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soul of women webinars


Calling men and women in communities around the world to activate the divine feminine for a more balanced world.

August  22nd, 2016

Reflect and share experiences from participants in the ‘Spark your Spark’ 21-day challenge which was hosted on  Over 800 people joined this 21-day challenge.  Participants joined in by sharing their stories and experiences with the challenge.  It was hosted Yuka Saionji, Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura and Jules Lamore with guest speaker Dr. Jude Currivan who was one of the authors of the ‘Spark your Spark’ challenge.

May 7th, 2016
In preparation for the launch and Grand Celebration Event of Soul of WoMen at Fuji Sanctuary, a Webinar was organized on May 7th.  It was hosted by singer songwriter James Twyman with guest speakers Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. Maki Saionji Kawamura and Gary Zukav all of whom participated in the launch at Fuji.

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