yasuhiro Watanabe
noboru ishii
Megumi Sakakibara
KYOKO SUZUKI may peace prevail on earth !!!
MIYO IIDA 多くの人が、富士宣言に賛同されることを願います!
Yoshinori Ogawa
Kimiko Takagi May peace prevail on earth.
Argentina ENRIQUETA DE LA ENCARNACION BLASS Union Mundial de escritores por la Cultura, la ecología y la paz “Todos deseamos un estado social mejor. Pero la sociedad no podrá mejorarse mientras no se efectúen dos grandes tareas. Si no se establece la paz sobre bases firmes, y si no se modifican profundamente las obsesiones dominantes con respecto al dinero y al poder, no hay ninguna esperanza de que pueda realizarse transformación deseable alguna.”
Aldous Huxley

Como intelectuales, no podemos mirar hacia otro lado, ni tapar nuestros ojos y oídos ante los cambios, ante la voz de la ignorancia y la codicia, Los dominios del mundo están en manos de los comediantes de la voracidad y la corrupción sin fronteras, a consecuencia la humanidad es la herida sangrante del planeta. El valor de nuestro hábitat natural se ve diezmado por los intereses proficientes El ego es el principal agente multiplicador de rivalidades sin sentido y no se observan soluciones viables a las contrariedades del ser humano, artífice de su propia destrucción.
Fundamentar sobre el buen uso de la palabra y los medios para detener los vectores que seccionan la cultura, la unidad, la paz y atentan contra el futuro de las generaciones venideras, y concientizar hacia un cambio de conciencia pareciera ser una utopía, uno de los ideales más sublimes que pueda concebir el ser humano es esforzarse, y comprometerse socialmente ya que en parte el futuro de nuestros hijos dependerá de ello.
Difundamos. Para que los medios despierten, incidan positivamente en la comunidad tan preocupada por el ajetreo de la vida.
Toshio Seki
tukiko kurino
yasuyo hijikata
Uruguay Marisa Maltzman
Emiko Miki
takako hagiwara
France Marie LEFEBVRE May peace prevail on earth
United States of America Andrew DiPietro Few things that I have either seen or heard have resonated as strongly with me as The Fuji Declaration's mission statement.
United States of America Cindy Johnson
Hiroko Mikami
toyoko kida
Toshiaki Mikami
TOU ASAKO Organization Name コメント (オプション)
toshiko kobayashi 神聖復活 大成就
Takashi Hashimoto 世界人類が平和でありますように
hisaaki nagase
yosiko sagawa
junko suga
Mihoko Watanabe
Yosuke Aoki
Argentina Leonardo Martinez
tomoaki hatori
Argentina Inés Beatriz Citro Estoy muy FELIZ de saber que ha llegado el momento planetario en el cual, la Humanidad tome Conciencia de que somos : UNIDAD en la DIVERSIDAD.. - He leído con mucha alegría el compromiso espiritual que me corresponde, al firmar como parte integrante de las personas que apoyamos y llevamos a cabo los Principios de la Declaracion de FUJI.-
chikako nakayama 富士宣言に賛同し、神聖なる意識を日々の空気に溶かし人々の喜びを抱いてゆきたい、と私もここに宣言いたします。
MICHITAKA URATA おめでとうございます。この主旨が世界中に広まりますように。
Kumiko Otani 皆様と、新しい未来を創造することに賛同します。
Kuniyo Murata
kyoko shinohara 富士宣言に心より賛同の意を表します
Spain Arantxa Huarte Izquierdo
Michiko Yamaguchi Byakkou Shinkokai
Naoko Yamaguchi
Australia Belinda McArdle
Mihoko Morisawa
Yoko Morisawa
nobuko sakurai
Finland Rita Murray
MIEKO IKEDA 富士宣言の世界への発信、誠におめでとうございます。
Australia Barbara Gardam
Igawa Setsu
Tomoko Noguchi
KAZUMASA SHIBATA 富士宣言に賛同させていただきます!
United States of America Lynn Cousino
kayoko torigoe 全ての人と共に意識を広げワンネスを感じ神性復活をめざします。
Spain María Asunción Serna Gómez de Segura
Emiko Hirasawa 真善美を心に生きてきました。挫けそうになったり、諦めかけた時もありました。富士宣言は新しい地球を織り上げるための呼びかけ、まさにWebです。 私はその1本の糸としてここに著名します。 深い感動と喜びと共に。(織物作家)
Argentina raquel colisko
Argentina nora rodriguez grondona Ha sido una inmensa alegría entrar en contacto con esta organización. Estoy en un todo de acuerdo con sus propuestas. Ojalá que seamos cada día más personas que perseguimos estos fines, con total consciencia y responsabilidad trabajando por un mundo mejor, y comprendamos que la Humanidad es UNA. Gracias por su disposición para cambiar este paradigma
Colombia Maria Constanza Gonzalez Munoz
Mayumi Kobayshi May peace prevail on earth
Spain Miren Montalbán
United Kingdom Mary Elizabeth Spain
Yoshie Yoshimura
Sweden Jolita Tolkko
hisae harada
Spain Asunción Razquin Medina
Kimiyo Tokuda
Spain José Paco
Noriko Okada
kazuyuki okada
Spain Miguel Irisarri
chuji saitou
Germany Christian Fenner lets preserve nature and make the world a great place for everyone!
Spain Laura Busto Al leer este texto he sentido una profunda emocion de reconocimiento y agradecimiento. Gracias.
Hitoshi Yamagishi
tamami hamada
yasuhiko hamada
Jordan miyoko iwasaki
kimie kobayashi
Kyosuke Hashimoto
岸 幸子
mituko sakuma
United States of America Peggy Gregory
yukiko kishi
Shino Ohara
Miwako S. Bryzgalova
Spain Ines Fernandez
SETSUKO GONDA ついに神聖復活。人類の進化創造に少しでも貢献していきます。ありがとうございます。
takako sumita May Peace Prevail on Earth
SODO Satoru
Ikuko Homma
SHUNICHI IKEDA Incorporated Educational Institution Ishikawa Gakuen YOKOHAMA DESIGN COLLEGE 一燈照遇万燈照国
yoshimi saotome 世界人類が平和でありますように
United States of America Huib Stroomberg Love unites all.
Thank you for bringing this to all of humanity at this time.
Love and Blessing always to all.
Nobuko Yamaguchi 愛と感動とそして感謝と♥!!
yukie kanai 素晴らしいメッセージですね。心より賛同いたします。
koyuki fukuda 世界人類が平和でありますように
yaeko  wasai 
haruyo miyamoto now is time to awaken. it is time for humanity to create itself anew.
tamami hamada fumie sunami 地球は人類の家族
Argentina Beatriz lobl de godoy Centro Sattva Los ideales de Centro Sattva están acordes con la Declaraciòn de Fuji
Spain SANANDA Centro de Yoga Sananda Todo es uno. El Uno lo es Todo
masako takimoto 世界平和
Argentina Marcos Gabriel Arteaga Mosca Por un mundo con personas comprometidas en Co_CREAR BIEN-ESTAR
Spain ANA MARI SOUSA He puesto individual porque lo hago bajo mi responsabilidad pero pertenezco a Byakko Shinko Kay
Argentina Leopoldo Jorge Godoy Entre otras actividades he creado en Argentina el Movimiento por los Valores Humanos.
Spain Iratxe Cienfuegos Aguinaga
United States of America Yukari Kashiyama
Germany Matthias Walter peacetree foundation / We are raising the conciosness of the planet by planting peacetrees all over the world and need help to continue fulfilling our spiritual purpose - in our for the cosmic angel award nominated short movie you can see us planting a peacetree with the sacred MAMOS - Keepers of the Earth of the Sierra Nevada -> please help sharing their messages & spirit ->
Spain Edurne Agirretxe
Switzerland Gabriele Castagnoli oralab - developing through eachother 2006 I joined the World Spirit Forum (CH), an event to foster the change of consciousness. In 2010 I founded “oralab: develop one another” to pursue my passion for individual and collective development. "Working and Searching together between the Poles of Cosmos, Man and Culture for our Individual and Collective Development." With oralab I offer people an open space for their development. Not to strengthen the ego or one’s economic value, but to benefit one’s self-realization and a greater whole. The Fuji Declaration is highly in accordance with my wishes for our collective future and the way to bring it about.

With warmest wishes and greatfulness for your mostly needed work
Gabriele Castagnoli
France De Wolf Hubert la declracion da respuesta concreta al proposito de la ensenanza para una mundo mas armonioso y floreciente que publicamos regularmente en el blog Pangeosis en el Espiritu del Instructor del Mundio.
chikako imahashi
Spain Francisco Javier Calvo Rodriguez
Masaaki Iwamoto purity, highness, solemity
Argentina Esther Mónica Shocron Benmuyal Cada pequeña acción cuenta para la que transformación personal inspire a la transformación de otros seres... y a la gran familia llamada Humanidad. Cuando la Paz resplandece en nuestro corazón, se expande, se fortalece y se hace visible para todos.
Spain Juan Manuel Fernández Salgado
kazuhiro hoshino Napoleon Hill Foundation Asia Pacific Ocean headquarters distributor 私が契約を結んでいる世界本部・ナポレオンヒル財団も「この世界を、もっと住みよい場所にする」という理念のもと教育活動に従事しています。今後、富士宣言の理念と合一させ運動していきたいと思います。
United States of America Kim Coblentz
Switzerland Mintze van der Velde
Yuko Hoshi
Hiroe Aiyoshizawa
Naomi Sakakibara
Chizuko Sakakibara
Austria Sabine Knoll
yaeko cho
Nobuyoshi Sakakibara
Switzerland Parvis Hanson Princess Carina Organization
Switzerland Parvis Hanson
tanaka yasuo
Germany Marion Coors
mituko sakuma
TUKIKO KURINO Organization Name コメント (オプション)
MIWAKO ENOMOTO Organization Name コメント (オプション)
MASAYO KIHARA Organization Name コメント (オプション)
Maya Nakajima May peace prevail on earth.
mochizuki yasuko
Makiko Suzuki May peace prevail on earth.
We are a divine spark!!!
Sending infinite love and joy from our hearts to yours and all living things.
noriko mizuno
Argentina Claudia Campos Por la Paz!!!!
Nicaragua Isabel Drever Mi deseo profundo es que se haga realidad!
United States of America Elizabeth Yarnell
Argentina Alfredo Luis CAMPORA unidad en la diversidad, transparencia en todo y compromiso en la acción
Argentina Miguel Werner Confluir desde la diversidad hacia la paz
A 100 y 75 años del inicio de la Primera y Segunda Guerra Mundial, respectivamente, estamos ante un nuevo contexto bélico. A 70 años del nacimiento de la ONU, surgida con el noble propósito de evitar una nueva conflagración, el mundo luce un polvorín de conflictos. El Siglo XX, pese los enormes avances en todos los campos, contrasta con inhumanos genocidios, cuyos cálculos algunos estiman en 100 millones de asesinatos.
Cayó el Muro de Berlín (1989) y un atentado destruyó las Torres Gemelas (2001), emblemas que marcaron una era de enfrentamientos, que tuvieron en vilo al mundo entero durante largas décadas. Las tecnologías estrecharon las distancias y posibilitaron la pronosticada “aldea global”, interconectada e interdependiente, pero en los últimos años se multiplicaron las problemáticas, crisis locales y regionales, que sacuden estructuras, gobiernos e instituciones, que no sólo amenazan la convivencia, sino la vida de comunidades y pueblos.
Los conflictos y crisis, las migraciones por variadas razones, incrementaron el perfil internacional e interreligioso, multiétnico y multicultural de nuestras sociedades y pueblos. Nos conmociona el terrorismo y la violencia, nos interpelan realidades como la pobreza y la droga. Nos preocupa la contaminación ambiental. En este panorama complejo resulta vital revalorizar el diálogo y el conocimiento mutuo para reducir prejuicios y evitar más divisiones y estigmatizaciones. Para evitar el colapso y hacer reverdecer la esperanza de fraternidad.
El convulsionado presente hace necesario y urgente reconocer identidades y valores comunes, comprender la importancia de la cooperación: para la seguridad, la gobernabilidad y el desarrollo sustentable. Reluce protagónico en el actual contexto la sociedad civil y sus distintas organizaciones, para expandir la masa crítica y confluir desde la diversidad hacia la paz, despertando la chispa divina que nos hace tomar conciencia que somos parte de una sola familia global. La Declaración de Fuji resume esta sabiduría y conciencia. Una valiosa iniciativa para renovar el compromiso por la vida, la cultura del encuentro y la solidaridad.

Lic. Miguel Werner
ryuma nakayama
Argentina MIR LOIACONO la paz es posible
United States of America Denise Wynne This is the time! Celebration and Love to All for All as All -- Much Love and Gratitude .......
United Kingdom Jack Jacometti
fumi uemura 人類の未来に希望の光を
Takashi Hatta アーヴィン・ラズロー氏の活動に共感するものです。来るべき地球社会の発展に期待します。
Mexico Rosalía Villaseñor Estoy convencida que la paz es uno de los valores fundamentales del ser humano y un compromiso personal con Dios, conmigo misma y con el mundo entero, unidos podemos hacer realidad que nuestro mundo esté en paz, por nosotros y por los que vendrán.
United Kingdom Katharina Brocke The light of this Declaration shines brightly!
Yuji Noguchi
Argentina Elena Marchiano Me encanta comunicar, trasmitir, para pode llegar a esta nueva consciencia, por eso firmo
Australia John Bowkett
Chile Marta Rojas Berndt
Belgium Luk Bouckaert
kazuko matsumoto
Masayoshi Yamaguchi
晴子 森木 世界平和、人類の進化に向けて共に祈らせていただきます。
yasuyo matsumoto
michiko sato
Eriko Shimizu Infinite Love
Jesús antonio Acosta bañuelos
Toyomi Momokita たいへん素晴らしい宣言です。人類の本来歩むべき道が示されていると思います。これからの世界の未来が輝かしく感じらます。大きな希望がもてる宣言です。
Hungary Dora Szabo
noriko fujii may peace prevail on earth
keiko nakamura
shigeko matsumoto May peace prevail on Earth ・ 無限なる愛
shigeko matsumoto May peace prevail on Earth ・ 無限なる愛
yumi rikino
msuno hieoko
hideshi noguchi Organization Name コメント (オプション)
Utayo Moto
Mexico Julio C. Basulto Meyer Instituto Municipal de la Juventud

Los invitamos a conocer nuestro proyecto juvenil sustentable y nuestro plan de prevención al delito CREEando una Cultura de Paz, desde una comunidad de alta vulnerabilidad de la costa Oaxaqueña
Mexico Monica Susana Simone
United States of America Gail White The collective consciousness that has developed since the seventies when I first tapped into Byakko and World Peace Prayer Society, has sustained and enlivened me. I am honored to sign this declaration and work to ignite the Divine Spark!*!
Switzerland Gundula Schatz
Argentina Rafael Lucchelli
Uruguay Laura Borras
Naoko Uranishi
Yurina Shirai 世界全てが幸せになりますように
Yumiko Onoda
shigeko noguchi
Hideko Iida (*^_^*) May peace prevail on earth !!
Rie Tanioka
hiroko oomori
Keiko Okamoto 大きな一歩を共に踏み出すことが嬉しいです!
hideko kiyono
MAMORU TAKAIRA アメリカでみどり先生に刻印をしていただき15年前までは富士聖地へ通っていました。
naoml yagi
Mayumi Tamura 世界人類が平和でありますように☆May Peace Prevail on Earth
Kazutomo Hata
Kenji Kanehisa 世界人類が平和でありますように♪May Peace Prevail on Earth
Kazuko Noma 世界人類が平和でありますように☆May Peace Prevail on Earth
Fumie Tanaka 世界人類が平和でありますように May Peace Prevail on Earth
Yasuko Okano
Yasuko Okano
Yoshiaki Takeuchi
tanaka juniti 世界人類が平和でありますように
Tohru Shimada
Nobuko Nakamuta 富士宣言にそった日常生活をおくることに専念していきます!
Misayo Omori
humiko suzuki 地球に生きているすべての者が、平和に暮らせるように私達一人一人にできる事をするのが大事だと思います。それには「富士宣言」にあるように自分の神聖に気付き、私達の共通の使命である地球に平和を実現させる事だと思います。 そして一人ではなく皆は繋がっている。皆の地球を大事に命輝かせて生きましょう。
mitsuko nakamura
Ichiro Onishi
France Joel MITCHELL With deep gratitude for your vision and guiding presence Masami and Hiroo, I confirm my commitment to the values of the Fuji Declaration.
SEIKO HIROHATA 世界人類が平和でありますように
Argentina Elena Lenely Becu Cardenas PazActiva Latinoamérica La Declaración de Fuji es lo que mi corazón estaba esperando. Un nuevo paso en la evolución del planeta. Lo siento como algo perfecto y necesario. Gracias por empezar, nosotros seguiremos.
reiko watanabe
fujio hirano I agree this declaration and try to do in actual.
tokuji morikawa
Yukiko Kibe
Emi Yamauchi 地球上の人類すべてが幸せになり、心からの平和を感じることができるその日まで、生きとし生けるものの平和を祈り続けていきます。
May Peace Prevail on Earth
Mitsuyo Yanagawa 世界人類の愛と平和、調和がひろがりますように!
Takako Ichien
Nobuko Imahashi
Kenya yuichi sata
Junko Imahashi
hiroko sata
yo ito May peace prevail on .earth.
Tatsuko Onishi
Kayoko Fujimoto この時に間に合って良かったです。
etsumi someya Organization Name コメント (オプション)
Hiroshi Kibe
fumiko ogura
yamada akiko
Hisako Matsuya
United States of America Kumiko Azuma
kazuko ohyama
Yuka Yokoyama
Muneaki Uchiyama
Fumio Akasaka
Yasuko Matsumoto 輝かしい未来、平和と調和!世界は1つ。心から感動し感謝です。
Hideki Hasegawa
Hitomi Akasaka
Fumie Ohno
Fumie Ohno
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Willem Dirk Peeters
Teruhito Atarashi 僕は子供だけれど、富士宣言に賛同します。世界の平和を望みます。
China Yunti Wu
Yoshimichi Takagi Organization Name コメント (オプション)
hideyo kudoh
Keiji Saiki 富士宣言が人類全てに浸透しますように
hideyo kudoh
takako kumakura 世界人類が平和でありますように!
Masami Outa 私と世界人類に平和と幸せを。
Yosiakira Kwase
emiko osada
KAKU SUZUKI I believe that human beings has the power, knowledge, skills, creativity and most of all love to realize the world we dream of.
masamiti aoki
ERIKO MAKITA 茶道・芸術・音楽を通してこの富士宣言のように、生涯生ききった亡き主人のためにも署名させていただきます。
United Kingdom Fumiko Yoshida
Netherlands (Holland, Europe) Inge Blei
Gambia Joy Buchanan Better Community Association Better Community Association tries to play its part in a rather hostile situation. Global decisions on the dispersement and use of money need to be questioned. I have heard of 130 million Euro being spent on a handful of people, if at all, but nothing is made available to the poor. I don't think this is helping to create peace.
United States of America Linda Groff
Switzerland Joy Buchanan I took part in the World Peace Poetathon and have a poem published in the Anthology for Universal Peace. I hope that theory is followed by practice.
Setsuko Fukuda
Germany Christoph Quarch
Spain Jorge Garcia del Arco "Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
shigeo kimura
Australia Christine McDougall
hirofumi tamura
Mitsuru Ooba I agree with this wonderful Fuji declaration and I’m proud of me to join it.May peace prevail on earth!
Masayuki Saito
Nepal Hari Man Lama
Argentina Susana Roberts IFLAC (INternational Forum of Culture and Peace), Member of Presidiun WFSC-Astana-Kz Congratulations for this Declaration, I am complety agree in this trascendent movement from my place and the ONG I am working for Peace. Blessing to you all the time.
seiko aoyagi 大成功  大成就
United States of America Ted Mahr My soul purpose and the purpose of my radio program ("Out of this World Radio" at is to make this planet a happier and better place, and I fully agree with the wonderful and awesome purposes of the Fuji Declaration!!! I will everything I can to help spread your wonderful message of peace and harmony worldwide and way beyond this planet into all corners of this galaxy!!!!
United States of America Debra Mauro
Muneaki Seki
Nepal Kiran Khanal Promoting and understanding the power of language.
United States of America Chanda Benjamin let love rule over the insanity
Canada John Fellows We are ONE
Germany Franziska Trost
Costa Rica Stephan Rechtschaffen
United States of America Diane Yeager
Switzerland Juerg Fund-Jakob Thank you so much for this wonderful project and your sedulous work on that! We all need such activities and committments.

- Warmly, Juerg
United Kingdom Matthew Slater
United States of America Wendy Noah I am honored to be a part of the Fuji Declaration, and I thank Sesto for inviting me. I am here to serve, and I thank you for this great vision and hope for our planet. Big hugs and love to you, Wendy Sue Noah
haruko ozaki 素晴らしい富士宣言に、心より、賛同致します。
Takehiko Akatsuka
Nepal Samrat Nath Yogi I wish my son will grow in a peaceful future.
miho honda peace prevail on earth infinite love!
Sweden Christophe Golle
United Kingdom Clive Menzies The emergence of hierarchy through domination of nature yielded a surplus by application of technics and specialisation; the resulting scale and complexity led to domination of humans, increasing concentration of power and wealth into the hands of the few leaving the majority compete for a reducing share of the diminishing wealth of the planet.
The dissolution of hierarchy will allow us to undo this misstep in evolution and make the objectives of the declaration possible.
shin hayakawa
yuko okuno
YUKA GOSHO 待ってました!
YUKA GOSHO やっとここまできました。待っていました。
Ai Sekiya
Hide Shiraiwa
Kimi Abe
Izumi Ito
Tadayoshi Kanai
keiko shibazaki
kyoko suzuki
Toshio Okamoto
Yuuko Sagara
Mitsuyo Tamura
sumiko watanabe
United States of America Remi Sasaki
Kayoko Tanaka
Australia Thomas Teniswood
Keiichiro Jo
KOJI TOMITA 「富士宣言」に賛同し、署名できますことを大変嬉しく、そして名誉に思います。
TETRA TANIZAKI 人類は生態系・経済・社会において未曾有の危機に瀕しています。持続可能な文明の転換=WorldShiftが必要と考えます。富士宣言を通じて個人として社会変化を促す役割を果していきたいと考えます。
Jordan mihoko konishi
takeda haruka Organization Name どうしたら地球が平和になるのか、戦争がなくなるのかと常に考えていました。個人の力では限りがあるけれど、まずは自分の周りが愛に満ちていたらと日々願い暮しております。このたび「富士宣言」に出会えて幸せでした。このようにグローバルな視点で世界が一つに結ばれて、個々人を大切にしながら愛と平和を包括していけるなんて本当に素晴らしいです。お仲間の一員にさせていただきます。ありがとうございます。
Peru jean-louis morel
yoshie kurobe We love the earth,people and everything.
Mineko Okamoto
Youko Mori
harukazu morikawa 世界人類が平和でありますように
Toshiyuki Katoaka May peace prevail on earth
May our missions be accomplished
May love and me be alltime be one.
Yurika Miyamoto 日本からのメッセージ「幸せで至福に満たされた気持ちになります。心から愛と感謝を込めて」宮本より
Yasuyuki Nemoto I agree 100% with the Fuji Declaration. May Peace Prevail On Earth.
tomiko yoshizawa 神性復活大成就!!!



Yuka Kawamata
keiko kurosawa
toshitaka kage 富士宣言に心より賛同致します。ありがとうございます。
kazumasa sugeta
Australia Tamika Petersen
Keiko Ishizeki
Mamoru Okuno May peace prevail on earth.
Argentina Gabriela Rodriguez Querejazu
Poland Monika Kozlowska
Poland Piotr Krzeminski
Portugal José Prates For a better world.
Ikuo Kodaira May peace prevail on Earth !
Tomie Sakuma
Saiko Hoshino
Mayumi Kobayashi May Peace prevail on earth !
harumi hirabayashi すばらしい
yoko anai
Indonesia Untung Waluyo I believe, all the aspect of peace in the world are in our hand.
Ireland Sylviane Pechet
United States of America Meredith Needham
Wakae Toguchi
Masakazu TANATSUGU The time has come. I cordially agree to the Fiji Declaration.
Masumi Ishizaka 世界平和
Yoko Onoda
reiko nakajima
Malaysia Haruyuki Uchiyama The Fuji Decraration is the single most important decraration of this kind, because the humanity are faced with the danger of destraction as indicated by the earthquaque and tsunami that hit Fukushima Dai-Ichi Neuclear Power Plant. We need to awaken the divinity in ourselves as taught by Guotama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Master Masahisa Goi who is my spiritual master and Babaji.
yuka shiota
United Kingdom Alison Dixie
Tomiko yoshizawa 神性復活:"大成就!!!"
AKIE NAKAZAWA 世界人類が平和でありますように
Masumi Ishizaka 世界平和
Atuko Kano 輝かしい未来の扉が開かれ平和と調和の世界のために祈らせて頂きます。 感謝
Itakura Atsuko 世界人類が平和でありますように

itakura atsuko
noriko nakata
chihoko oyamada 富士宣言に署名し、参加できることを心から光栄であり誇りに思います。地球のあかるい未来を思うとき、わくわくし希望に満ちてきます。どうぞよろしくお願いします。
Yasuko Kuzumaki